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The gentle messenger - an authentic psychic's story The gentle messenger - an authentic psychic's story

Professional psychic Rebecca Bartlett details her journey as a psychic from her teen years on with true stories of her experiences in pre-cognition, medical intuition and mediumship. Prophetic dreams were her first indication that she had a special ability. She tells of her desire to help humanity in the face of skeptics, insults and challenges in being recognized by those who could use her ability to save lives. Bartlett concludes with a review of scientific literature verifying the psychic exp

Jul 25, 2016
The man who made things out of trees The man who made things out of trees

The story of how one man cut down a single tree to see how many things could be made from it.

Jul 27, 2016
Cleopatra Cleopatra

Cleopatra VII, a Greek woman who became Egypt s last pharaoh, was arguably the most famous woman of ancient times. Smart, resourceful, and bold, she sought world domination by allying herself with two of the three strongest Roman men of her day Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Her downfall came at the hands of the third most powerful Roman Octavian, who would later become Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

Jul 30, 2016
Benjamin Franklin - in search of a better world Benjamin Franklin - in search of a better world

Examines the many facets of America's most extraordinary founding father. Politician, diplomat, scientist, printer, and civic improver, Franklin influenced every aspect of American life, from his own time to the present. This book, designed to accompany the traveling Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary exhibition celebrating Franklin's 300th birthday, includes essays by ten prominent scholars that offer an overview of Franklin's life and cover the full range of his interests and achievements, illustr

Jul 30, 2016
Lakota Woman Lakota Woman

Mary Brave Bird grew up fatherless in a one-room cabin, without running water or electricity, on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Rebelling against the aimless drinking, punishing missionary school, narrow strictures for women, and violence and hopeless of reservation life, she joined the new movement of tribal pride sweeping Native American communities in the sixties and seventies. Mary eventually married Leonard Crow Dog, the American Indian Movement's chief medicine man, who re

Jul 30, 2016