Muslim Students in the United States

Islamic Center of Bloomington, Indiana

Phone 333-1611
Email president [at] icob [dot] org
Description The Islamic Center at 1925 East Atwater, on the corner of the Indiana University campus is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Bloomington, the woodland of the Hoosier State. The dream of hundreds of Muslims to have a mosque took more than a decade of hard work to come to light. For a few years, the MSA used the International Center and other places to perform Friday prayers. It proved very inconvenient for Muslims. In December 1975, the MSA bought a house on East 8th Street from a local church and converted it into an Islamic center. The two prayer halls, library and basement were used to their maximum but not without problems. Though the center was in a prime location, it was hard to maintain and had only 8 parking spaces for almost 500 students. In June 1984, the MSA made a historic decision when it bought property for the purpose of building a mosque. The money was provided by Dr. Abdullah Naseef, the secretary general of the Muslim World league.

Muslim Student Association

Phone 333-1611
Email islam [at] indiana [dot] edu
Address The Islamic Center of Bloomington
1925 E. Atwater Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47401
Description The Indiana University Muslim Student Union (MSU) was founded in 1997 to be the primary on-campus organization to service Muslims on the Indiana University Campus. The MSU seeks to please God in the best possible way, by following The Holy Qur'an that He sent down and following the teachings and examples of His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)
Phone 855-7133
Address International Center
116 S. Jordan
Bloomington, IN
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