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The last days of Jack Sparks by Arnopp, Jason, author. The last days of Jack Sparks

When he dies while researching the occult, controversial journalist Jack Sparks, who triggered a furious Twitter storm by mocking an exorcism he witnessed, has his final days revealed in a chilling video posted from his own YouTube account.

Oct 22, 2016
The memory stones by Brothers, Caroline, author. The memory stones

"Buenos Aires. 1976. In the heat of summer, the Ferrero family escapes to the lush expanse of Tigre. Osvaldo, a distinguished doctor, and his wife Yolanda, gather with their daughters, sensible Julieta who lives in Miami, and wilful Graciela - nineteen, and madly in love with her fiance´, Jose´. Those days will be the last the family ever spends together. On their return to Buenos Aires, the Argentine military stages a coup. Friends and colleagues disappear overnight, and Osvaldo is forced to fl

Oct 22, 2016
The minotaur takes a cigarette break - a novel by Sherrill, Steven, 1961- author. The minotaur takes a cigarette break - a novel

Oct 22, 2016
The minotaur takes his own sweet time by Sherrill, Steven, 1961- author. The minotaur takes his own sweet time

In The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time, M has moved north, from a life of kitchens and trailer parks, to that of Civil War re-enactor at a run-down living history park in the dying blue-collar rustbelt of central Pennsylvania. Though he dies now, in uniform, on a regular basis, M's world, his daily struggles, remain unchanged. Isolation. Loneliness.

Oct 22, 2016
The mirror sisters by Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author. The mirror sisters

"From the legendary New York Times bestselling author of The Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina series comes the first book in a new series featuring identical twin sisters made to act, look, and feel truly identical by their perfectionist mother. Alike in every way ... with one dark exception. As identical twins, their mother insists that everything about them be identical: their clothes, their toys, their friends ... the number of letters in their names, Haylee Blossom Fitzgerald and Ka

Oct 24, 2016
The mother - a novel by Edwards, Yvvette, author. The mother - a novel

A mother copes with the death of her murdered teen after learning disturbing truths about the killer's dysfunctional family.

Oct 22, 2016
The next by Gangi, Stephanie, author. The next

Turning away from the loved ones she believes disappointed her before succumbing to breast cancer, Joanna DeAngelis becomes a ghost bent on revenge against her ex and is eventually forced to reevaluate her life choices and the qualities of a proper death.

Oct 18, 2016
The Obsidian chamber - a Pendergast novel by Preston, Douglas J., author. The Obsidian chamber - a Pendergast novel

"After a harrowing, otherworldly confrontation on the shores of Exmouth, Massachusetts, Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is missing, presumed dead. Sick with grief, his ward, Constance, retreats to her chambers beneath the family mansion at 891 Riverside Drive -- only to be taken captive by a shadowy figure from the past. Proctor, Pendergast's longtime bodyguard, springs to action, chasing Constance's kidnapper through cities, across oceans, and into wastelands unknown. And by the time Proctor di

Oct 18, 2016
The place of shining light by Sheikh, Nazneen, author. The place of shining light

The story of three men in pursuit of a stolen Buddhist statue. Set against the backdrop of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan - three countries riddled with political chaos and seared by terrorist activity - this is a riveting and timely story of art, war, greed and spirituality. Adeel has a reliable reputation and has never failed to execute an assignment, but when he first sees the statue in a cave in the town of Bamiyan - known as the place of shining light - he has a profound spiritual reactio

Oct 22, 2016
The Prada plan 2 - Leah's story by Ashley Antoinette, 1985- The Prada plan 2 - Leah's story

Tired of competing against YaYa for Indie's affection, Leah kidnaps the couple's baby girl, turning Yaya and Indie's world upside down as they strive to stop this crazy woman from destroying everything they have worked for.

Oct 22, 2016
The Prada plan 3 - green-eyed monster by Ashley, 1985- The Prada plan 3 - green-eyed monster

Recovering from a fire that wounded both her and Leah, YaYa heals under the eye of a woman ready to put her back on top, but before she can move on and live happily with Indie, YaYa decides that Leah needs to be removed from the picture.

Oct 22, 2016
The Principals by James, Bill The Principals

Oct 22, 2016
The reason for time by Burns, Mary, 1944, author. The reason for time

"In the summer of 1919, Maeve Curragh, a young Irish immigrant woman, experiences several dramatic historical events in Chicago the crash of a blimp into a bank, race riots, and the kidnapping of a child"--

Oct 22, 2016
The regulators by King, Stephen, 1947- The regulators

Oct 22, 2016
The season of us by Chamberlin, Holly, 1962- author. The season of us

Gincy Gannon Luongo escaped from the storybook small town of Appleville, New Hampshire twenty years ago. Now, she is bringing her teenage daughter Tasmin with her to visit her recently widowed mother in the weeks leading up to Christmas at her brother Tommy's urging. Her once feisty and strong-willed mother Ellen Gannon is mired in depression and her brother isn't doing much better. With each passing day, dealing with the imagined slights and lingering resentments that have created chasms betwe

Oct 22, 2016
The secret history of Twin Peaks by Frost, Mark, 1953- author. The secret history of Twin Peaks

"From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years. The Secret History of Twin Peaks enlarges the world of the original series, placing the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark and ending with the shocking events that closed the finale."--provided by

Oct 18, 2016
The secret ingredient of wishes by Crispell, Susan Bishop, author. The secret ingredient of wishes

Leaving her hometown after her secret wish-granting powers backfire one time too many, Rachel searches for a new start and happiness in the home of an elderly spitfire, Catch, who possesses the ability to bind secrets by baking them into pies.

Oct 22, 2016
The secrets of Roscarbury Hall - a novel by O'Loughlin, Ann, author. The secrets of Roscarbury Hall - a novel

"In a crumbling mansion in a small Irish village in County Wicklow, two elderly sisters, Ella and Roberta O'Callaghan, live alone with their secrets, memories, and mutual hatred. Long estranged by a dark family tragedy, they communicate only by terse notes. But when the sisters are threatened with bankruptcy, Ella defies Roberta's wishes and takes matters into her own hands, putting her baking skills to good use and converting the mansion's old ballroom into a cafe´. Much to Roberta's displeasur

Oct 22, 2016
The singularity race by De Castrique, Mark. The singularity race

The Singularity-the looming point of no return when Artificial Intelligence surpasses human cognitive abilities, with consequences no one can foresee, and only a handful of people understand.Rusty Mullins, ex-Secret Service, has never heard of the Singularity. He only knows that after the deadly challenges of his last job for security firm Prime Protection, he swore he'd stop risking his life on assignments. Then his good friend Ted Lewison, head of Prime Protection, asks him back for a routine

Oct 22, 2016
The sleeping world by Fuentes, Gabrielle Lucille, author. The sleeping world

"A deeply moving debut novel set amidst the protests, punk music, and rebellious art of 1970s Spain, about a university student searching for her missing younger brother, willing to do anything--and sacrifice anyone--to find him. Spain, 1977. Military rule is over. Bootleg punk music oozes out of illegal basement bars and fascists fight anarchists for political control. Students perform protest art in the city center, rioting against the old government, the undecided new order, against the univ

Oct 22, 2016