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009 Re-Cyborg by

009 Re-Cyborg

Nine cyborgs created for destructive purposes disappeared for over 27 years after they were forced to turn on their creators in the name of justice. Now, as a number of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks happen in locations throughout the world, the group reunites to battle against the devastating force and restore order to the globe once more.

Jun 25, 2016
A Lover's Concerto by

A Lover's Concerto

After a long journey, a man finds two old friends and expresses a sad yet beautiful secret.

Jun 25, 2016
Arirang by


Controversial director Kim Ki-duks documentary addresses his personal crisis sparked by the suicide of his leading actress during the filming of Dream.

Jun 25, 2016
Assassin by


Trained to be the perfect assassin by the mob and saving a mysterious high school girl; things change to where the mob is hot on their trail.

Jun 25, 2016
Assassination by


While Korea is occupied by the Japanese Army in 1933, the resistance plans to kill the Japanese Commander. But their plan is threatened by a traitor within their group and also the enemies' forces are hunting them down.

Jun 25, 2016
Bullet Explosion by

Bullet Explosion

When a low life thug gets brought into a powerful gang by his brother, he is asked to take the role as gang leader.

Jun 25, 2016
Bullet Woman by

Bullet Woman

A former bar hostess stops at nothing to avenge her dead husband who was set up in a power struggle.

Jun 25, 2016
Cyrano Agency by

Cyrano Agency

A dating agency has a difficult time finding a match for a corny client.

Jun 25, 2016
Death by Hanging by

Death by Hanging

A Korean man is sentenced to death in Japan but survives his execution, sending the authorities into a panic about what to do next. At once disturbing and oddly amusing, Oshima's constantly surprising film is a subversive and surreal indictment of both capital punishment and the treatment of Korean immigrants in his country.

Jun 25, 2016
Korean for Kids by

Korean for Kids

A learning program teaches the most common 200 Korean words and phrases in six DVDs. Includes: Let's Count: numbers and colors; Let's Eat: Food, fruit and vegetables; Let's Play: Toys, house items, vehicles; Let's Jump: Verbs, actions and nature; Let's Learn: Family, body parts, and clothes. and Let's Dance: Kinesthetic Learning through Song & Dance.

Jun 25, 2016
Library War Anime Tv Series by

Library War Anime Tv Series

In an alternate future Japan, all forms of expression are strictly regulated by the Media Betterment Act. Libraries are the only oases of free thought, which puts them under constant threat by the government's Betterment Special Agencies. The only ones capable of opposing them are the Library Forces, militarized prefectural organizations that protect the content of the libraries for the sake of the people.

Jun 25, 2016
Love Fiction by

Love Fiction

A comedy of an obscure novelist, who fell in love at first sight of his new muse.

Jun 25, 2016
Memories of the Sword by

Memories of the Sword

Set in the Goryo Dynasty, a young girl sets out to avenge the death of her mother against the most powerful and ruthless warrior in medieval Korea.

Jun 25, 2016
Mountains May Depart by

Mountains May Depart

At once an intimate drama and a decades-spanning epic that leaps from the recent past to the present to the speculative near-future, Jia's new film is an intensely moving study of how China's economic boom and the culture of materialism it has spawned has affected the bonds of family, tradition, and love.

Jun 25, 2016
My Little Bride by

My Little Bride

A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties.

Jun 25, 2016
Peppermint Candy by

Peppermint Candy

Told in reverse, this intense emotional masterpiece of Korean New Wave chronicles the sentiments and changes of modern Korea through 20 years of a doomed man's life.

Jun 25, 2016
Pit and the Pendulum,The by

Pit and the Pendulum,The

As friends discuss bizarre events about their teacher's life, each new story told changes the meaning of the previous.

Jun 25, 2016
Sansho the Bailiff by

Sansho the Bailiff

When an idealistic governor disobeys the reigning feudal lord, he is cast into exile, his wife and children left to fend for themselves and eventually wrenched apart by vicious slave drivers.

Jun 25, 2016
Second Half by

Second Half

An Indie charmer meets an struggling film producer who he suspects that she could be his daughter. Before he could tell her his hunch, she reveals a shocking confession.

Jun 25, 2016
The Abductress by

The Abductress

When several college students get abducted and violated by a mysterious girl, they set out to find her.

Jun 25, 2016
The Beauty Inside by

The Beauty Inside

Every morning, Woo-jin wakes up in a different body. His age, gender, and nationality may change, but the one constant in his life is Yi-soo - the woman he loves. She knows his secret, and loves him anyway. With every transformation, Woo-jin has to figure out how to return to his own body and reunite with Yi-soo.

Jun 25, 2016
The Complete Lady Snowblood by

The Complete Lady Snowblood

A young woman, trained from childhood as an assassin and hellbent on revenge for her father's murder and her mother's rape, hacks and slashes her way to gory satisfaction. Rampant with inventive violence and spectacularly choreographed swordplay, the pair of influential cult classics Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance, set in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Japan, respectively, are bloody, beautiful extravaganzas composed of one elegant widescreen composition

Jun 25, 2016
The Guardsman by

The Guardsman

When the emperor travels in disguise to understand the problems that his people face, his enemies discover his identity and team up with Japanese pirates to assassinate him. Now, it is up to a group of loyal warriors to protect the Emperor and bring peace to the kingdom.

Jun 25, 2016
The Journal of Musan by

The Journal of Musan

True events of an Northern Koren refugee as he struggles to find acceptance in South Korea's capitalist society as he faces discrimination.

Jun 25, 2016
The Old Garden by

The Old Garden

A story of two activists that is in hiding somewhere in an remote shack.

Jun 25, 2016
The soul of bread Ai de mian bao hun by

The soul of bread Ai de mian bao hun

A charming breadmaker comes up with a unique plan to save a small-town bakery from going under, but he also gets tangled up in a love triangle with the owner's daughter and her baker boyfriend.

Jun 25, 2016
Venus in Furs by

Venus in Furs

An struggling film director is obsessed with his beautiful and mysterious muse.

Jun 25, 2016
Zuo Lin you Li zhi wo ai yi jia ren We are family by

Zuo Lin you Li zhi wo ai yi jia ren We are family

"Pop superstar duo Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, fresh from their hugely successful concerts, star in their first movie project together! When Lee proposes to his girlfriend, she tells him that he will not marry her after meeting her eccentric family members. Undaunted, Lee decides to meet them to get their consent. But nothing prepares him for their quirkiness and outrageous antics! With Alan Tam playing four of the in-laws, WE ARE FAMILY is a hilarious comedy guaranteed to bring laughs for the whol

Jun 25, 2016