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Snow on the bayou by Hill, Sandra (Fiction writer) author.

Snow on the bayou

When he returns to Terrebone Parrish to see his dying grandmother, injured Navy SEAL Justin "Cage" Le Blanc must face his past--and blues singer Emelie Gaudet, the love of his life, whose heart he broke when he left town.

Aug 31, 2014
A Song for Issy Bradley - a novel by Bray, Carys, author.

A Song for Issy Bradley - a novel

"The six members of the Bradley family have always been close. But in the wake of a tragedy that leaves a hole in the very center of their lives, they suddenly find themselves coming apart. Claire, a convert to the Mormon faith, is so shattered by what's happened that she can't even bring herself to get out of bed. Her husband, Ian, however is more secure in his belief that everything happens for a reason. As a bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he's utterly consumed with

Aug 31, 2014
Darling Beast by Hoyt, Elizabeth

Darling Beast

Aug 31, 2014
De Potter's grand tour by Scott, Joanna, 1960-

De Potter's grand tour

"In 1905, a tourist agent and amateur antiques collector named Armand de Potter mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Greece. His body is never recovered and his wife is left to manage his affairs on her own. But as she starts to piece together his life, she realizes that everything was not as he had said. Infused with details from letters and diary entries, the [book] twists forward and backward through time, revealing a lost world of fake identities, underground antiques networks, and a hu

Aug 31, 2014
The dead lands by McKinney, Joe, author.

The dead lands

Aug 31, 2014
The drop by Lehane, Dennis.

The drop

"Based on the screenplay he developed for Twentieth Century Fox from his short story "Animal Rescue," New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane's The Drop follows a former criminal whose efforts to build a new life with his girlfriend and pit bull rescue puppy fall apart when he becomes mixed up in a robbery gone wrong; scheduled for release in Fall 2014, Fox's film of the same title stars James Gandolfini (in his final on-screen performance), Tom Hardy, and Noomi Rapace"--

Aug 31, 2014
The Earl's Pregnant Bride by Rimmer, Christine

The Earl's Pregnant Bride

Aug 31, 2014
The emerald light in the air - stories by Antrim, Donald.

The emerald light in the air - stories

"A masterful story collection--heartbreaking and hilarious--from one of America's greatest writers Nothing is simple for the men and women in Donald Antrim's stories. As they do the things we all do--bum a cigarette at a party, stroll with a girlfriend down Madison Avenue, take a kid to the zoo--they're confronted with their own uncooperative selves. These artists, writers, lawyers, teachers, and actors make fools of themselves, spiral out of control, have delusions of grandeur, despair, and fin

Aug 31, 2014
Frenzy by Lutz, John


Aug 31, 2014
Forty loads by Cogburn, Brett. author.

Forty loads

When the beautiful McGaffney twins hire Faro Wells to escort them to New Mexico to claim their inheritance, Faro thinks his luck has finally turned. But a world of trouble stands between him and the supposed fortune: a raging war, hostile Indians, and every raider on the wild frontier. Not to mention the South's most infamous villain, the Black Knight, is hard on Faro's trail. And the twins may be the worst touble of all.

Aug 31, 2014
The Forgers by Morrow, Bradford

The Forgers

Aug 31, 2014
For Her Son's Sake by Garbera, Katherine

For Her Son's Sake

Aug 31, 2014
The final silence by Neville, Stuart, 1972-

The final silence

"Belfast, Northern Ireland: Rea Carlisle has inherited a house from an uncle she never knew. It doesn't take her long to clear out the dead man's remaining possessions, but one room remains stubbornly locked. When Rea finally forces it open, she discovers inside a chair, a table--and a leather-bound book, its pages filled with locks of hair, fingernails: a catalogue of victims. Horrified, Rea wants to go straight to the police but her family intervenes, fearing that scandal will mar her politici

Aug 31, 2014
Final Lap by McCarthy, Erin

Final Lap

Aug 31, 2014
Fall of night by Maberry, Jonathan.

Fall of night

"Stebbins Little School is full of bodies. It's unthinkable to Desdemona Fox. Children are sobbing as panicked teachers and neighbors beat down their family members outside of the school...or the things that used to be their family members. Parents don't eat their children do they? Officers Fox and Hammond, along with journalist Billy Trout, are calling it the beginning of the end. This is the zombie apocalypse. An insane escaped serial killer is infecting Stebbins County with a deadly virus, an

Aug 31, 2014
Glitz by Leonard, Elmore, 1925-2013.


Psycho mama"s boy Teddy Magyk has a serious jones for the Miami cop who put him away--but he wants to hit Vincent Mora where it really hurts before killing him. So when a beautiful Puerto Rican hooker takes a swan dive from an Atlantic City high-rise, and Vincent naturally shows up to investigate the questionable death of his "special friend," Teddy figures he's got his prey just where he wants him.

Aug 31, 2014
Ghost layer by Owens, Robin D., author.

Ghost layer

Clare Cermak's adjusting to a new man in her life and a lot of ghosts. The passing of Clare's aunt gave way to a sizeable inheritance of not only money, but also the ability to communicate with the dead. At the same time, she met Zach Slade, a private detective with a rough past, and just like Clare, he's not yet ready to accept her gift or his own. But Clare has another matter to look into. A multimillionaire needs her help after relocating an old ghost town to his mountain estate. The bones of

Aug 31, 2014
In bed with a rogue by Grace, Samantha, author.

In bed with a rogue

The whole town is tittering about Baron Sebastian Thorne having been jilted at the altar. Every move he makes ends up in the gossip columns. Tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes, Sebastian vows to restore his family's reputation no matter what it takes. Feted by the cre`me of society, the beautiful widow Lady Prestwick is a vision of all that is proper. But Helena is no angel, and when Sebastian uncovers her dark secret, he's quick to press his advantage. In order to keep her hard-won goo

Aug 31, 2014
Hold the dark - a novel by Giraldi, William.

Hold the dark - a novel

"At the start of another pitiless winter, the wolves have come for the children of Keelut. Three children have been taken from this isolated Alaskan village, including the six-year-old boy of Medora and Vernon Slone. Stumbled by grief and seeking consolation, Medora contacts nature writer and wolf expert Russell Core. Sixty years old, ailing in both body and spirit, and estranged from his daughter and wife, Core arrives in Keelut to investigate the killings. Immersing himself in this settlement

Aug 31, 2014
Jilted by Johns, Rachael


Aug 31, 2014