Gallery Exhibit Space

Public Use of Gallery

The library provides display and exhibit space as part of its mission to be a gathering space. The gallery is available to individuals and nonprofit groups. To be eligible to reserve exhibit/display space, you must have a library card from MCPL and be at least 18 years old. Please read the Art Exhibit and Display Policy for full information.

Exhibit and Display Space

The following Gallery spaces are available for the public on the first floor of the Main Library on Kirkwood Avenue for a minimum of one week and a maximum of 4 weeks.

One or more carpeted walls may be reserved:

  • Wall A   17 1/3 ft. long
  • Wall B   17 1/2 ft. long
  • Wall C   10 ft. long
  • Wall D   16 ft. long

  • Ceiling height: approximately 17 1/2 ft.

Please refer to the Art Exhibit/Display Application (pdf) for a drawing of the space.

You are required to provide appropriately sized hangers for displays.

To Reserve Space

There are several different ways you may submit a Gallery reservation request to MCPL. Requests should be made one month prior to the exhibit. Final approval for your request may take up three business days.

To Reserve Other Display Spaces

The display window on the second floor is usually reserved for teen exhibits. Call 349-3288 to inquire about it.

For use of the Ellettsville Branch display case, please call the branch manager at 876-1272.

To Reserve a Meeting Room

If you want to reserve a meeting room for a reception or event related to a Gallery Exhibit, please call (812) 349-3050 or go to Meeting Rooms.

Community Calendar on Community Access Television Services (CATS)

To have your exhibit listed in the CATS Community Calendar, send an email to commcal [at] mcpl [dot] info (Community Calendar) or call 349-3111 at least two weeks in advance. You can also stop by the CATS desk on the first floor of the library. See CATS Community Calendar for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns about reserving exhibit and display space, please call the Administrative Office Manager at 349-3050 between the hours of 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.