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A Cage in Search of a Bird by Noiville, Florence/ Fagan, Teresa Lavender (TRN)

A Cage in Search of a Bird

Aug 25, 2016
A Date at the Altar by Maxwell, Cathy

A Date at the Altar

Aug 30, 2016
A gambler's anatomy by Lethem, Jonathan, author.

A gambler's anatomy

An international backgammon hustler, who has amassed a fortune through psychic tomfoolery, develops a large tumor on his face that compromises his vision and eventually threatens his life, forcing him to pursue an experimental surgery and contemplate existential questions.

Aug 25, 2016
A greater music by Pae, Su-a, 1965- author.

A greater music

"Near the beginning of A Greater Music, the narrator, a young Korean writer, falls into an icy river in the Berlin suburbs, where she's been housesitting for her on-off boyfriend Joachim. This sets into motion a series of memories that move between the hazily defined present and the period three years ago when she first lived in Berlin. Throughout, the narrator's relationship with Joachim, a rough-and-ready metalworker, is contrasted with her friendship with M, an ultra-refined music-loving Germ

Aug 25, 2016
A house without windows - a novel by Hashimi, Nadia, author.

A house without windows - a novel

Zeba's life is shattered when her husband is found brutally murdered. Zeba is arrested and jailed. With the fate of Zeba's life in his hands, Afghan-born, American-raised Yusuf discovers that, like Afghanistan itself, his client may not be at all what he imagines. A moving look at the lives of modern Afghan women, this is astonishing, frightening, and triumphant. From the author of the bestselling "The Pearl That Broke Its Shell." Print run 50,000.

Aug 24, 2016
A little thing called love / A Marrying the Duke Novella by Maxwell, Cathy, author.

A little thing called love / A Marrying the Duke Novella

Aug 30, 2016
A Pigeon and a Boy by Shalev, Meir/ Fallenberg, Evan (TRN)

A Pigeon and a Boy

Aug 25, 2016
A quiet place by Matsumoto, Seichō, 1909-1992, author.

A quiet place

Aug 24, 2016
A scandalous adventure by Marek, Lillian, author.

A scandalous adventure

When Count Maximillian von Staufer's fiance´e disappears, he discovers her doppelga¨nger, an Englishwoman, and persuades her to impersonate the missing lady. Little do the Englishwoman and her companion friend Olivia know that they will be pulled into a mystery of international intrigue and... romance.

Aug 29, 2016
A shoe addict's Christmas by Harbison, Elizabeth M, author.

A shoe addict's Christmas

"From the author of the beloved bestseller Shoe Addicts Anonymous comes the story of a woman who finds herself locked in a department store on Christmas Eve and must spend the entire night facing several "ghosts" of Christmases past, present, and future...all while surrounded by Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, Chanel slippers, and Prada riding boots"--

Aug 25, 2016
A Spare Life by Dimkovska, Lidija/ Kramer, Christina E. (TRN)

A Spare Life

Aug 30, 2016
A Thin Bright Line by Bledsoe, Lucy Jane

A Thin Bright Line

Aug 30, 2016
A town like Alice by Shute, Nevil, 1899-1960.

A town like Alice

"A tale of love and war, follows its enterprising heroine from Malayan jungle during World War II to the rugged Australian outback." -- Cover, p.4.

Aug 30, 2016
A walk on the wild side by Algren, Nelson, 1909-1981.

A walk on the wild side

New Orleans in the 1930s is the seamy world of lost and lovelorn Dove Linkhorn and Kitty Twist, of their lust and violence, and of their toughness and survival

Aug 30, 2016
A week in Paris - a novel by Hore, Rachel, author.

A week in Paris - a novel

"The City of Light hides a dark past ... When talented young violinist Fay Knox arrives in Paris from England, the city feels familiar to her. But not because Fay has visited Paris before. Back home, she finds an old canvas bag with a mysterious luggage tag hidden in her mother's old trunk, and soon starts to realize her connection with the streets of Paris runs deeper than she ever imagined. As Fay traces the past, she is taken back to 1937 Paris - and the eve of a war that changed her mother's

Aug 29, 2016
Abahn, Sabana, David - a novel by Duras, Marguerite, author.

Abahn, Sabana, David - a novel

"Available for the first time in English, Abahn, Sabana, David is a late-career masterpiece from one of France's top writers. Late one evening, David and Sabana, communists, arrive at a country house where they meet Abahn, the man they've been sent to guard and ultimately kill for his perceived transgressions. A fourth man arrives (also named Abahn), and throughout the night these four characters discuss understanding, capitalism, violence, revolution, and dogs. A gun in the house disquiets the

Aug 25, 2016
Absence of light - a Charlie Fox novella by Sharp, Zoë, 1966- author.

Absence of light - a Charlie Fox novella

Aug 30, 2016
All I want for Christmas is you - a coming home novella by Scott, Jessica, author.

All I want for Christmas is you - a coming home novella

All Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left - and she doesn't know if she can love him anymore. But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what's coming for them. It's going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded war

Aug 30, 2016
All I want for Christmas is you by Scott, Jessica

All I want for Christmas is you

Aug 25, 2016
Ambush - a Steve Flynn thriller by Oldham, Nick, 1956- author.

Ambush - a Steve Flynn thriller

When some of his former police colleagues and friends begin to die in horrific ways, Flynn discovers that a hitlist exists with his name as the last name on it and that a dead man is out for revenge.

Aug 30, 2016