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Punch by


Wan-deuk is a soft-spoken rebel who has all the makings of an at-risk youth. He comes from a poor family and is a quiet loner, who best expresses himself with his fists. He waits for the day he can escape the watchful eye of his meddling teacher and neighbor, Dong-ju. Dong-ju takes a particular interest in his young neighbor's life. One day, he blindsides Wan-deuk with some unexpected information: The mother Wan-deuk never knew is a Filipino immigrant and she wants to see him.

Oct 12, 2015
Fortune Salon by

Fortune Salon

Tae-rang is a beautiful, and successful, fortuneteller who consults her upscale clients on all matter of love and war. Unfortunately her own love life is stunted by a prophecy that destines her to marry the unattractive and lazy maintenance worker, Seung-won. What will she choose, love or fate?

Oct 12, 2015
Eye for an Eye by

Eye for an Eye

An aging police captain is lured back to the job on the eve of retirement to solve a most peculiar crime. Capt. Baek Seong-chan was about to turn in his badge when a criminal commits a robbery and uses his identity to stage a daring getaway. As Capt. Baek delves deeper into the case, he begins to suspect that a man seeking revenge on a powerful mobster has purposely drawn him in to settle a grudge.

Oct 12, 2015
Sector 7 by

Sector 7

Hae-jun works in Sector 7 at an offshore rig. She dreams of finding oil in hopes that Japan may someday become energy-independent. However, things are going wrong with the rig, and the crew has a distinct feeling that there is something strange going on in the deep sea.

Oct 12, 2015
Songs From the North by

Songs From the North

An essay film which offers an unique look at the enigma of North Korea, a country typically seen through the distorted lens of jingoistic propaganda and derisive satire. Interweaving footage from director Soon-Mi Yoo's three visits to North Korea together with songs, spectacle, popular cinema and archival footage that tries to understand the psychology and popular imagery of the North Korean people.

Oct 12, 2015
Soo by


Twin brothers Tae Jin and Tae Soo grew up in the streets together. Years later, Tae Jin has grown up to become a police officer, while Tae Soo is now a top assassin. The brothers finally reunite after two decades of separation, only for Tae Jin to be brutally murdered in front of Tae Soo's eyes. Determined to avenge his brother's death, the guild-ridden Tae Soo assumes Tae Jin's identity and sets out on a blood-slashing path for revenge and redemption.

Oct 12, 2015
The Sword With No Name by

The Sword With No Name

The Joseon Dynasty's legendary Queen Min was a cherished ruler who fought courageously to modernize Korea. Forced to marry a king she did not love, and embroiled in a brutal struggle between rival world powers, the Queen draws her strength from a dashing rogue, a nameless headhunter who would do anything to be near her. The dark and brooding master of the blade protects the Queen as she stands strong against the sinister forces seeking to colonize her beloved country.

Oct 12, 2015
The Soul of Bread by

The Soul of Bread

A charming breadmaker comes up with a unique plan to save a small-town bakery from going under, but he also gets tangled up in a love triangle with the owner's daughter and her baker boyfriend.

Oct 12, 2015
Viva Love! by

Viva Love!

An unhappy landlady in her 50s finds the love she has been pining for in the arms of her daughter's boyfriend, 23 years her junior. Despite the dirty looks of the neighbors, she plans to hold on to her new love fervently through thick and thin.

Oct 12, 2015
Magic by


Myeong-jin and Jeong-wu are studying cello at the same conservatory. Myeong-jin is in awe of Jeong-wu's talent. Ji-eun, a piano student, is creating her own composition, 'Magic'. Jeong-wu offers to play it for her, but on the day of the performance, he collapses on stage, leaving Myeong-jin to complete the concert herself. While Ji-eun nurses Jeong-wu back to health, Myeong-jin offers to step in for Jeong-wu, but she refuses. After Jeong-wu passes away, Ji-eun seeks out Myeong-jin.

