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A criminal magic by Kelly, Lee.

A criminal magic

"Washington, DC, 1926. While sorcery opponents have succeeded in passing the 18th Amendment, the Prohibition of magic has only invigorated the city's underworld. Smuggling rings funnel magic contraband in from the coast. Sorcerers cast illusions to aid mobsters' crime sprees. Gangs have even established secret venues called "magic havens," where the public can lose themselves in immersive magic, as well as imbibe a mind-bending and highly addictive elixir known as "the sorcerer's shine." Joan Ke

Feb 7, 2016
Arcadia - a novel by Treadwell, James, 1968-

Arcadia - a novel

On a tiny archipelago out of sight of the rest of the world lives Rory, a ten-year-old boy. He and his mother and a handful of survivors live an exhausting and precarious existence, entirely isolated. The sea is alive, and angry. Every man Rory can remember has been drowned. Everyone knows he'll be next. One night, for the first time since the world changed and the curse descended, strangers appear on the island. They're on their way to England, seeking a powerful magic ring. And one of them see

Feb 7, 2016
Graveyard by Dietz, William C., author.


"As the tensions between the "norms" and the mutants threaten to explode, LAPD detective Cassandra Lee must keep the city safe from the Aztec Empire and its mutant army, while exposing the political secrets of L.A.'s shady mayor and eluding an old enemy."--

Feb 7, 2016
City of blades - a novel by Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984-

City of blades - a novel

"A generation ago, the city of Voortyashtan was the stronghold of the god of war and death, the birthplace of fearsome supernatural sentinels who killed and subjugated millions. Now, the city's god is dead. The city itself lies in ruins. And to its new military occupiers, the once-powerful capital is a wasteland of sectarian violence and bloody uprisings. So it makes perfect sense that General Turyin Mulaghesh--foul-mouthed hero of the battle of Bulikov, rumored war criminal, ally of an embattle

Feb 7, 2016
The Brimstone deception by Shearin, Lisa, author.

The Brimstone deception

"The agents of Supernatural Protection & Investigation (SPI) know that fighting evil is a full-time job, especially when a new designer drug hits the streets. It's called Brimstone. After the first few hits, you'll see every supernatural beast sharing the sidewalk, train, or office with you. After that, you'll start seeing the really scary stuff. I'm Makenna Fraser, seer for SPI. And the collateral damage caused by Brimstone is something I'd like to unsee: dead drug dealers missing their hearts-

Feb 7, 2016
The guns of Ivrea by Beal, Clifford.

The guns of Ivrea

"Acquel Galenus, former thief and now monk, uncovers a terrible secret under the Great Temple at Livorna, one that could shake the faith to its core. A secret that could get him killed. A secret that could enable an older, more sinister form of worship to be reborn. Pirate princeling Nicolo Danamis, mercenary to the King and captain of the largest fleet in Valdur, has made one deal too many, and enemies are now closing in to destroy him. Citala, fair-haired and grey-skinned, the daughter of the

Feb 7, 2016
Remembrance - a mediator novel by Cabot, Meg, author.

Remembrance - a mediator novel

All Susannah Simon wants is to make a good impression at her first job since graduating from college (and since becoming engaged to Dr. Jesse de Silva). But when she's hired as a guidance counselor at her alma mater, she stumbles across a decade-old murder, and soon ancient history isn't all that's coming back to haunt her. Old ghosts as well as new ones are coming out of the woodwork, some to test her, some to vex her, and it isn't only because she's a mediator, gifted with second sight. What h

Feb 7, 2016
Flaming zeppelins - the adventures of Ned the Seal - containing the novels Zeppelins west and Flaming London by Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-

Flaming zeppelins - the adventures of Ned the Seal - containing the novels Zeppelins west and Flaming London

Zeppelins west: Legends of the Old West, plus characters both real and fictional, enliven the shenanigans, commencing with Buffalo Bill Cody, a head in a jar atop a mechanical body, escorting his Wild West Show by zeppelin to Japan. Flaming London: Ned the Seal from Zeppelins West shares an adventure with Jules Verne, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells and others.

