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Secret Heiress, Secret Baby by McKay, Emily

Secret Heiress, Secret Baby

Mar 30, 2015
The Second Sister by Bostwick, Marie

The Second Sister

Mar 30, 2015
Tech darling - a novel by Sykes, Lucy.

Tech darling - a novel

Mar 30, 2015
Tortured souls - the legend of Primordium by Barker, Clive, 1952- author.

Tortured souls - the legend of Primordium

"Tortured Souls is one of the most vividly imagined, tightly compressed novellas ever written by the incomparable Clive Barker. At once violent and erotic, brutal and strangely beautiful, it takes us into the heart of the legendary "first city" known as Primordium, the site of political upheaval, passionate encounters, and astonishing acts of transformation. Lurking at the edges of this extravagant tale is the ancient entity known as "Agonistes," who accepts the pleas of selected "Supplicants,"

Mar 30, 2015
Girl underwater by Kells, Claire, author.

Girl underwater

A "debut novel that cross cuts between a competitive college swimmer's harrowing days in the Rocky Mountains after a major airline disaster and her recovery supported by the two men who love her--only one of whom knows what really happened in the wilderness"

Mar 30, 2015
Boring girls - a novel by Taylor, Sara (Sara E.), author.

Boring girls - a novel

Rachel feels like she doesn't fit in -- until she finds heavy metal and meets Fern, a kindred spirit. The two form their own band, but the metal scene turns out to be no different than the misogynistic world they want to change. Violent encounters escalate, and the friends decide there's only one way forward... A bloodstained journey into the dark heart of the music industry, Boring Girls traces Rachel's deadly coming of age, Fern at her side. As the madness deepens and their band's success hei

Mar 30, 2015
The animals - a novel by Kiefer, Christian, 1971- author.

The animals - a novel

"Bill Reed manages a wildlife sanctuary in rural Idaho, caring for injured animals--raptors, a wolf, and his beloved bear, Majer, among them--that are unable to survive in the wild. Seemingly rid of his troubled past, Bill hopes to marry the local veterinarian and live a quiet life together, the promise of which is threatened when a childhood friend is released from prison. Suddenly forced to confront the secrets of his criminal youth, Bill battles fiercely to preserve the shelter that protects

Mar 30, 2015
The strange case of Rachel K by Kushner, Rachel, author.

The strange case of Rachel K

Three early stories of myth, regime, and harlotry by the author of The Flamethrowers.

Mar 30, 2015
Always Jan by Henke, Roxanne, 1953-

Always Jan

Every woman who is forty-something watches the changing image in her mirror with a mixture of regret and wistfulness ... Every man savors his ability to provide and care for a family ... Every senior citizen hopes for a healthy and vital future ... Just like your familiar friends from Brewster, North Dakota. Here is a story that show surprising ways God works to turn our well-planned lives into something so much better than we imagined for ourselves.

Mar 30, 2015
Drought by Masterton, Graham, author.


A nationwide drought causes the taps to run dry and ex-marine and social worker Martin Makepeace must take drastic action to protect his family, while corrupt politicians try to use the drought to their advantage.

Mar 30, 2015
The doctor stories by Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963.

The doctor stories

Gathers poems, a selection from the author's autobiography, and a dozen stories about doctors, patients, errors in judgement, and breakthroughs

Mar 30, 2015
Disclaimer by Knight, Renee.


Mar 30, 2015
Devils and dust - a Jack Keller novel by Rhoades, J. D, author.

Devils and dust - a Jack Keller novel

While searching for his friend who disappeared while investigating what happened to the sons he was trying to bring to America, bounty hunter Jack Keller is pitted against human traffickers, drug lords, and white supremacists.

Mar 30, 2015
Dearest Rogue by Hoyt, Elizabeth

Dearest Rogue

Mar 30, 2015
MacCallister - the eagle's legacy. Kingdom come by Johnstone, William W., author.

MacCallister - the eagle's legacy. Kingdom come

"When a vicious band of cutthroats and criminals, led by prison escapees from New Mexico, take over the town of Boracho, Duff MacCallister, who lost one of his family members to these killers, rides to Texas with a group of men who have agreed to join him on his mission of vengeance."--

Mar 30, 2015
The Cowboy's Homecoming by Alward, Donna

The Cowboy's Homecoming

Mar 30, 2015
Contrition by Weiler, Maura, author.


Learning that she has a long-lost twin sister who shares their father's artistic ability, Dorie goes undercover as a fellow nun in order to introduce her holy sister's works to the world.

Mar 30, 2015
Night night, sleep tight by Ephron, Hallie, author.

Night night, sleep tight

Los Angeles, 1986. Discovering her bitter father's drowned body in his 1980s Beverly Hills swimming pool, Deirdre reconnects with an old friend who confessed to killing her mother's boyfriend decades earlier.

Mar 30, 2015
Triple the Fun by Child, Maureen

Triple the Fun

Mar 30, 2015
Sweet tea and secrets by Naigle, Nancy.

Sweet tea and secrets

Mar 30, 2015