Contact Library Staff

Jane CronkhiteAssociate Directorjcronkhi [at] mcpl [dot] info
Sue SaterCoordinatorssater [at] mcpl [dot] info
Marilyn WoodLibrary Directormwood [at] mcpl [dot] info
Steve BacksAdult Strategistsbacks [at] mcpl [dot] info
Lisa ChampelliChildren's Strategistlchampel [at] mcpl [dot] info
Chris HoslerProgramming and Branches Strategistchosler [at] mcpl [dot] infochosler [at] mcpl [dot] info
Chris JacksonSpecial Audiences Strategistcjackson [at] mcpl [dot] info
Kevin MacDowellTeen and Digital Creativity Strategistkmacdowe [at] mcpl [dot] info
Bara SwinsonProfessional Development Strategistbswinson [at] mcpl [dot] info
Customer Experience Managers
Jennifer KellamsAccess and Content Services Assistant Managerjkellams [at] mcpl [dot] info
Mary LoroCustomer Services Assistant Managermloro [at] mcpl [dot] info
Mickey NeedhamCustomer Services Managermneedham [at] mcpl [dot] info
Bethany TerryCommunity Engagement and Learning Services VITAL Assistant Managerbterry [at] mcpl [dot] info
Pam WasmerAccess and Content Services Managerpwasmer [at] mcpl [dot] info
Josh WolfCommunity Engagement and Learning Services Managerjwolf [at] mcpl [dot] info
Library Support Managers
Ned BaughInformation Technology Managernbaugh [at] mcpl [dot] info
Jason ChandlerBuilding Services and Security Managerchandler [at] mcpl [dot] info
Michael HoergerCommunications and Marketing Managermhoerger [at] mcpl [dot] info
Gary LettelleirFinance Managerglettell [at] mcpl [dot] info
Kyle Wickemeyer-HardyHuman Resources Managerkylewh [at] mcpl [dot] info
Community Access Television Services
Martin O'NeillCATS Assistant Managermoneill [at] mcpl [dot] info
Adam StillwellCATS Assistant Managerastillwell [at] mcpl [dot] info
Michael WhiteCATS Managermbwhite [at] mcpl [dot] info