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Prayers the Devil Answers by McCrumb, Sharyn.

Prayers the Devil Answers

Suddenly thrust into the role of primary caretaker for her family following the tragic death of her husband, Ellie Robbins is appointed to serve out his term as sheriff of their rural Tennessee mountain town. The year is 1936, and her role is largely symbolic, except for the one task that only a sheriff can do: execute a convicted prisoner. Soon enough, dark secrets come to light, and Ellie must grapple with small town superstitions and the tenuous ties she shares with a condemned killer as she

May 3, 2016
Readers of Broken Wheel recommend by Bivald, Katarina

Readers of Broken Wheel recommend

Apr 29, 2016
Red team - how to succeed by thinking like the enemy by Zenko, Micah, author

Red team - how to succeed by thinking like the enemy

"Summary Description: Red teams are used widely in both the public and private sector. They are comprised primarily of fearless skeptics and those assuming the role of saboteurs who seek to better understand the interests, intentions, and capabilities of institutions or potential competitors. Red teaming, including simulations, vulnerability probes, and alternative analyses, helps institutions in competitive environments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, challenge assumptions, and anti

Apr 27, 2016
Redemption road - a novel by Hart, John, 1965-, author

Redemption road - a novel

A tour de force narrative from critically acclaimed, award-winning, New York Times bestselling author John Hart. Now Hart has written his most ambitious work to date. The novel features his first-ever female protagonist, Elizabeth Black, a recently probationed cop who must fight to keep her badge and stop an innocent man from being sent back to jail. There's more to Elizabeth than meets the eye, and the secrets she fiercely protects could be the source of her downfall. Add to this Hart's signatu

May 3, 2016
Reviving America - how repealing Obamacare, replacing the tax code, and reforming the Fed will restore hope and prosperity by Forbes, Steve, author

Reviving America - how repealing Obamacare, replacing the tax code, and reforming the Fed will restore hope and prosperity

"Summary Description: Conservative stalwart Forbes believes that a 'malaise has been caused by years of Obama's destructive policies, a broken tax system, and the Federal Reserve's Soviet-style controls over credit and money'...This compelling summary shows how the United States can recover the optimism and entrepreneurial dynamism that made it the greatest nation in history." -- back cover pkg.

Apr 27, 2016
Robert B. Parker's Slow burn by Atkins, Ace.

Robert B. Parker's Slow burn

After an apartment fire kills seven people, including two firemen, firefighter Jack McGee is convinced it was arson. McGee takes the case to Spenser who discovers it may just be one fire in a string of arson murders.

May 3, 2016
Rocket - Eight lessons to secure infinite growth by Silverstein, Michael J., author

Rocket - Eight lessons to secure infinite growth

"Summary Description: You can build a brand that lasts forever. You can grow faster than your rivals. To do this, however, you need to understand the theory that a very few people - the very few focused consumers - create most of the value in any business. If you have loyal consumers and you turn them into your apostles, they will spread the word about you, and they will propel you to growth... This summery is a must-have guide for everyone who wants to grow their business faster than a competit

Apr 27, 2016
Rose and the dagger by Ahdieh, Renee

Rose and the dagger

Apr 29, 2016
Same sex symbol by Esposito, Cameron, author, performer.

Same sex symbol

May 3, 2016
Saving Montgomery Sole by Tamaki, Mariko, author.

Saving Montgomery Sole

"An outcast teen girl explores the mysteries of friendship, family, faith, and phenomena, including the greatest mystery of all--herself"--

May 2, 2016
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Rovelli, Carlo.

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Carlo Rovelli brings a playful, entertaining, and mind-bending introduction to modern physics, offering surprising explanations of Einstein's general relativity, quantum mechanics, elementary particles, gravity, black holes, the complex architecture of the universe, and the role humans play in this weird and wonderful world.

Apr 28, 2016
Sharp ends by Abercrombie, Joe

Sharp ends

Apr 27, 2016
Sharp Ends. by Abercrombie, Joe.

Sharp Ends.

May 3, 2016
Speed kings - the 1932 Olympics and the fastest men in the world by Bull, Andy (Sportswriter), author.

Speed kings - the 1932 Olympics and the fastest men in the world

In the 1930s, as the world hurtled toward war, speed was all the rage. Bobsledding, the fastest and most thrilling way to travel on land had become a sensation. Exciting, and brutally dangerous, it was the must-see event of the 1932 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. The American team was Jay O'Brien, the high-society playboy; Tippy Grey, a scandal-prone Hollywood has-been; Eddie Eagan, world champion heavyweight boxer and Rhodes Scholar; and Billy Fiske, the true heart of the team, despite being b

May 3, 2016
Speed kings by Bull, Andy

Speed kings

Apr 29, 2016
St. Augustine's confessions by Cook William R.

St. Augustine's confessions

May 3, 2016
Stiletto by O'Malley, Daniel.


Myfanwy Thomas returns to clinch an alliance between deadly rivals and avert an epic and slimy supernatural war. When secret organizations are forced to merge after years of enmity and bloodshed, only one person has the fearsome powers, and the bureaucratic finesse to get the job done. Facing her greatest challenge yet, Rook Myfanwy Thomas must broker a deal between two bitter adversaries.

May 3, 2016
Story of the Bible by Johnson, Luke Timothy

Story of the Bible

May 3, 2016
Strangeness in my mind by Pamuk, Orhan

Strangeness in my mind

May 3, 2016
Sweet Ruin by Cole, Kresley.

Sweet Ruin

The next searing novel in Kresley Cole's #1 New York Times best selling Immortals After Dark series.

May 3, 2016