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The things they carried - a work of fiction by O'Brien, Tim, 1946-

The things they carried - a work of fiction

Oct 9, 2015
Taint - a sexual education novel by Jennings, S. L.

Taint - a sexual education novel

Sexual therapist Justice Drake takes on the role of teaching women how to make their partners happy in the bedroom and fulfill their own sexual fantasies, until his plans change when he unexpectedly falls in love with one of his clients.

Oct 9, 2015
Supposed to die by Dutton, Hugh.

Supposed to die

Finally getting out of jail after twelve years for a crime he didn't commit, Joe finds his prospects decimated and himself framed once again, a situation that forces him to find the real killer in order to clear his name.

Oct 9, 2015
Tomcat in love by O'Brien, Tim

Tomcat in love

Oct 9, 2015
The three graces by Ashford, Jane, author.

The three graces

The three Harrington sisters, suddenly impoverished and alone, must rely on wit, charm, and talent in order to support themselves and find love.

Oct 9, 2015
Tom & Lucky - And George & Cokey Flo by Greaves, C. Joseph

Tom & Lucky - And George & Cokey Flo

Oct 9, 2015
Through my eyes by Delinsky, Barbara, author.

Through my eyes

When reclusive artist Jill Moncrieff's childhood friend Cooper is falsely accused of a crime, she is forced to return to the stifling world of wealth and privilege she escaped years earlier, after the death of her husband. Cooper needs legal advice, and that counsel comes in the form of the best lawyer Jill can find. Hotshot attorney Peter Hathaway is big city, big name and big money--everything Jill rejected years ago. She knows she needs his help, but she isn't prepared to like him. Nor does s

Oct 9, 2015
Tryst - A Sexual Education Novel by Jennings, S. L.

Tryst - A Sexual Education Novel

Oct 9, 2015
The year of necessary lies by Radish, Kris, author.

The year of necessary lies

Kelly wrestles with how to preserve her great-grandmother Julia's legacy when she learns that Julia spent a year in the wilds of Florida in 1904 in an effort to stop the exploding plume trade.

Oct 9, 2015
The Wrong Bride by Callen, Gayle

The Wrong Bride

Oct 9, 2015
Where the road takes me by McLean, Jay, author.

Where the road takes me

Chloe has one plan for the future, and one plan only: the road. She's made a promise to herself: don't let anyone in, and don't let anyone love her. She's learned the hard way what happens if she breaks her rules. So she's focused on being invisible and waiting until she can set out on the road--her dream of freedom, at least for a little while. Blake Hunter is a basketball star who has it all--everything about him looks perfect to those on the other side of his protective walls. He can't let an

Oct 9, 2015
Vines of entanglement by Carter, Lisa, 1964- author.

Vines of entanglement

"A tangled web of lies characterizes the life Laura Mabry has built for herself and her son after the tragic death of her husband. But Laura's carefully constructed world slides off its axis when she stumbles upon the body of a young college student on the recreational trails of Raleigh's greenway. What's worse, Detective Jon Locklear is Laura's worst nightmare... and her dream come true"--

Oct 9, 2015
Trout fishing in America by Brautigan, Richard.

Trout fishing in America

"Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the 1960s and 1970s whose comic genius and iconoclastic vision of American life caught the imagination of young people everywhere. He came of age during the Haight-Ashbury period and has been called “the last of the Beats.” His early books became required reading for the hip generation, and on its publication Trout Fishing in America became an international bestseller. An indescribable romp, the novel is best summed up in one word: mayonnaise."--

Oct 9, 2015
The stolen Mackenzie bride by Ashley, Jennifer, author.

The stolen Mackenzie bride

When he falls in love with Lady Mary Lennox, whose father is highly loyal to the king, and who is already promised to an Englishman, Highland warrior Malcolm Mackenzie risks everything to claim Mary as his own.

Oct 9, 2015
The tsar of love and techno - stories by Marra, Anthony.

The tsar of love and techno - stories

A collection of interwoven tales explores themes of family, sacrifice, war, and the redemptive power of art.

Oct 9, 2015
Snowflake Bay by Kauffman, Donna

Snowflake Bay

After returning home to Blueberry Cove only to be roped into helping plan her big sister Hannah's Christmas wedding, Fiona McCrea hopes that her childhood crush, Ben Campbell, who is also back in town, will finally notice her.

Oct 9, 2015
Viking Warrior Rising by Bradley, Asa Maria

Viking Warrior Rising

Oct 9, 2015
White Collar Girl - A Novel of Chicago Journalism Is the 1950s by Rosen, Reně

White Collar Girl - A Novel of Chicago Journalism Is the 1950s

Oct 9, 2015
War at the edge of the world by Ross, Ian, 1970-

War at the edge of the world

"The epic first installment in a new series set at the end of empire in the reign of the Emperor Constantine, The War at the Edge of the World follows newly promoted centurion Aurelius Castus into the tumultuous battle for the future of Rome. Once a soldier in an elite legion from the Danube, now stuck in Britain's provincial backwater, Castus believes his glory days are over. But fate is about to intervene. When the king of the Picts, the savage people beyond Hadrian's Wall, dies in mysterious

Oct 9, 2015
White light by Garcia, Vanessa (Writer & artist), author.

White light

Just before her father's sudden death, Cuban-American artist Veronica Gonzalez is offered her first gallery exhibit, a real chance to break into the art world. Torn between the need to mourn and the pressure to create new artwork, Veronica is propelled into a fever-dream of productivity and grief. With her love of art as her spiritual compass, Veronica finds solace in her mother and sister and also her prote´ge´ Leo, a young Dominican poet whose brother was killed in the 9/11 attacks in New Yor

Oct 9, 2015