Feb 7, 2016
The deep sea diver's syndrome - a novel by Brussolo, Serge, 1951-

The deep sea diver's syndrome - a novel

"Lucid dreamers called mediums dive into their dreams to retrieve ectoplasms--sticky blobs with curiously soothing properties that are the only form of art in the world. The more elaborate the dream, the better the ectoplasm. David Sarella is a medium whose dream identity is a professional thief. With his beautiful accomplice Nadia, he breaks into jewelry stores and museums, lifts precious diamonds, and when he wakes, the loot turns into ectoplasms to be sold and displayed. Only the dives requir

Feb 7, 2016
A fantasy medley 3 by

A fantasy medley 3

"In 'Goddess at the Crossroads,' Kevin Hearne shares a thrillingly memorable episode from the past of his popular Iron Druid Chronicles hero Atticus O'Sullivan, revealing how one night's dark encounter with the cult of Hecate served as inspiration for Shakespeare's witches in the Scottish play. With 'Ashes,' Laura Bickle revisits Detroit arson investigator and powerful spirit medium Anya Kalinczyk as she, her five-foot-long salamander familiar Sparky, and Hades' Charon pursue a destructive fire

Feb 7, 2016
Magic lost, trouble found by Shearin, Lisa.

Magic lost, trouble found

Raine, a sorceress of moderate powers who works as a seeker, finds herself in more trouble than she cares for when an amulet stolen by her friend Quentin from the home of a mighty necromancer takes possession of her, increasing her skills beyond imagination, and making her the target of an army of militant goblins.

Feb 7, 2016
Patchwerk by Tallerman, David, author


"Flying above the city on the TransContinental airship, Dran Florrian is traveling with the Palimpsest - the ultimate proof of a lifetime of scientific theorizing. When a rogue organization attempts to steal the device, however, Dran takes drastic action. But his action threatens to destroy the very fabric of the universe, unless Dran - or someone very much like him - can shut down the machine and reverse the process." -- back cover.

Feb 7, 2016
The pagan night by Akers, Tim, 1972-, author

The pagan night

Feb 7, 2016
Can & can'tankerous by Ellison, Harlan.

Can & can'tankerous

"Gathers ten previously uncollected tales from the fifth and sixth decades of Harlan Ellison's professional writing career."--

Feb 7, 2016
Bridge of birds - a novel of an ancient China that never was by Hughart, Barry, author.

Bridge of birds - a novel of an ancient China that never was

Number Ten Ox brings Master Li Kao back to his village of Ku-fu to find the cure for a mysterious sleeping plague that has struck the villagers' children.

Feb 7, 2016
Alliance by Dunstall, S. K., author.


Feb 7, 2016
Arcadia by Pears, Iain.


In 1960s Oxford, Professor Henry Lytten is attempting to write a fantasy novel that forgoes the magic of his predecessors, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. He finds an unlikely confidante in his quick-witted, inquisitive young neighbor Rosie. One day, while chasing Lytten's cat, Rosie encounters a doorway in his cellar. She steps through and finds herself in an idyllic, pastoral land where Storytellers are revered above all others. There she meets a young man who is about to embark on a quest of h

Feb 7, 2016
Otherworld secrets - more thrilling Otherworld tales by Armstrong, Kelley.

Otherworld secrets - more thrilling Otherworld tales

Kelley Armstrong captivated readers with her Sunday Times bestselling Women of the Otherworld series of supernatural thrillers. Now her characters return in this gripping anthology. The collection begins with a brand-new novella featuring werewolf Karl Marsden and half-demon Hope, in what might be Karl's last heist. Meanwhile Elena and Clay are trapped in a wintry small town with a killer on the loose, in the fast-paced and atmospheric novella 'Forbidden'. In 'Angelic', former black witch and pa

Feb 7, 2016
Hidden empire by Anderson, Kevin J., 1962-

Hidden empire

"Having colonized the worlds of the spiral arm, the three branches of humanity, the Earth-based Terran Hanseatic League, the telepathic Green Priests of Theroc, and the fiercely rebellious, starship-dwelling Roamers consider themselves lords of creation."--Jacket.