Oct 12, 2015
Legend of the Shadowless Sword by

Legend of the Shadowless Sword

After the Killer-Blade Army topples the ruling dynasty, the beautiful and deadly warrior Soha sets out to find the exiled prince and guide him to reclaim the fallen throne.

Oct 12, 2015
Treeless Mountain by

Treeless Mountain

Two young girls are sent to live with relatives when their mother searches for their missing father. When their mother doesn't come back, they are left at their grandparents' house, where they finally learn the importance of family. Bonus features include commentary and additional scenes.

Oct 12, 2015
Twilight Gangsters by

Twilight Gangsters

With their fund for a dream vacation in Hawaii stolen by robbers, three fierce grandmothers take it up upon themselves to get the vacation they desperate need, by tracking down the thieves and becoming bank robbers!

Oct 12, 2015
The Juche Idea by

The Juche Idea

A sympathetic South Korean filmmaker visits a North Korean artists' colony to bring Juche ideas into the 21st century and ends up producing hilariously stilted shorts and the enigmatic Dentures of Imperialism. Inspired by the true story of how a South Korean director was kidnapped in the '70s to invigorate the North's movie industry.

Oct 12, 2015
Ghost School Trilogy Box Set by

Ghost School Trilogy Box Set

Includes three tales of horror about seemingly normal schools that are hiding a deep and horrifying secret inside their walls. Includes Whispering Corridors (1998); Memento Mori (1999); and Wishing Stairs (2003).

Oct 12, 2015
Moss by


Hae-guk receives word that his estranged father has passed away, so he travels to the remote village where the older man lived to attend the funeral. However, when Hae-guk starts asking questions about his father's life - and unexplained death - the residents and their charismatic exchange mysterious looks and seem anxious to rush him out of their village. Something isn't right, and Hae-guk is determined to uncover the any cost!

Oct 12, 2015
Natural City by

Natural City

The cyborgs created to serve mankind have revolted. Torn between his secret love for a cyborg and his duty to his fellow humans, R must make a world-shattering choice.

Oct 12, 2015
My New Partner by

My New Partner

Young-joon, a Police Academy graduate, is a lieutenant working for the International Investigation Bureau, he is intelligent but very heartless as well. Now he's given the most fateful mission ever, to join an investigation team whose chief is Min-ho, his estranged father whom Young-joon hates more than anyone on earth. Min-ho is a completely different policeman, full of sentiment and hunches. How will they come up with a way to round up the gang as well as get over his hatred.

Oct 12, 2015
Northern Limit Line by

Northern Limit Line

June 29th, 2002. As the citizens of South Korea celebrate the FIFA World Cup, the North Korean navy sends two patrol boats to a disputed border in the Yellow Sea. The surprise attack on Battleship 357, now remembered as the Battle of Yeonpyeong, honors the men who bravely fought for freedom.

Oct 12, 2015
Once Upon a Time in Corea by

Once Upon a Time in Corea

During Japanese colonial rule, in the year 1944, the legendary 3000 carat diamond Light of the East is found in Korea. This precious gem is to be taken to Japan by their military. However, it turns quite a few thieves and random crooks are all planning to steal the diamond in convoy - among them a charming con artist and a beautiful jazz singer.

Oct 12, 2015
Parallel Life by

Parallel Life

A young judge is known for making tough and uncompromising decisions. But, his carefully ordered life is thrown into chaos after his wife is brutally murdered. Apparently, a former criminal, called 'The Chaser,' has a grudge against him for a past ruling. It soon becomes apparent that the case is far from closed, as a reporter contacts Suk Hyun, informing him that his life appears to be following the exact same path of another judge, some 30 years ago.

Oct 12, 2015
The Outlaw by

The Outlaw

Detective Jung-soo constantly comes face to face with victims of brutal, senseless murders, which makes him outraged. During one investigation, he meets Ji-hyun, a victim that survived a brutal attack. Eventually, she and Jung-soo are wed.

