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Her Final Breath by Dugoni, Robert

Her Final Breath

Jul 31, 2015
High noon by Roberts, Nora.

High noon

Phoebe MacNamara, who is Savannah's top hostage negotiator, is deeply shaken when a man throws a hood over her head and brutally assaults her, ; with Duncan Swift backing her, she must establish contact with her faceless tormentor.

Jul 28, 2015
His Son, Her Secret by Anderson, Sarah M.

His Son, Her Secret

Aug 3, 2015
Honey from the lion by Null, Matthew Neill.

Honey from the lion

Jul 31, 2015
Hot point - a Firehawks novel by Buchman, M. L. (Matthew Lieber), author.

Hot point - a Firehawks novel

Master mechanic Denise Conroy-- with a reputation for being as steel-clad as the aircraft she keeps aloft-- shuns useless flyboys who don't know one end of a wrench from the other. Firehawk pilot Ver Taylor--known for unstoppable charm and a complete lack of mechanical skills-- proves his talent for out-of-the-box thinking with every flight. He's a survivor and a natural-bornhell-aviation firefighter. When Denise and Vern crash toghether in the Central American jungle with wildfire on one side

Jul 29, 2015
How to be a grown-up - a novel by McLaughlin, Emma, author.

How to be a grown-up - a novel

"[N]ovel about a forty-something wife and mother thrust back into the workforce, where she finds herself at the mercy of a boss half her age" -- provided by publisher.

Jul 30, 2015
How to write a novel - a novel by Sumner, Melanie, author.

How to write a novel - a novel

"A teenage girl sets out to write an autobiographical novel of her family in Kanuga, Georgia, according to the advice in "Write a Novel in 30 Days!"--Publisher.

Aug 3, 2015
If he's noble by Howell, Hannah, author.

If he's noble

"For Lady Primrose Wootten nothing has been ordinary since her father the Baron died and his wayward family filled the estate with greed and treachery. Primrose knows if she can just track down her brother, he can send the odious relations on their way. But instead she finds this enormous, powerful stranger, and forgets entirely what she was doing in the first place... Sir Bened Vaughn isn't much afraid of a pistol. But he is a bit afraid of the woman holding it, who stirs up something so primal

Jul 31, 2015
If I could turn back time by Harbison, Elizabeth M., author.

If I could turn back time

After a diving accident, thirty-seven-year-old Ramie Phillips is waking up, trying to understand a voice in the distance: "Wake up!" It's her mother. "You're going to be late for school again. I'm not writing a note this time." Transported back in time to the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Ramie's experience is the the fantasy of every woman who's ever thought, "If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I'd do things so differently."

Jul 30, 2015
If you're not the one by Forte, Jemma.

If you're not the one

"Jennifer Wright is pretty sure her husband doesn't love her anymore. She and Max used to be the perfect couple, but the pressures of work and kids have pulled them in opposite directions. Now, Jen is full of "what if" questions about whether her bland, suburban existence is all she was ever destined for."--

Aug 3, 2015
Immunity by Antrim, Taylor, author.


"In this fast-paced paranoid, near-future New York City, we meet Catherine, a broke socialite who is getting sick. Desperate, she takes a job with a luxury concierge service that fulfills the most outlandish desires of the ultra-rich--even if that means hunting down the 99%. As the hidden agendas of her employer and his shadowy clients emerge, Catherine realizes things are not remotely as they appear and she finds herself a pawn of mega-corporations and government agents all eager to profit from

Jul 30, 2015
In the dark by Moggach, Deborah.

In the dark

Jul 31, 2015
Infinite home by Alcott, Kathleen.

Infinite home

The story of an ad hoc family and the crisis they must overcome together.

Aug 3, 2015
Inheritance by Wilcox, Victoria.


The name Doc Holliday conjures images of the Wild West and the shootout at the OK Corral, but before he was a Western legend he was a Southern son, born in the last days of the Old South with family links to the author of Gone with the Wind. Now this amazing story is told for the first time in a trilogy of novels entitled Southern Son: The Saga of Doc Holliday. The story begins with Inheritance, set during the turbulent times of the American Civil War, as young John Henry Holliday welcomes home

Jul 30, 2015
Insatiable by Kelly, Leslie


Aug 3, 2015
Inside out by Riley, Lia.

Inside out

"Lia Riley's Off the Map series comes to a stunning conclusion. Lia Riley made New Adult readers fall in love with her breakout debut, Upside Down. Sideswiped, the second of her series, made readers clamor for more. Now, with INSIDE OUT, Lia Riley brings her evocative Off the Map series to a stunning conclusion. When Talia first moved from California to Australia to study abroad, she never dreamed she'd find the love of her life. Bran understands her like no one ever has before. And despite the

Jul 30, 2015
Into the valley by Galm, Ruth, 1971-, author.

Into the valley

"Ruth Galm's spare, poetic debut novel, set in the American West of early Joan Didion, traces the drifting path of a young woman caught between generations as she skirts the law and her own oppressive anxiety. Into the Valley opens on the day in July 1967 when B. decides to pass her first counterfeit check and flee San Francisco for the Central Valley. B. is caught between generations. She's unmarried at 30 and doesn't understand the new counterculture youths, but she never fit into her mother's

Aug 3, 2015
It started with Paris by Kelly, Cathy, author.

It started with Paris

Aug 3, 2015
Justifiable means by Blackstock, Terri

Justifiable means

Aug 3, 2015
Kill or Die by Johnstone, William W./ Johnstone, J. A.

Kill or Die

Aug 3, 2015