Feb 7, 2016
Merchant of alyss by Locke, Thomas, 1952-

Merchant of alyss

"When Hyam, who lost his magical skills during the great Battle of Emporis, comes into possession of ancient Mylantian scrolls, he, discerning that its text could mean war, embarks on a dangerous journey to determine its true meaning and forestall any attack."--

Feb 7, 2016
Downfall of the Gods by Parker, K.J.

Downfall of the Gods

Feb 7, 2016
Graft by Hill, Matt.


Feb 7, 2016
Poltergeist by Richardson, Kat


Feb 7, 2016
Greywalker by Richardson, Kat.


Following a savage, near-fatal attack, private detective Harper Blaine discovers that she has become a Greywalker, and now has the ability to move between the ordinary world and a mysterious, cross-over zone populated by monsters.

Feb 7, 2016
A pocket full of lies by Beyer, Kirsten, author.

A pocket full of lies

"The Full Circle Fleet has resumed its unprecedented explorations of the Delta Quadrant and former Borg space. Commander Liam O'Donnell of the U.S.S. Demeter makes a promising first contact with the Nihydron humanoid aliens that are collectors of history. They rarely interact with the species they study but have created a massive database of numerous races, inhabited planets, and the current geopolitical landscape of a large swath of the quadrant. When an exchange of data is proposed via a forma

Feb 7, 2016
The mad scientist's daughter by Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-

The mad scientist's daughter

"Finn looks and acts human, though he has no desire to be. He was programmed to assist his owners, and performs his duties to perfection. A billion-dollar construct, his primary task now is to tutor Cat. As she grows into a beautiful young woman, Finn is her guardian, her constant companion-- and more. But when the government grants rights to the ever-increasing robot population, however, Finn struggles to find his place in the world"--Page 4 of cover.

Feb 7, 2016
A Shadow All of Light by Chappell, Fred/ Trakhtenberg, Russell (CRT)

A Shadow All of Light

Feb 7, 2016
Poseidon's wake by Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- author.

Poseidon's wake

""Few SF writers merge rousing adventure with advanced futuristic technology as skillfully as Alastair Reynolds" (Toronto Star), the award-winning author of On the Steel Breeze. In the conclusion of his Poseidon's Children saga, the Akinya family receives an invitation from across the stars--and a last opportunity to redeem their name... Send Ndege... The cryptic message originated seventy light-years away from the planet Crucible, where Ndege Akinya lives under permanent house arrest for her ro

Feb 7, 2016
The Futurological Congress (from the memoirs of Ijon Tichy) by Lem, Stanisław.

The Futurological Congress (from the memoirs of Ijon Tichy)

World-renowned cosmonaut Ijon Tichy, persuaded to attent the Eighth World Futurological Congress, is severely injured when the Congress is routed by Costa Rican revolutionaries, is refrigerated in liquid nitrogen, and awakens in the year 2039.

Feb 7, 2016
Professor Challenger - new worlds, lost places by

Professor Challenger - new worlds, lost places

"Brilliant, belligerent and bearded in equal measure, incapable of suffering fools, or journalists, gladly, the greatest scientific mind of his generation - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor George Edward Challenger - returns in ten all-new tales of scientific adventure and wonder. He is the discoverer of The Lost World, the prophet of The Poison Belt, the destroyer of The Disintegration Machine, and the man who made the World Scream! Who can deliver mankind from the shackles of ignorance? Who

Feb 7, 2016
Ancestral machines by Cobley, Michael, author.

