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The annual big arsenic fishing contest! - a novel by Nichols, John Treadwell, 1940- author.

The annual big arsenic fishing contest! - a novel

Aug 19, 2016
The 7th Canon by Dugoni, Robert

The 7th Canon

Aug 19, 2016
A boy made of blocks - a novel by Stuart, Keith (Journalist), author.

A boy made of blocks - a novel

"Alex loves his family, and yet he struggles to connect with his eight-year-old autistic son, Sam. The strain has pushed his marriage to the breaking point. So Alex moves in with his merrily irresponsible best friend on the world's most uncomfortable blow-up bed. As Alex navigates single life, long-buried family secrets, and part-time fatherhood, his son begins playing Minecraft. Sam's imagination blossoms and the game opens up a whole new world for father and son to share. Together, they discov

Aug 19, 2016
Blood of the earth by Hunter, Faith, author.

Blood of the earth

Aug 19, 2016
Blood lust by Ivy, Alexandra, author.

Blood lust

Aug 19, 2016
Bill Doolin - American Outlaw by Brooks, Bill

Bill Doolin - American Outlaw

Aug 19, 2016
Barefoot beach by Devens, Toby, author.

Barefoot beach

"Spend a summer at the beach with this enchanting and emotional story about love, loss, and the powerful bonds of female friendship... The beach house carried some kind of spell, concocted of--I don't know--salt air, sea grass and Old Bay seasoning thatover the years had permeated its walls and floorboards. Whatever it was, the place cast fabulous magic. For Nora Farrell, Tuckahoe, Maryland, isn't just a summer refuge, it's home--where she married the love of her life, decided to have a child,

Aug 19, 2016
Ascension by Dowling, Gregory, author.


When a young tour guide, Alvise Marangon, offers to help an English Grand Tourist, little does he know that it will lead to his being embroiled in blackmail and conspiracy. To add to his woes, he is then forcibly recruited into the city's powerful secretservice to investigate a murder case. A eluctant spy he may be, but he is a gifted one. Amidst the world of gambling dens and courtesans, something momentous is being planned for the Feast of the Ascension, Venice's most important and spectacular

Aug 19, 2016
Broken Harbor by French, Tana.

Broken Harbor

After a brutal attack that left a woman in intensive care and her husband and children dead, Scorcher Kennedy and his rookie partner, Richie, struggle with perplexing clues and Scorcher's memories of a shattering incident from his childhood.

Aug 19, 2016
By gaslight - a novel by Price, Steven, 1976- author.

By gaslight - a novel

"A literary historical suspense novel, centered on the uneasy, complex relationship of William Pinkerton--the greatest detective of his age--and Adam Foole, a thief whose past is inextricably linked with Pinkerton's own"--

Aug 19, 2016
Cannibals in love - a novel by Roberts, Mike, 1980- author.

Cannibals in love - a novel

"A debut novel and punk-rock love story set in the George W. Bush era that ranges from Washington, D.C., to Portland, O.R., and involves off-track betting, babysitting-gone-awry, the art of the spam e-mail, and a fortuitous walk across Kansas"--

Aug 19, 2016
The candidate by Wiehl, Lis W, author.

The candidate

"How far would a candidate go to become President of the United States? In covering the presidential election campaign, star newsmaker Erica Sparks notices that favored candidate Senator Mike Ortiz seems dependent on his wife to an unnatural degree. Celeste Ortiz is a brilliant and glamorous billionaire who--along with her best friend and confidant Lily Lau--has engineered her husband's meteoric rise. The White House is within their reach. But the more Erica investigates the Ortizes' strange rel

Aug 19, 2016
El paso - a novel by Groom, Winston, 1944- author.

El paso - a novel

Aug 19, 2016
Drakenfeld by Newton, Mark Charan


Aug 19, 2016
Dominated by Banks, Maya, author.


"The desire that exploded in Mastered continues its conflagration in Dominated from the New York Times bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy. To save her, he had to betray her. In Drake's shadowy world, his enemies would exploit any weakness he had in order to bring him to his knees, and so he's never allowed himself to care about anyone never exhibited any vulnerability, and it made him a force to be reckoned with. Until Evangeline his angel. A woman who slipped past his defenses like n

Aug 19, 2016
Devil's gambit by Jackson, Lisa, author.

Devil's gambit

When Tiffany meets Zane, a horse breeder with a reputation for shady dealings who offers to buy her out of her struggling horse farm, he mentions that her favorite horse, thought to be dead, is still alive, forcing her to wonder what his motive is.

Aug 19, 2016
Deceived by SeRine, Kate, author.


Aug 19, 2016
The death of Rex Nhongo - a novel by George, C. B..

The death of Rex Nhongo - a novel

A gun left in a taxi shapes five marriages overshadowed by betrayal and conspiracy in Zimbabwe's capital.

Aug 19, 2016
The curse of Skull Canyon - a Lonnie Gentry western by Brandvold, Peter, author.

The curse of Skull Canyon - a Lonnie Gentry western

Aug 19, 2016
Cruel beautiful world by Leavitt, Caroline, author.

Cruel beautiful world

"Set in the early 1970s amid the specter of the Manson girls, when the peace and love movement begins to turn ugly, this is the story of a runaway teenager's disappearance and her sister's quest to discover the truth"--

Aug 19, 2016