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Replay by Grimwood, Ken.


Jeff Winston has many opportunities to relive his life until he gets it right.

Oct 25, 2014
Remedy for a broken angel - a novel by Johnson, Toni Ann, author.

Remedy for a broken angel - a novel

What do you do when the other woman is your mother?

Oct 22, 2014
Reign of evil by Ochse, Weston.

Reign of evil

"Legend holds that when Britain is in its darkest hour, King Arthur will return to save the country, if not the world. That legend is dead wrong. When a Grove of Druids sacrifice the lives of a group of innocent people, including the fiancee of a member of SEAL Team 666, the ancient king is brought back from the dead and sets his sight on subjugating humanity and cleansing his land of all who are not true Britons. Because of political sensitivities, Triple 6 is ordered to stand down, but that or

Oct 24, 2014
Red blooded by Carlson, Amanda, 1969-

Red blooded

"Jessica is going to Hell. After settling a fragile truce between the vampires, werewolves and witches, the last thing Jessica wants to do is face the demons head on. But when the Prince of Hell kidnapped her brother, he set into motion a chain of eventsthat even Jessica doesn't have the power to stop. Now, Jessica must go into battle again. But Hell is a whole new beast -- new rules, more dangerous demons, and an entirely foreign realm. And when Jessica is dropped into the Underworld too soon

Oct 25, 2014
Proof of heaven by Curran-Hackett, Mary.

Proof of heaven

With a wisdom far beyond his years, Colm has come to terms with his probable fate, but he does have one special wish. He wants to meet his father who abandoned his beloved mother before Colm was born. But the quest to find the dying boy's missing parent soon becomes a powerful journey of emotional discovery, a test of belief and an anxious search for proof of heaven.

Oct 25, 2014
Proof of heaven by Curran-Hackett, Mary.

Proof of heaven

Coming to terms with the reality of his short life, Colm, afraid to tell his religious mother about what he fears may happen "after", embarks on a quest to find his long-lost father, which forces them all to confront their fears and their faith.

Oct 24, 2014
Proof of angels by Curran-Hackett, Mary, author.

Proof of angels

When firefighter Sean Magee escapes being trapped in a raging fire by what he sees as divine intervention, he is compelled to reevaluate his life and the people he carelessly left behind.

Oct 24, 2014
Prince Lestat by Rice, Anne, 1941-

Prince Lestat

"The novel opens with the Vampire world in crisis...vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned... Old vampires, roused from slumber in the earth are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto and San Francisco. As the novel moves from present day New York and the West C

Oct 25, 2014
Pegasus - a novel by Steel, Danielle.

Pegasus - a novel

A multigenerational narrative inspired by the best-selling author's own family history traces the efforts of an aristocratic German family to find refuge for themselves and their magnificent horses in post-World War II America.

Oct 25, 2014
Our Lady of the Nile by Mukasonga, Scholastique, author.

Our Lady of the Nile

Oct 25, 2014
Our Lady of Infidelity - a novel of miracles by Parker, Jackie.

Our Lady of Infidelity - a novel of miracles

"It begins when a vision appears in a carwash window in the tiny, dusty desert town of Infidelity, a blip on the map just outside of Joshua Tree, California. A crowd gathers, and no two people see the same thing. At first, it brings wonderful things: healings, peace, a kind of happiness that the people of Infidelity have never known, but in the chaos that follows, people struggle to hold onto the beauty that came into their lives and ask, Were they deluded or duped--or were they given a great gi

Oct 25, 2014
Our game by Le Carré, John, 1931-

Our game

Oct 22, 2014
Our first Christmas by

Our first Christmas

A collection of holiday romances, featuring contributions from four authors.

Oct 24, 2014
Orient express - an entertainment by Greene, Graham, 1904-1991.

Orient express - an entertainment

Oct 25, 2014
One in a million by Shalvis, Jill, author.

One in a million

As the brains behind wedding site, Callie sees it all: from the ring to the dress, the smiles . . . to the tears. It's that last part that keeps her single and "not" looking. Getting left at the altar will do that to a girl. But when Callie returns to her old hometown, she finds that her sweet high school crush is sexier than ever. And he makes it hard to remember why she's sworn off love . . . Tanner is a deep-sea diver with a wild, adrenaline-junkie past--and now his teenage s

Oct 20, 2014
Once a runner - a novel by Parker, John L., Jr.

Once a runner - a novel

Distance runner Quenton Cassidy is suspended from the track team for his involvement in an athlete protest and risks his future prospects to train on a monastic retreat with an Olympic medalist.

Oct 25, 2014
On the edge - a novel by St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960-

On the edge - a novel

"Sabine is the most mercurial woman Peter Thorpe has ever known. Such is his desire for her that he overturns his whole life--his disillusioned merchant-banker's life--and leaves everything behind, not caring that his lover is of no fixed address, nor that his search for her will take him to the beating heart of New Ageism in northern California. Each of his fellow seekers is in hot pursuit of that elusive something (happiness?), and in their eccentric company Peter stumbles across vistas he had

Oct 20, 2014
On beauty - a novel by Smith, Zadie.

On beauty - a novel

Struggling with a stale marriage and the misguided passions of his three adult children, art professor Howard Belsey finds his family life thrown into turmoil by his son's engagement to the socially prominent daughter of a right-wing icon.

Oct 25, 2014
Night whispers by McNaught, Judith.

Night whispers

Dedicated policewoman Sloan Reynolds is thrust into a world of privilege inhabited by her estranged socialite father, whom she wants to trust despite a sinister plot that points to him and to Noah Maitland, the man she loves against her will

Oct 25, 2014
Night of a thousand stars by Raybourn, Deanna, author.

Night of a thousand stars

On the verge of a stilted life as an aristocrat's wife, Poppy Hammond does the only sensible thing--she flees the chapel in her wedding gown. Assisted by the handsome curate who calls himself Sebastian Cantrip, she spirits away to her estranged father's quiet country village, pursued by the family she left in uproar. But when the dust of her broken engagement settles and Sebastian disappears under mysterious circumstances, Poppy discovers there is more to her hero than it seems. With only her fe

Oct 25, 2014