Ancestral machines

"It was named Bringer of Battles, three hundred worlds orbiting a single artificial star, three hundred battlefields where different species vie for mastery and triumph. It is a cage where war is a game -- brutal, savage and sudden. In this arena, all must bend the knee to the Lords of Permutation and the ancient sentient weapons with which they have merged. Or suffer indescribable agonies. Trapped in this draconian crucible of death, Brannan Pyke, captain and smuggler, must fight his way to fre

Feb 7, 2016
The bands of mourning - a Mistborn novel by Sanderson, Brandon, author.

The bands of mourning - a Mistborn novel

When a researcher returns to Elendel with images of a mythical Lord Ruler artifact, believed to grant wearers his power, Waxillium Ladrian conducts an investigation in the southern city of New Seran, where he makes unsettling discoveries about the true goals of The Set.

Feb 7, 2016
The alchemy of chaos by Maresca, Marshall Ryan, author.

The alchemy of chaos

Veranix Calbert, also known as The Thorn, continues his street vigilante activities, including harassing the gangs that operate in the Maradaine neighborhood of Aventil.

Feb 7, 2016
Maestro by Salvatore, R. A.


Feb 7, 2016
Medusa's web - a novel by Powers, Tim, 1952- author.

Medusa's web - a novel

"From the award-winning author of Hide Me Among the Graves, Last Call, Declare, and Three Days to Never, a phantasmagoric, thrilling, mind-bending tale of speculative fiction in which one man must uncover occult secrets of 1920s Hollywood to save his family.In the wake of their Aunt Amity's suicide, Scott and Madeline Madden are summoned to Caveat, the eerie, decaying mansion in the Hollywood hills in which they were raised. But their decadent and reclusive cousins, the malicious wheelchair-boun

Feb 7, 2016
Dreaming death - a palace of dreams novel by Cheney, J. Kathleen.

Dreaming death - a palace of dreams novel

"In the Novels of the Golden City, J. Kathleen Cheney created a "mesmerizing" (Publishers Weekly) realm where magic, history, and intrigue combine. Now, she presents a new world ruled by psychic talents and fatal magic ... Shironne Anjir's status as a sensitive is both a gift and a curse. Her augmented senses allow her to discover and feel things others can't, but her talents come with a price: a constant assault of emotions and sensations has left her blind. Determined to use her abilities as b

Feb 7, 2016
Reality dust by Baxter, Stephen.

Reality dust

"A brand new short novel, lavishly praised by Greg Bear, from the internationally bestselling author of THE TIME SHIPS; an epic story of a far future war that shows Baxter at the top of his game. Paired with MAKING HISTORY, a new short novel from the Arthur C. Clarke award-winning Paul McAuley."--

Feb 7, 2016
Plague of Shadows by Jones, Howard Andrew

Plague of Shadows

Feb 7, 2016
Mulengro by De Lint, Charles, 1951-


In the wake of a series of bizarre murders that are baffling the police and connected to the city's elusive gypsy community, the Romany realizes that the evil Mulengro is responsible.

Feb 7, 2016
Linesman by Dunstall, S. K., author.


Feb 7, 2016
The last mortal bond by Staveley, Brian.

The last mortal bond

"The trilogy that began with The Emperor's Blades and continued in The Providence of Fire reaches its epic conclusion, as war engulfs the Annurian Empire. The ancient Csestriim are back to finish their purge of humanity; armies march against the capital;leaches, solitary beings who draw power from the natural world to fuel their extraordinary abilities, maneuver on all sides to affect the outcome of the war; and capricious gods walk the earth in human guise with agendas of their own. But the thr

Feb 7, 2016
Kingfisher by McKillip, Patricia A., author.


In the new fantasy from the award-winning author of the Riddle-Master Trilogy, a young man comes of age amid family secrets and revelations, and transformative magic.

Feb 7, 2016
Extinction game by Gibson, Gary, 1965- author.

Extinction game

Jerry Beche should be dead. Instead, he's rescued from a desolate Earth where he was the last man alive. He's then trained for the toughest conditions imaginable and placed with a crack team of specialists. Every one of them is a survivor, as each withstood the violent ending of their own alternate Earth. And their new specialism? To retrieve weapons and data in missions to other apocalyptic worlds. But what is the Authority, the shadowy organization that rescued Beche and his fellow survivors?

