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Jane and the twelve days of Christmas - being a Jane Austen mystery by Barron, Stephanie, author.

Jane and the twelve days of Christmas - being a Jane Austen mystery

Christmas Eve, 1814. Jane Austen has been invited to spend the holiday with family and friends at the Vyne, the gorgeous ancestral home of the wealthy and politically prominent Chute family. As the year fades and friends begin to gather beneath the mistletoe for the twelve days of Christmas festivities, Jane and her circle are in a celebratory mood: Mansfield Park is selling nicely; Napoleon has been banished to Elba; British forces have seized Washington, DC; and on Christmas Eve, John Quincy A

Feb 1, 2016
Jane and the stillroom maid by Barron, Stephanie.

Jane and the stillroom maid

While out on a walk in the hills during a visit to her relatives in Derbyshire, Jane finds a terribly mutilated body. It turns out to be Tess Arnold, a stillroom maid at a local estate known for her skill as an herbalist. Was Tess suspected of witchcraft? Was she thought to be traitor to the secret rites of the Freemasons? What was her relationship with the Duke's family. Was the killing the work of a madman? When the wrong person is accused of murder, Jane Austen becomes an innocent victim's on

Feb 1, 2016
The bitter season by Hoag, Tami.

The bitter season

As the dreary, bitter weather of late fall descends on Minneapolis, Detective Nikki Liska is restless. Most of all she misses her old partner, Sam Kovac. He's distracted from his troubles by an especially brutal double homicide: a middle-aged husband and wife bludgeoned and hacked to death in their home with a ceremonial Japanese samurai sword. Nikki's case, the unsolved murder of a family man, community leader, and decorated sex crimes detective for the Minneapolis PD, is less of a distraction:

Feb 1, 2016
Mermaid moon - a Sunset Cove novel by Coble, Colleen, author.

Mermaid moon - a Sunset Cove novel

Mallory Davis believes her father was murdered. Her childhood sweetheart Kevin O'Connor, game warden of Mermaid Beach, is also suspicious of the accident. But he's equally determined to keep Mallory at arm's length. She broke his heart years ago when she left without a word. He's not about to lower his guard and let her get close again. Hoping to discover what happened to her father, Mallory takes over his mail boat duties, guiding his trusted boat on deliveries to see what she can uncover. Soon

Feb 1, 2016
SPQR - a history of ancient Rome by Beard, Mary, 1955-

SPQR - a history of ancient Rome

Beard explores ancient Rome and how its citizens adapted the notion of imperial rule, invented the concepts of citizenship and nation, and made laws about those traditionally overlooked in history, including women, slaves, and criminals.

Feb 1, 2016
Jane and the prisoner of Wool House by Barron, Stephanie.

Jane and the prisoner of Wool House

In Southampton with her brother, Frank, Jane Austen turns sleuth when Frank's old friend, Captain Tom Seagrave, is accused of killing a French officer after the surrender of his ship and risks her own life to find the killer.

Feb 1, 2016
Rules for a knight - the last letter of Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke by Hawke, Ethan, 1970-

Rules for a knight - the last letter of Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke

"It is 1483, and Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke, a Cornish knight, is about to ride into battle. On the eve of his departure, he composes a letter to his four young children, consisting of twenty virtues that provide instruction on how to live a noble life, and on all the lessons, large and small, that he might have imparted to them himself were he not expecting to die on the battlefield. "Why am I alive? Where was I before I was born? What will happen to me when I die? Whatever well our lives are draw

Feb 1, 2016
Three-martini lunch by Rindell, Suzanne

Three-martini lunch

Feb 3, 2016
Robert B. Parker's slow burn by Atkins, Ace

Robert B. Parker's slow burn

Feb 3, 2016
Atonement by Lewis, Beverly


Feb 3, 2016
Fall of man in Wilmslow by Lagercrantz, David

Fall of man in Wilmslow

Feb 3, 2016
Everybody's fool by Russo, Richard

Everybody's fool

Feb 3, 2016
Eligible by Sittenfeld, Curtis


Feb 3, 2016
Brionne by L'Amour, Louis


Feb 3, 2016
Maestra by Hilton, L. S.


Feb 3, 2016
Girl from Summer Hill by Deveraux, Jude

Girl from Summer Hill

Feb 3, 2016
Murder in the paperback parlor - a book retreat mystery by Adams, Ellery, author.

Murder in the paperback parlor - a book retreat mystery

The New York Times bestselling Book Retreat mysteries feature Storyton Hall, the perfect getaway for literature lovers--except for when a guest tries to get away with murder.

Feb 8, 2016
Remembrance - a mediator novel by Cabot, Meg, author.

Remembrance - a mediator novel

Fifteen years after the release of the first Mediator novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot returns with a deliciously sexy new entry to a fan-favorite series. Suze Simon-all grown up and engaged to her once-ghostly soulmate-faces a vengeful spirit and an old enemy bent on ending Suze's wedded bliss before it begins.You can take the boy out of the darkness. But you can't take the darkness out of the boy.

Feb 8, 2016
When Breath Becomes Air by Kalanithi, Paul.

When Breath Becomes Air

At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade's worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor making a living treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. Just like that, the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated. When Breath Becomes Air, which features a Foreword by Dr. Abraham Verghese and an Epilogue by Kalanithi's wife, Lucy, chronicles Kalanithi's transformation from a na

Feb 8, 2016
Salt to the sea by Sepetys, Ruta.

Salt to the sea

"As World War II draws to a close, refugees try to escape the war's final dangers, only to find themselves aboard a ship with a target on its hull"--

Feb 8, 2016