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Burnt toast makes you sing good - a memoir of food and love from an American Midwest family by Flinn, Kathleen, author.

Burnt toast makes you sing good - a memoir of food and love from an American Midwest family

In this family history interwoven with recipes, Kathleen Flinn returns readers to the mix of food and memoir beloved by readers of her bestselling The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good explores the very beginnings of her love affair with food and its connection to home. It is the story of her Midwestern childhood, its memorable home cooks, and the delicious recipes she grew up with. Flinn shares tales of her parents' pizza parlor in San Francisco, where they s

Mar 29, 2015
Cold betrayal by Jance, Judith A.

Cold betrayal

Ali Reynolds's longtime friend and taser-carrying nun, Sister Anselm, rushes to the bedside of a young pregnant woman hospitalized for severe injuries after she was hit by a car on a deserted Arizona highway. The girl had been running away from The Family, a polygamous cult with no patience for those who try to leave its ranks. Something about her strikes a chord in Sister Anselm, reminding her of a case she worked years before when another young girl wasn't so lucky.

Mar 23, 2015
Cuba straits by White, Randy Wayne, author.

Cuba straits

"Doc Ford's old friend, General Juan Garcia, has gone into the lucrative business of smuggling Cuban baseball players into the U.S. He is also feasting on profits made by buying historical treasures for pennies on the dollar. He prefers what dealers call HPC items--high-profile collectibles--but when he manages to obtain a collection of letters written by Fidel Castro between 1960-62 to a secret girlfriend, it's not a matter of money anymore. Garcia has stumbled way out of his depth. First Garci

Mar 29, 2015
Danger in the shadows by Henderson, Dee

Danger in the shadows

Mar 25, 2015
Darkness, darkness by Harvey, John

Darkness, darkness

Mar 29, 2015
Data and Goliath by Schneier, Burce

Data and Goliath

Mar 29, 2015
Day for atonement - heavenly gift of spiritual serenity by Lapin, Daniel (Daniel E.)

Day for atonement - heavenly gift of spiritual serenity

"Are you handicapped by yesterday's mistakes? What is the truth behind astrology and horoscopes? Why does the Bible mention the Day of Atonement 3 separate times? Do you know Jonah's lesson for your life? Do you ever feel embarrassed by the thing you say or do? Do you ever find it difficult to maintain a positive self-image? Does it sometimes seem as if invisible forces are sabotaging your success? Using lessons from the Jewish Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur - Rabbi Daniel Lapin guides you to the

Mar 29, 2015
Dead wake - the last crossing of the Lusitania by Larson, Erik, 1954- author.

Dead wake - the last crossing of the Lusitania

"On May 1, 1915, a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York, bound for Liverpool, carrying a record number of children and infants. The passengers were anxious. Germany had declared the seas around Britain to be a war zone, and for months, its U-boats had brought terror to the North Atlantic. But the Lusitania was one of the era's great transatlantic "Greyhounds" and her captain, William Thomas Turner, placed tremendous faith in the gentlemanly st

Mar 23, 2015
Deception on Sable Hill by Gray, Shelley

Deception on Sable Hill

Mar 29, 2015
Denton Little's deathdate by Rubin, Lance

Denton Little's deathdate

Mar 25, 2015
Dept. of speculation by Offill, Jenny, 1968- author, narrator.

Dept. of speculation

'The Wife' once exchanged love letters with her husband, postmarked the Dept. of Speculation, their code name for all the uncertainty in life and the confines of a long relationship. As they confront many common problems, the Wife puzzles over the mysteries of intimacy, trust, faith, knowledge, and romantic love. She analyzes her predicament, offering ferocious, wry, often devastating reflections on matrimony, motherhood, artistic ambition, and condition of the universal shipwreck of midlife.

Mar 25, 2015
Don't go home by Hart, Carolyn

Don't go home

Mar 25, 2015
Double fudge brownie murder - a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes by Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.

Double fudge brownie murder - a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes

Life in tiny Lake Eden, Minnesota, is usually pleasantly uneventful, but Hannah Swensen can hardly find the time to think about her bakery--let alone the town's most recent murder. Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident. She's eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judge bludgeoned to death with his own gavel--and Hannah is the number one suspect. Now on trial in the court of public opinion, she sets

Mar 27, 2015
Dust and glory by Green, Evan, author.

Dust and glory

The world's toughest car race. Twenty-one days of searing heat and rock-hard desert tracks; of blowouts and breakdowns; of subterfuge and sabotage. Ten thousand miles of dust and glory. Driving at breakneck speed over Australia's roughest roads and through the most appalling conditions imaginable, six competitors break free from the pack and fight for the lead, gradually finding themselves entangled in a web of deceit, betrayal and danger. Dust and Glory is best-selling author Evan Green's stirr

Mar 25, 2015
Ember in the ashes by Tahir, Sabaa

Ember in the ashes

Mar 29, 2015
Esther - royal beauty by Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957-

Esther - royal beauty

Based on the biblical account of Esther, this story imagines the life and passion of this beautiful woman whose courage and influence impacted history and the fate of her people.

Mar 29, 2015
Euphoria - a novel by King, Lily, author.

Euphoria - a novel

English anthropologist Andrew Bankson has been alone in the field for several years, studying the Kiona river tribe in the territory of New Guinea. Haunted by the memory of his brothers' deaths and increasingly frustrated and isolated by his research, Bankson is on the verge of suicide when a chance encounter with colleagues, the controversial Nell Stone and her wry and mercurial Australian husband Fen, pulls him back from the brink. Nell and Fen have just fled the bloodthirsty Mumbanyo and, in

Mar 29, 2015
Evil librarian by Knudsen, Michelle, author.

Evil librarian

He's young. He's hot. He's also evil. He's . . . the librarian. When Cynthia Rothschild's best friend, Annie, falls head over heels for the new high-school librarian, Cyn can totally see why. He's really young and super cute and thinks Annie would make an excellent library monitor. But after meeting Mr. Gabriel, Cyn realizes something isn't quite right. Maybe it's the creepy look in the librarian's eyes, or the weird feeling Cyn gets whenever she's around him. Before long Cyn realizes that Mr. G

Mar 25, 2015
Expect the sunrise by Warren, Susan May

Expect the sunrise

Mar 29, 2015
Fall of marigolds by Meissner, Susan

Fall of marigolds

Mar 29, 2015