Feb 7, 2016
Morning star by Brown, Pierce, 1988- author.

Morning star

"The conclusion of the Red Rising trilogy. Born a lowly Red in the mines of Mars, Darrow lost his beloved wife to the treacherous Gold overlords. Vowing to fight for the future that his wife believed in, Darrow joins a secret revolutionary group and is remade into a Gold so that he can infiltrate the ruling class and bring them down from the inside. Now, after years of hiding amongst the Golds, Darrow is finally ready to declare open revolution and throw off the chains of oppression. Nothing in

Feb 7, 2016
Escape from Kathmandu by Robinson, Kim Stanley.

Escape from Kathmandu

American mountaineers George and Freds explore the mysteries of Nepal, among them Buddha the Yeti, Jimmy Carter, a tulku, Mount Everest, Shangri-La, and the king of Nepal.

Feb 7, 2016
All the birds in the sky by Anders, Charlie.

All the birds in the sky

"From the editor-in-chief of, a stunning novel about the end of the world--and the beginning of our futureChildhood friends Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead didn't expect to see each other again, after parting ways under mysterious circumstances during middle school. After all, the development of magical powers and the invention of a two-second time machine could hardly fail to alarm one's peers and families.But now they're both adults, living in the hipster mecca San Francisco, an

Feb 7, 2016
Blood of innocents by Hogan, Mitchell, author.

Blood of innocents

"A novice sorcerer may hold the key to saving his world--or be the instrument of its destruction--in this second book in The Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, a mesmerizing saga of high fantasy that combines magic, malevolence, and mystery. Anasoma, jewel of the Mahruse Empire, has fallen. As orphaned, monk-raised Caldan and his companions flee the city, leaving behind their hopes for a new beginning, horrors from the time of the Shattering begin to close in. With Miranda's mind broken by forbidden so

Feb 7, 2016
The Brotherhood of the Wheel by Belcher, R. S, author.

The Brotherhood of the Wheel

"In 1119 A.D., a group of nine crusaders became known as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon--a militant monastic order charged with protecting pilgrims and caravans traveling on the roads to and from the Holy Land. In time, the Knights Templar would grow in power and, ultimately, be laid low. But a small offshoot of the Templars endure and have returned to the order's original mission: to defend the roads of the world and guard those who travel on them. Theirs is a s

Feb 7, 2016
Chaos Choreography by McGuire, Seanan

Chaos Choreography

Feb 7, 2016
By tooth and claw by Fawcett, Bill (EDT)/ Stirling, S. M./ Lackey, Mercedes/ Flint, Eric/ Nye, Jody Lynn

By tooth and claw

Four novellas feature stories where dinosaurs and mammals evolved simultaneously, causing an all-out battle for supremacy between magic-wielding reptiles and hot-tempered descendants of cats.

Feb 7, 2016
A crucible of souls by Hogan, Mitchell, author.

A crucible of souls

After his parents' death, Caldan is raised by monks who teach him sorcery, but when he leaves the monastery and tries to discover his parents' true identity, a mysterious evil force is unleased upon the world and Caldan must face his past and use his powers for good.

Feb 7, 2016
The custodian of marvels - being volume three of the the fall of the gas-lit empire by Duncan, Rod, author.

The custodian of marvels - being volume three of the the fall of the gas-lit empire

To expose the secrets that could shake the very pillars of the Gas-Lit Empire, conjurer Elizabeth Barnabus plans to steal from the feared International Patent Office, but first must get through the Duke's private army and the mysterious Custodian of Marvels.

Feb 7, 2016
Dominion by Connolly, John, 1968- author.


"The third thrilling Chronicles of the Invaders adventure from New York Times bestselling author John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard mixes classic sci-fi with rich, character-driven plot, as Paul and Syl fight to save Earth from an enemy who is closer than ever. Syl Hellais and Paul Kerr have traveled through Derith, the mysterious wormhole from which no traveler has ever returned. Yet Derith's secrets are darker than they imagined, and trapped in a dimension beyond their own, they finally emerg

Feb 7, 2016
Every Heart a Doorway by McGuire, Seanan

Every Heart a Doorway

Feb 7, 2016
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen by Bujold, Lois McMaster, author.

