Smart Searching with Grolier Online

Grolier Online logoThere is so much information available through the Internet the challenge these days -- especially for kids -- is knowing where and how to search.  And for students still learning how to evaluate information and discern a reliable source from one that is suspect, starting a search with a reputable research tool like Grolier Online gives them a way to focus their search and get trusted  information tailored to their reading level and information need.

This advantage is just one of the reasons that Monroe County Public Library pays for a subscription to Grolier Online, a web-based multimedia encyclopedia, and makes the trusted resource available to library cardholders to use any time, from anywhere they can connect to our site.  Maybe your child just told you at 8:30 pm she has to create a map of Lewis and Clark’s exploration across the United States, due tomorrow morning.  No need to scour the Net, or try to get to the library before closing, just enter your library card number and password into Grolier Online, enter Lewis and Clark into the “Find it Fast” search window and the first article on the results list includes a map of their exploration, as well as information about the expedition, links to recommended web sites and an example of how to cite the source.

In addition to satisfying information needs, Grolier Online supports inquiry and curiosity. Library resources can provide answers for children who like to ask “Why… ?” With regular features such as “This Day in History,” “News Now” and more than 1,200 interactive maps, Grolier Online is a terrific resource to use with children eager to learn more about the world around them.  Packaged with educational games, puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers, there is oodles to keep the most inquisitive kids engaged.

Give your child a chance to practice their information literacy skills. Log in now and try it out, or ask us to demonstrate Grolier Online for you the next time you’re in the library. As this article in Forbes magazine reminds: Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google. And sometimes we may advise that your best search strategy is to skip Google and Go Grolier.