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'Salem's Lot by King, Stephen, 1947-

'Salem's Lot

A New England town is permeated with evil emanating from an old house on top of a hill.

Oct 25, 2014
50 Harbor Street by Macomber, Debbie, author.

50 Harbor Street

Corrie McAfee and her husband, a private investigator, solve a mystery from their past, while their daughter Linette moves back home and opens a new medical clinic and finds unexpected romance.

Oct 25, 2014
A Bride for the Season by Delamere, Jennifer

A Bride for the Season

Oct 24, 2014
A Carol Dickens Christmas - a novel by Averill, Thomas Fox, 1949- author.

A Carol Dickens Christmas - a novel

Oct 25, 2014
A daughter of Zion by Thoene, Bodie, 1951-

A daughter of Zion

After surviving the Holocaust, Rachel Lubetkin returns home to her family in Jerusalem, but finds that she cannot leave her past behind as she is tormented by the guilt of what she witnessed.

Oct 25, 2014
A gift to remember by Hill, Melissa, 1974- author.

A gift to remember

"Darcy Archer works in a small bookstore in Manhattan. A daydream believer, she refuses to settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the perfect man--literally. One day, when cycling to work, Darcy accidentally crashes into a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. He is knocked out cold, rushed to hospital--and the poor pup gets left behind. Wracked with guilt, Darcy takes the dog and makes plans to reunite him with his owner, Aidan"--

Oct 20, 2014
A good yarn by Macomber, Debbie.

A good yarn

The highly anticipated sequel to "The Shop on Blossom Street." Once again, a disparate group of women find friendship and comfort as they learn the age-old craft of knitting.

Oct 25, 2014
A high stakes seduction by Lewis, Jennifer (Writer of love stories)

A high stakes seduction

"Meet Constance Allen: no-nonsense, by the books...innocent. The aboveboard accountant is on a mission to make sure the New Dawn casino's finances are legit, and maybe even get a promotion...until the millionaire owner seduces the socks off her. Now the conflict of interest threatens her very livelihood, yet she just can't help it! Blindsided, John Fairweather never expects a little flirting with the auditor to get so serious so fast. But when her investigation turns up a smoking gun, will all b

Oct 22, 2014
A Lady at Willowgrove Hall by Ladd, Sarah E., author.

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall

Oct 24, 2014
A quilt for Christmas by Dallas, Sandra.

A quilt for Christmas

"It is 1864 and Eliza Spooner's husband Will has joined the Kansas volunteers to fight the Confederates, leaving her with their two children and in charge of their home and land. Eliza is confident that he will return home, and she helps pass the months making a special quilt to keep Will warm during his winter months in the army. When the unthinkable happens, she takes in a a woman and child who have been left alone and made vulnerable by the war, and she finds solace and camaraderie amongst th

Oct 20, 2014
A walk among the tombstones by Block, Lawrence, author.

A walk among the tombstones

Kenan Khoury's wife went out grocery shopping and never came home alive. But because Kenan Khoury buys and sells drugs for a living he can't go to the police for help. He goes to Matthew Scudder instead, an alcoholic ex-cop and unlicensed private eye who will stop at nothing to bring the brutal killers to justice before another innocent woman falls beneath their knives.

Oct 22, 2014
A.D. 30 - a novel by Dekker, Ted, 1962-

A.D. 30 - a novel

"A sweeping epic set in the harsh deserts of Arabia and ancient Palestine. A war that rages between kingdoms on the earth and in the heart. The harrowing journey of the woman at the center of it all. Step back in time to the year of our Lord...A.D. 30. The outcast daughter of one of the most powerful Bedouin sheikhs in Arabia, Maviah is called on to protect the very people who rejected her. When their enemies launch a sudden attack with devastating consequences, Maviah escapes with the help of t

Oct 25, 2014
Abide with me - a novel by Strout, Elizabeth.

Abide with me - a novel

"In her luminous and long-awaited new novel, bestselling author Elizabeth Strout welcomes readers back to the archetypal, lovely landscape of northern New England, where the events of her first novel, Amy and Isabelle, unfolded. In the late 1950s, in the small town of West Annett, Maine, a minister struggles to regain his calling, his family, and his happiness in the wake of profound loss. At the same time, the community he has served so charismatically must come to terms with its own strengths

Oct 25, 2014
Absolution- a novel of suspense by Ramsay, Caro

Absolution- a novel of suspense

Oct 24, 2014
Across the Cheyenne River by Nesbitt, John D.

Across the Cheyenne River

"Russell Archer has come to Wyoming to fulfill his dream of having his own land. After working for one season on Lidge Mercer's ranch, Mercer offers to make him a junior partner. Before long, however, Archer learns that Mercer may need a bodyguard more than a partner. Then Mercer is found dead, and Archer feels an oblication to solve the crime. Now the real difficulties set in, as the killers come for Archer and his sweetheart, Kate, one at a time. For Archer and Kate, the path leads to the

Oct 25, 2014
Across the Cheyenne River by Nesbitt, John D.

Across the Cheyenne River

When rancher Lidge Mercer is found dead, ranch hand Russell Archer feels an obligation to solve the crime, which makes him and his sweetheart, Kate, targets of the killers.

Oct 23, 2014
Addicted by Zane.


Zoe Reynard's perfect life starts to unravel as she begins to lose control, fails to get her husband to open up to her sexually, and embarks on three extramarital affairs.

Oct 25, 2014
Again to Carthage - a novel by Parker, John L., Jr.

Again to Carthage - a novel

After several personal tragedies, Quenton Cassidy decides to return to competitive running and makes one last attempt to qualify for the Olympic team.

Oct 25, 2014
All lined up by Carmack, Cora.

All lined up

Dallas Cole loathes football. That's what happens when you spend your whole childhood coming in second to a sport. College is her time to step out of the bleachers, and put the playing field (and the players) in her past. But life doesn't always go as planned. As if going to the same college as her football star ex wasn't bad enough, her father, a Texas high school coaching phenom, has decided to make the jump to college ball... as the new head coach at Rusk University. Dallas finds herself in t

Oct 25, 2014
Alphabet by Page, Kathy, 1958- author.


Oct 22, 2014