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

"Three years after her famous husband's death, Cordelia Vorkosigan, Vicereine of Sergyar, stands ready to spin her life in a new direction. Oliver Jole, Admiral, Sergyar Fleet, finds himself caught up in her web of plans in ways he'd never imagined. Meanwhile, Miles Vorkosigan, one of Emperor Gregor's key investigators, this time dispatches himself on a mission, into a mystery he never anticipated--his own mother. Plans, wills, and expectations collide as the impact of galactic technology on the

Feb 7, 2016
Grave Visions - an Alex Craft novel by Price, Kalayna.

Grave Visions - an Alex Craft novel

Grave witch Alex Craft's investigation into a new street drug that causes hallucinations that turn real lands her in the middle of a conflict between the fae.

Feb 7, 2016
The regional office is under attack! by Gonzales, Manuel, 1974-

The regional office is under attack!

Feb 7, 2016
In the Labyrinth of Drakes - A Memoir by Lady Trent by Brennan, Marie

In the Labyrinth of Drakes - A Memoir by Lady Trent

Feb 7, 2016
Roadside magic by Saintcrow, Lilith.

Roadside magic

"New York Times Bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow returns to dark fantasy with the second novel in her Gallow & Ragged series where the faery world inhabits diners, dive bars and trailer parks. Robin Ragged has revenge to wreak and redemption to steal. She knows the source of the plague ravaging the sidhe of both Courts, and that knowledge might be enough to buy off even the Hunt if she can just survive. The poison in Jeremy Gallow's wound is slowly killing him. Old friends turn traitor and ol

Feb 7, 2016
We who are about to-- by Russ, Joanna, 1937-2011.

We who are about to--

Feb 7, 2016
The Velocipede Races by Street, Emily June

The Velocipede Races

Feb 7, 2016
Transgalactic by Gunn, James E., 1923-


"When Riley and Asha finally reached the planet Terminal and found the Transcendental Machine, a matter transmission device built by an ancient race, they chose to be "translated." Now in possession of intellectual and physical powers that set them abovehuman limitations, the machine has transported them to two, separate, unknown planets among a possibility of billions. Riley and Asha know that together they can change the galaxy, so they attempt to do the impossible--find each other"--

Feb 7, 2016
The sons of Sora by Tassi, Paul.

The sons of Sora

"Set sixteen years after the events of The Exiled Earthborn, this explosive conclusion of the Earthborn trilogy tells the story of two brothers, the sons of Lucas and Asha, tasked with surviving the Xalan war to ensure the continued existence of the human race. Noah, an orphan from Earth's last days who, as a child, was smuggled to safety across the stars, is now nearly a man and a leader to the young enclave of Earthborn who reside on Sora. When the tranquility of their settlement is shattered

Feb 7, 2016
Skinner Luce - a novel by Ward, Patricia Sarrafian, 1969-

Skinner Luce - a novel

"Every year when the deep cold of winter sets in, unbeknownst to humanity, dangerous visitors arrive from another world. Disguised as humans, the Nafikh move among us in secret, hungry for tastes of this existence. Their fickle, often-violent needs must be accommodated at all times, and the price of keeping them satisfied is paid most heavily by servs. Created by the Nafikh to attend their every whim, servs are physically indistinguishable from humans but for the Source, the painful, white-hot e

Feb 7, 2016
Song of blood & stone. by Penelope, L. author.

Song of blood & stone.

"Orphaned and alone, Jasminda is an outcast in her homeland of Elsira, where she is feared for both the shade of her skin and her magical abilities. When ruthless soldiers seek refuge in her isolated cabin, they bring with them a captive -- an injured spy who steals her heart. Jack's mission behind enemy lines nearly cost him him life but he is saved by the healing power of a mysterious young woman. Together they embark on a perilous journey straight into the heart of a centuries-old conflict. T

Feb 7, 2016
Son of the Morning by Alder, Mark

Son of the Morning

Feb 7, 2016
Starbound by Bara, Dave, author.


