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Eureka by Diehl, William.


When Verna Wilensky is electrocuted in her bathtub, it appears to be a tragic accident, but as police detective Zeke Bannon looks deeper into her life, he finds a bank account full of money and reason to believe Verna might have been killed as a result of a blackmail scam.

Sep 1, 2014
The Earl's mistress by Carlyle, Liz.

The Earl's mistress

"Women rarely refuse the wicked Earl of Hepplewood, whose daring exploits are only whispered about. But when his new governess answers his proposition with a slap, then stalks out, references in hand, Hepplewood finds more than his face is burning. Isabella Aldridge has brains, bravado, and beauty--but the latter is no use to a servant. Her circumstances are desperate, and with Hepplewood's words ringing in her ears, Isabella realizes she must barter her most marketable asset--her body. But when

Sep 1, 2014
The devil in denim by Scott, M. J. (Melanie Joy), 1971-

The devil in denim

As the team-owner's daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints' stadium - glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball's in her blood, and she's always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to victory herself. That was before her dad had to sell the team to Alex Winters. The fast-talking, fiercely attractive businessman has a baseball pedigree that's distinctly minor league. Maggie wants to hate him but his skills of seduction, however, are off the charts.

Sep 1, 2014
The desire - a novel by Walsh, Dan, 1957-

The desire - a novel

Sep 1, 2014
The Gunslinger by Heath, Lorraine, author.

The Gunslinger

"Chance Wilder never wanted to be a hero. A road-weary gunslinger with a ruthless reputation, he focuses only on his next target - and his next payday. That is, until a young boy offers Chance everything he owns - a piece of string, a harmonica, and a bent penny - if he'll save his sister from a couple of thugs. Chance agrees, only to discover that the beautiful, fierce young woman in need of rescue is actually the very person he's been hunting: his next mark. But after he saves her, Lillian Mad

Sep 1, 2014
Only Enchanting by Balogh, Mary

Only Enchanting

Sep 1, 2014
The miniaturist by Burton, Jessie, 1982-, author.

The miniaturist

Engaging the services of a miniaturist to furnish a cabinet-sized replica of her new home, 18-year-old Nella Oortman, the wife of an illustrious merchant trader, soon discovers that the artist's tiny creations mirror their real-life counterparts in eerie and unexpected ways.

Sep 1, 2014
The May Bride by Dunn, Suzannah

The May Bride

Sep 1, 2014
Great tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.

Great tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Sep 1, 2014
Great Lakes skipper by Stark, Jim

Great Lakes skipper

Sep 1, 2014
Prince Lestat / The Vampire Chronicles by Rice, Anne, 1941-

Prince Lestat / The Vampire Chronicles

"The novel opens with the Vampire world in crisis...vampires have been proliferating out of control; burnings have commenced all over the world, huge massacres similar to those carried out by Akasha in The Queen of the Damned... Old vampires, roused fromslumber in the earth are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn vampire-mavericks in cities from Paris and Mumbai to Hong Kong, Kyoto and San Francisco. As the novel moves from present day New York and the West Co

Sep 1, 2014
Prince Hafiz's Only Vice by Carr, Susanna

Prince Hafiz's Only Vice

Sep 1, 2014
Priestess Dreaming by Galenorn, Yasmine

Priestess Dreaming

Sep 1, 2014
A Place Called Harmony by Thomas, Jodi

A Place Called Harmony

Sep 1, 2014
Friday night love by McCollors, Tia.

Friday night love

"Zenja Maxwell is ready to call it quits with her husband when God's Word gives fresh hope for their hearts--but will it be enough to save their marriage?"--

Sep 1, 2014
Season of Storms. by Kearsley, Susanna.

Season of Storms.

Sep 1, 2014
Scratch by Helms, Rhonda


Sep 1, 2014
Scene of the Crime - Baton Rouge by Cassidy, Carla

Scene of the Crime - Baton Rouge

Sep 1, 2014
Heart of Stone by Mullins, Debra

Heart of Stone

Sep 1, 2014
Light My Fire by Ridgway, Christie, author.

Light My Fire

"Years ago, Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed the nine collective children of the most famous band in the world 'Rock Royalty.' Now all grown up, the princes and princesses are coming back to L.A.'s Laurel Canyon to discover if love can be found among the ruins of a childhood steeped in sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. One Touch Will Start A Fire... World-weary band tour manager Ren Colson leaves his London business behind for a stay in Southern California, never expecting to wake up beside Cilla Madd

Sep 1, 2014