Oct 12, 2015
Fell Fall Foolish by Blue Velvet.

Fell Fall Foolish

Contains eleven tracks including Air Zeppline; Fear and Loathing in the Underground; You Just Smile; and more.

Oct 12, 2015
Glitter by Fang, Jia Peng.


Hear an erhu master play alongside some equally talented musicians on this long-awaited compilation album from Jia Peng Fang, featuring all-new songs.

Oct 12, 2015
Heavy Metal is Back by Victim Mentality.

Heavy Metal is Back

Oct 12, 2015
Ikiru by


A young Japanese businessman dying of cancer wants to give something back to society before his death, so he decides to build a playground for children.

Oct 12, 2015
Ippon No Bara by Akira, Inaba.

Ippon No Bara

Oct 12, 2015
Immortal Invitation by Wicked Solutions.

Immortal Invitation

Oct 12, 2015
Japanese Children's Songs by

Japanese Children's Songs

Includes twelve Japanese children's songs, which may be used as a fun way to introduce and familiarize children with traditional Japanese sounds and rhythms.

Oct 12, 2015
Irreversible by Black Medicine.


Oct 12, 2015
Korean Children's Songs by

Korean Children's Songs

Includes ten Korean children's songs, which may be used as a fun way to introduce and familiarize children with traditional Korean sounds and rhythms.

Oct 12, 2015
Kim Ji Soo Vol.2 Part.1 by Kim, Ji Soo.

Kim Ji Soo Vol.2 Part.1

Oct 12, 2015
Love Vol. 2 by Girl's Day.

Love Vol. 2

Oct 12, 2015
Love Me Right Vol. 2 Chinese Version by Exo.

Love Me Right Vol. 2 Chinese Version

Oct 12, 2015
Man on the Moon Vol. 3 by Eluphant.

Man on the Moon Vol. 3

Oct 12, 2015
Made Series E by Bigbang.

Made Series E

Oct 12, 2015
Mayday by Mayday.


Oct 12, 2015
Mr. Nah Band - Vol.1 by Mr. Nah Band.

Mr. Nah Band - Vol.1

Contains four tracks.

Oct 12, 2015
Name in My Heart by Dk Soul.

Name in My Heart

Oct 12, 2015
One Fine Day by K. Will.

One Fine Day

Oct 12, 2015
Ruvin Vol. 1 by Ruvin.

Ruvin Vol. 1

Oct 12, 2015
The Resistance by

The Resistance

This epic tale of revenge combines the best aspects of martial arts and war movies. Screened at the Cannes Film Festival, this film is a great blend of history and action. The fight between the heroine and the Japanese officer's killer-geishas is not to be missed.

Oct 12, 2015
The Esp Couple by

The Esp Couple

Sumin , a self contained and introverted college boy meets Hyunjin an ultra wired high school girl and they make this shy and crazy mystery melodrama.

Oct 12, 2015
Big Summer Night by Say Sue Me.

Big Summer Night

Oct 12, 2015
End of Animal by

End of Animal

Soon-Young is traveling to her mother's by taxi when the driver picks up a second passenger, who soon reveals he has no money, but he does have uncanny insight and predicts that all electrical power will fail at any moment. And it does! When the driver leaves for help and the stranger disappears, Soon-Young is left alone, and before you know it, it becomes a dog-eat-dog world in which everyone has dark secrets and no one can be trusted.

Oct 12, 2015
The Divine Move by

The Divine Move

Professional GO (a.k.a. baduk) player Tae-seok loses a high-stakes game to infamous underground gambler Sal-soo, and ends up framed for the murder of his own brother and locked up in prison. He vows revenge and trains ferociously. After serving his seven-year sentence, he gets in touch with his brother's former associate 'Tricks,' hermit and blind master player 'The Lord,' and skillful junkyard owner Mok-su; together, they begin formulating a plan to get back at Sal-soo and his men.