Feb 7, 2016
The winged histories by Samatar, Sofia.

The winged histories

Feb 7, 2016
Terms of enlistment by Kloos, Marko.

Terms of enlistment

Feb 7, 2016
The sleep garden by Krusoe, James.

The sleep garden

Feb 7, 2016
Staked by Hearne, Kevin, author.


"Iron Druid Atticus O'Sullivan, hero of Kevin Hearne's epic New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series, has a point to make--and then drive into a vampire's heart. When a druid has lived for two thousand years like Atticus, he's bound to run afoul of a few vampires. Make that legions of them. Even his former friend and legal counsel turned out to be a bloodsucking backstabber. Now the toothy troublemakers--led by power-mad pain-in-the-neck Theophilus--have become a huge problem requiring a

Feb 7, 2016
Visitor by Cherryh, C. J.


Feb 7, 2016
The Story of Kullervo by Tolkien, J. R. R./ Flieger, Verlyn (EDT)

The Story of Kullervo

Feb 7, 2016
Silence by Lackey, Mercedes


Feb 7, 2016
Winter Witch by Cunningham, Elaine/ Gross, Dave (CON)

Winter Witch

Feb 7, 2016
Winterwood by Bedford, Jacey, author.


It's 1800, Ross (Rossalinde) Tremayne, cross-dressing privateer captain and witch, inherits two things from her embittered dying mother. One is David, a half-brother she never knew about, and the other is a task she doesn't want: to open a winterwood box, magically sealed by her distant ancestor. On Ross' side she has her rag-tag crew of barely reformed pirates, her conflicted new brother, the jealous ghost of her dead husband, a dashing piratical admirer, and a sexy wolf shapechanger. (Please d

Feb 7, 2016
Unholy war by Hair, David, 1965- author.

Unholy war

While the East and West clash in brutal battle, others are focused on finding the Scytale of Corineus, a powerful artifact protected by failed mage Alaron Mercer and market-girl Ramita Ankesharan.

Feb 7, 2016
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Liu, Ken

The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

Feb 6, 2016
The night voice - a novel of the noble dead by Hendee, Barb.

The night voice - a novel of the noble dead

"The New York Times bestselling authors of First and Last Sorcerer present the final breathtaking chapter in their epic Noble Dead saga. With much relief, Magiere, Leesil, and Chap prepare to hide the last two of the powerful orbs. Once this last great task is completed, Magiere can take Leesil home to a life of peace. Then, rumors reach them that a horde of undead creatures, slaughtering everything in their wake, are gathering in the far east regions of the Suman desert. This gathering could on

Feb 6, 2016
Doom of the dragon by Weis, Margaret.

Doom of the dragon

"In three previous novels, Skylan Ivorson overcame obstacles that would have defeated a lesser man, rising from obscurity to become the Chief of Chiefs of the fearsome Vindrasi who sail their living dragonships far and wide to raid and plunder for the glory of the gods. However, a cruel twist of fate struck him down before he and his beloved could complete their quest for the five sacred dragonbones that would summon the great dragon Ilyrion and save their people from destruction at the hands of

Feb 6, 2016
The return of the witch by Brackston, Paula, author.

The return of the witch

"Paula Brackston's debut novel, The Witch's Daughter, was the little book that could--with a captivating story, remarkable heroine, and eye-catching package, it has now netted over 200,000 copies in all formats. Now Paula returns with its sequel The Return of the Witch, another bewitching tale of love and magic, featuring her signature blend of gorgeous writing, a fabulous and intriguing historical backdrop, and a headstrong and relatable heroine readers will cheer for. After five years in the S

Feb 6, 2016
Star wars - the force awakens by Foster, Alan Dean, 1946-

Star wars - the force awakens

The official novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the highly anticipated blockbuster film directed by J. J. Abrams, released in theaters December 2015.

