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Not all bastards are from Vienna by Molesini, Andrea, author.

Not all bastards are from Vienna

Andrea Molesini's exquisite debut novel, winner of the prestigious Campiello Prize, portrays the depths of heroism and horror within a Northern Italian village toward the end of the Great War. While a family's villa is requisitioned by enemy troops, they are forced to intimately confront war's injustice as their involvement with its sinister underpinnings grows more and more complex. In the autumn of 1917, Refrontolo, a small community north of Venice, is invaded by Austrian soldiers as the Ital

Feb 1, 2016
Sage's eyes by Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)

Sage's eyes

"Sixteen-year-old Sage is a lonely child. Her adoptive parents watch her obsessively, as if studying her for warning signs of...something. And maybe they're right to--even she can't make sense of the strange things she sees and hears. She possesses knowledge that other teenagers don't, that her parents and teachers--no adult--could possibly have. So when Sage finally makes a friend who understands her alarming gift, he becomes her confidant, a precarious link to the truth about who she really is

Feb 1, 2016
The score by Swinson, Kiki, author.

The score

"Identity theft mastermind Lauren Kelly has always had a taste for the finer things—including Matt Connors, her lover and accomplice—and when their partner, Yancy, stumbles onto a tycoon's multimillion-dollar bank account, Lauren expects everything will go smoothly—until she discovers Yancy and Matt in the ultimate betrayal." --

Feb 1, 2016
A son's vow by Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.

A son's vow

"In the quaint Amish village of Charm, Ohio, each of the Kinsinger siblings is struggling to find both forgiveness and love in the face of tragedy."--

Feb 1, 2016
Spider game by Feehan, Christine, author.

Spider game

The Cajun dive in the middle of the godforsaken swamps wasn't exactly Trap Dawkins' idea of fun. But the GhostWalker wasn't there for a good time. He was looking for her. Cayenne. It's where she found her victims. Poor suckers. Then again, who wouldn't want to leave a place like this with a woman like her? It's not Cayenne's fault. Locked up, experimented on and never knowing kindness, she was bred this way--with a heart of pure venom. Trap understands her. He survived his own dark past and he s

Feb 1, 2016
The art of taming a rake - a legendary lovers novel by Jordan, Nicole. author

The art of taming a rake - a legendary lovers novel

"To save her sister from falling for rake Quinn Wilde, Venetia Stratham, after publicly jilting her libertine fiance at the altar and fleeing society, finds herself married to the arrogant yet irresistible lord who is intent on winning her heart."--

Feb 1, 2016
Luther and Katharina - a novel of love and rebellion by Hedlund, Jody, author.

Luther and Katharina - a novel of love and rebellion

After reading the writings of Martin Luther, sixteenth-century nun Katharina von Bora is awakened to her attraction for the religious reformer, and in spite of their differences and convictions, she and Luther begin to form a profound bond.

Feb 2, 2016
Vanity, vengeance & a weekend in Vegas by Davis, Kyra.

Vanity, vengeance & a weekend in Vegas

Sophie has just discovered that Anatoly, her sexy Russian P.I. boyfriend, is actually married to the daughter of a Russian mafia boss. Her friends Dena and Marcus spirit her away to Vegan for a weekend at a sex toy trade show. But Anatoly is there ... with his wife ... and a dead body stuffed into a closet ...

Feb 2, 2016
A slice of heaven by Woods, Sherryl, author.

A slice of heaven

When her teenage daughter ends up in the hospital after starving herself, chef Dana Sue must embrace the power of forgiveness when her cheating husband, whom she kicked out, returns home to help her deal with their self-destructive child.

Feb 2, 2016
Named of the dragon by Kearsley, Susanna, 1966-

Named of the dragon

The invitation to spend a few days in Wales was one that Lynette was only to happy to accept - the deciding factor being the chance to meet Booker-Prize nominee James Swift. But stories she hears lead her to the past that will change her life forever.

Feb 2, 2016
Seize the day by Bunn, Curtis, author.

Seize the day

Finally on the right path after ditching a toxic relationship and finding a job he loves, Calvin Jones discovers he has pancreatic cancer and, declining chemotherapy, is determined to live the best life possible while he still can.

Feb 2, 2016
Messenger by moonlight. by Whitson, Stephanie Grace.

Messenger by moonlight.

Feb 2, 2016
Keeper of the stars - a Kings Meadow romance by Hatcher, Robin Lee.

Keeper of the stars - a Kings Meadow romance

"She blames him for her brother's death. Can she let go of resentment and open her heart to love? Penny Cartwright found it difficult to understand why her younger brother would choose to join a country singer's band rather than return to Kings Meadow after college and the separation strained their relationship. Then a car accident made certain her brother could never return. Trevor Reynolds has chased stardom in Nashville for more than a dozen years, but it remains out of his reach. After an ac

Feb 2, 2016
Casino royale by Fleming, Ian, 1908-1964.

Casino royale

British secret agent James Bond takes on "Le Chiffre", a lethal Soviet operative with a weakness for gambling. Bond's mission is to bankrupt Le Chiffre at the baccarat table so Moscow will kill him to avoid further embarrassment.

Feb 2, 2016
The coalition - a novel by Boykin, William G., author.

The coalition - a novel

This fictional thriller juxtaposes the lives of a Lebanese man who has raised a terrorist and an American Special Forces counter-terrorist.

Feb 2, 2016
Close to home by Raney, Deborah

Close to home

Feb 2, 2016
Best women's erotica of the year. Volume one by

Best women's erotica of the year. Volume one

Feb 2, 2016
An Irish Christmas by Carlson, Melody.

An Irish Christmas

When her son Jaime announces his plans to join the military, Colleen decides it is time for them to take a trip to Ireland, where both reveal secrets that may change their lives.

Feb 2, 2016
An undisturbed peace - a novel by Glickman, Mary, author.

An undisturbed peace - a novel

Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar has traveled to America from the filthy streets of East London in search of a better life. But Abe's visions of a privileged apprenticeship in the Sassaporta Brothers' empire are soon replaced with the grim reality of indentured servitude in Greensborough, North Carolina. Some fifty miles west, Dark Water of the Mountains leads a life of irreverent solitude. The daughter of a powerful Cherokee chief, it has been nearly twenty years since she renounced her family's

Feb 2, 2016
An uncommon education - a novel by Percer, Elizabeth.

An uncommon education - a novel

"Afraid of losing her parents at a young age--her father with his weak heart, her deeply depressed mother--Naomi Feinstein prepared single-mindedly for a prestigious future as a doctor. An outcast at school, Naomi loses herself in books and daydreams of Wellesley College. But when Teddy, her confidant and only friend, abruptly departs from her life, it's the first devastating loss from which Naomi is not sure she can ever recover, even after her long-awaited acceptance letter to Wellesley arrive

Feb 2, 2016