Oct 12, 2015
A Brand New Life by

A Brand New Life

Jin-hee is a nine-year-old girl whose father leaves her at an orphanage after remarrying. Before leaving her at the orphanage, her father buys her new clothes and a cake to convince her that she is going on a trip. In the orphanage she tries to come to grips with the abandonment by her parents and insecurities about a possible adoption.

Oct 12, 2015
Doomsday Book by

Doomsday Book

Korea is ground zero for an undead pandemic, as one man's rotten trash brings on a zombie apocalypse. A high-tech repairman struggles as a robot residing in a Buddhist temple finds his higher mind and challenges the idea of consciousness. And one family, one lost billiard ball, and one misguided Internet order bring on the end of the world.

Oct 12, 2015
Driving With My Wife's Lover by

Driving With My Wife's Lover

In this independent black comedy, Tae-han is a desperate husband who runs a nondescript stamp shop in a small town. One day finding out that his wife is having an affair, he decides to witness his wife's infidelity before his eyes. Knowing that his wife's lover, Joong-sik, is a taxi driver, he goes to Seoul, intentionally gets Joong-sik's cab and asks for a long-distance drive, during which the two men develop an unlikely bond.

Oct 12, 2015
The Divine Weapon by

The Divine Weapon

During King Sejong's reign, Joseon Dynasty was the embodiment of the perfect state. The Ming China demanded submission and interfered with the internal affairs of Joseon because they believed it presented an obstacle to territorial expansion. Disgusted by the Chinese interference, King Sejong secretly develops the Phantom Arrowslinger, a weapon he intends to use to take Joseon's land and supremacy back. When Chinese spies discover the plan, the Chinese emperor sets off a chain of violence.

Oct 12, 2015
1st Butterfly- Vol. 7 by Park, Kang-Su.

1st Butterfly- Vol. 7

Contains thirteen tracks.

Oct 12, 2015
4men 8hands by Ensemble Klavier.

4men 8hands

Oct 12, 2015
2pm of 2pm by 2pm.

2pm of 2pm

Oct 12, 2015
After the Rain by Acid Rain.

After the Rain

Oct 12, 2015
5th Dimension by Momoiro Clove Z.

5th Dimension

Momoclo are huge superstars in their home country and are set to crossover to American audiences having just released a brand new single with metal legends Kiss.

Oct 12, 2015
Aliens by Dynamine.


Oct 12, 2015
Another Progress by N-Sonic.

Another Progress

Oct 12, 2015
Babymetal by Babymetal.


Since forming in 2010, Babymetal has already become a global sensation. Their song Gimme Chocolate has already racked up over twenty-five million views on YouTube. Now the band offers up their first CD for North American fans.

Oct 12, 2015
Atheist's Cornea by Envy.

Atheist's Cornea

Beginning with a punishing pummel, holes of light are gradually punched open to reveal an uncanny series of dynamic, emotionally charged epics.

Oct 12, 2015
Beat Goes On by Super Junior-D&E.

Beat Goes On

Oct 12, 2015
Baramcheorum Vol. 1 by Baramcheorum.

Baramcheorum Vol. 1

Oct 12, 2015
Coming Out by

Coming Out

Yo is a gay college student who doesn't have the courage to come out to his friends and family.

Oct 12, 2015
Beauty-Fool by Tacopy.


Oct 12, 2015
Devil by Super Junior.


Oct 12, 2015
Creation by Ju Trio.


Oct 12, 2015
Dongneoppa- Vol. 1 by Dongneoppa.

Dongneoppa- Vol. 1

Oct 12, 2015
Esssin - Vol.2 by Esssin.

Esssin - Vol.2

Oct 12, 2015
Ebola Zombies by

Ebola Zombies

A group of thieves must fight their way to freedom from the police and the growing army of undead behind them.

Oct 12, 2015