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Monroe County Public Library is fortunate to have volunteers who contribute their time, talent and energy to the library for a variety of long-term and short-term commitments ranging from working in our Teen, and Digital Center, to Volunteers in Teaching Adult Learners (VITAL), to the Friends of the Library Bookstore, to maintenance of our collection, and many other tasks or activities.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete an application. As opportunities arise that match your interests and availability, we will contact you. Volunteer opportunities are available for a couple of hours each week, or even each month.  If you have questions about volunteering, please call the Library‚Äôs Volunteer Coordinator, Sue Sater, at 812-349-3050, or come to the 3rd floor Administration Office.

Work or Volunteer Experience

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Your Availability

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NOTE: Volunteer needs vary by department. Set schedules may or may not apply.

Areas of interest in the library

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If you are not interested in an area at all, leave the option set at "none".

Volunteers provide clerical assistance.

Volunteers help with collection maintenance.

Volunteers supervise the Learn and Play Space, assist with programs and help maintain the collection.

Volunteers help keep the library tidy by straightening materials on the shelves. Assignment includes: pulling items to front edge of shelves, checking for fallen materials and minor shifting of books from shelf to shelf. Volunteers work independently after a brief, required training. There is no set schedule for this task.

After completing training, volunteers will assist staff with electronic equipment in CATS Master Control and Dub Rooms. Volunteers will also serve as department receptionist/switchboard operators, and monitor the audio and video signals of the CATS network.

Volunteers help keep library shelves in order (training required), assist with library programs, clean materials and/or grounds.

Volunteers assist with maintenance and cleaning.

Possible volunteer positions include straightening shelves, working as a cashier and boxing books.

Volunteer to help with or lead a Level Up program.

Additional Information

Please indicate special skills or interests you would like to share.

VITAL welcomes volunteers to assist with: adult basic literacy and ESL tutoring, English conversation groups, office assistance and fundraising. No experience is required; training will be provided.

Additonal Tutor Volunteer Questions

Homebound Delivery - Volunteers select materials for and deliver to the same pre-assigned homebound patron each month.

Be a teen tech volunteer, Math Homework Help tutor or mentor program volunteer.

Additional Teen Services Question

Please describe

Please explain your community service requirements.

For Minors (Teens Under 18)

Parent name and email address required as a form of consent for teens under 18 to volunteer.

The library conducts background checks relevant to the responsibilities of the volunteer position assignment.

Please note that the existence of a conviction record will not necessarily bar a volunteer applicant's acceptance in the library volunteer program.  Please verify that you do not have a history of serious criminal action and that you do not engage in behavior that might jeopardize your safety or that of others.

I certify that I have made true, correct and complete answers and statements on this application in the knowledge that they may be relied upon in considering my offer to volunteer.  I understand that any omission or falsely answered statements made by me on this application, or in any supplemental information, will be sufficient cause for failure to be placed, or for my discharge, should I become a volunteer with Monroe County Public Library.

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Acceptance of this application does not guarantee that you will be placed as a volunteer.