Feb 6, 2016
Snakewood by Selby, Adrian


Feb 6, 2016
Marked in flesh by Bishop, Anne, author.

Marked in flesh

"For centuries, the Others and humans have lived side by side in uneasy peace. But when humankind oversteps its bounds, the Others will have to decide how much humanity they're willing to tolerate--both within themselves and within their community.... Since the Others allied themselves with the cassandra sangue, the fragile yet powerful human blood prophets who were being exploited by their own kind, the delicate dynamic between humans and Others has changed. Some, such as Simon Wolfgard, wolf s

Feb 6, 2016
Eagle in Exile by Smale, Alan

Eagle in Exile

Feb 6, 2016
Unforgettable by Stone, Eric James, 1967-


"Due to a fluke of quantum mechanics, no one can remember Nat Morgan for more than a minute after he's gone. It's a useful ability for his career as a CIA agent, even if he has to keep reminding his boss that he exists. Nat's attempt to steal a quantum chip prototype is thwarted when a former FSB agent, Yelena Semyonova, attempts to steal the same technology for the Russian mob. Along with a brilliant Iranian physicist who wants to defect, Nat and Yelena must work together to stop a ruthless bil

Feb 4, 2016
Ascendance by George, David R., III.


"When an enemy armada attacks the DS9, Captain Kira Nerys sends her second-in-command, Commander Elias Vaughn, to board the U.S.S. Defiant and defend the station, while their enemy prepares to kill Kira and target Bajor."--

Feb 4, 2016
1635 - a parcel of rogues by Flint, Eric, author.

1635 - a parcel of rogues

"When the diplomatic embassy from the United States of Europe was freed from the Tower of London, most of its members returned to the continent. But some remained behind in Britain: Oliver Cromwell, sharpshooter Julie Sims, her Scot husband Alex Mackay, and Cromwell's Irish-American self-appointed watchdog Darryl McCarthy. Soon the hunt is on for the most notorious rebel in English history, with King Charles himself demanding Cromwell's head. To make things more confused, the time Darryl spends

Feb 4, 2016
The Guns of Ivrea by Beal, Clifford

The Guns of Ivrea

Feb 4, 2016
Dark victory - a novel of the alien resistance by DuBois, Brendan, author.

Dark victory - a novel of the alien resistance

"Randy has dim memories of a time of electric lights, laptop computers, television screens and above all, plenty of food at every meal. On his twelfth birthday, he enlisted in the Army to carry on the fight, since most of the world’s adults have been killed off and it’s up to the younger generations to serve. But now, as a veteran of the Creeper war and with his K-9 partner Thor, Randy has learned to focus on the essentials: the best way to kill a Creeper, scrounge through abandoned buildings fo

Feb 4, 2016
City of light by Arthur, Keri, author.

City of light

"In a world where humans and shifters alike live in artificially lit cities that keep the darkness--and demons and wraiths--at bay, Tiger, a humanoid super-soldier, risks everything to save a little girl on the outskirts of Central City."--

Feb 3, 2016
Midnight taxi tango by Older, Daniel Jose.

Midnight taxi tango

"Carlos Delacruz straddles the line between the living and the not-so alive. As an agent for the Council of the Dead, he eliminates New York's ghostlier problems. This time it's a string of gruesome paranormal accidents in Brooklyn's Von King Park that has already taken the lives of several locals and is bound to take more"--

Feb 3, 2016
The last dream keeper by Benson, Amber, 1977-

The last dream keeper

"A follow-up to The Witches of Echo Park finds Lyse confronting a Witches Counsel that is refusing to acknowledge increasing threats from the Flood, a group of fanatics intent on bringing about the end of times."--

Feb 3, 2016
Mad scientist's daughter by Clarke, Cassandra Rose

Mad scientist's daughter

Feb 1, 2016
Mulengro by De Lint, Charles


Jan 31, 2016