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New Arrivals Added To Our Adult Asian Collection
Updated: 11 hours 52 min ago

Punch by

11 hours 52 min ago


Wan-deuk is a soft-spoken rebel who has all the makings of an at-risk youth. He comes from a poor family and is a quiet loner, who best expresses himself with his fists. He waits for the day he can escape the watchful eye of his meddling teacher and neighbor, Dong-ju. Dong-ju takes a particular interest in his young neighbor's life. One day, he blindsides Wan-deuk with some unexpected information: The mother Wan-deuk never knew is a Filipino immigrant and she wants to see him.

Sector 7 by

11 hours 52 min ago

Sector 7

Hae-jun works in Sector 7 at an offshore rig. She dreams of finding oil in hopes that Japan may someday become energy-independent. However, things are going wrong with the rig, and the crew has a distinct feeling that there is something strange going on in the deep sea.

Songs From the North by

11 hours 52 min ago

Songs From the North

An essay film which offers an unique look at the enigma of North Korea, a country typically seen through the distorted lens of jingoistic propaganda and derisive satire. Interweaving footage from director Soon-Mi Yoo's three visits to North Korea together with songs, spectacle, popular cinema and archival footage that tries to understand the psychology and popular imagery of the North Korean people.

Soo by

11 hours 52 min ago


Twin brothers Tae Jin and Tae Soo grew up in the streets together. Years later, Tae Jin has grown up to become a police officer, while Tae Soo is now a top assassin. The brothers finally reunite after two decades of separation, only for Tae Jin to be brutally murdered in front of Tae Soo's eyes. Determined to avenge his brother's death, the guild-ridden Tae Soo assumes Tae Jin's identity and sets out on a blood-slashing path for revenge and redemption.

The Sword With No Name by

11 hours 52 min ago

The Sword With No Name

The Joseon Dynasty's legendary Queen Min was a cherished ruler who fought courageously to modernize Korea. Forced to marry a king she did not love, and embroiled in a brutal struggle between rival world powers, the Queen draws her strength from a dashing rogue, a nameless headhunter who would do anything to be near her. The dark and brooding master of the blade protects the Queen as she stands strong against the sinister forces seeking to colonize her beloved country.

Treeless Mountain by

11 hours 52 min ago

Treeless Mountain

Two young girls are sent to live with relatives when their mother searches for their missing father. When their mother doesn't come back, they are left at their grandparents' house, where they finally learn the importance of family. Bonus features include commentary and additional scenes.

Twilight Gangsters by

11 hours 52 min ago

Twilight Gangsters

With their fund for a dream vacation in Hawaii stolen by robbers, three fierce grandmothers take it up upon themselves to get the vacation they desperate need, by tracking down the thieves and becoming bank robbers!

Viva Love! by

11 hours 52 min ago

Viva Love!

An unhappy landlady in her 50s finds the love she has been pining for in the arms of her daughter's boyfriend, 23 years her junior. Despite the dirty looks of the neighbors, she plans to hold on to her new love fervently through thick and thin.