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Remodeling today- interior renovations by

Remodeling today- interior renovations

Homeowners create more living space. Whether they need an informal space to relax comfortably or entertain friends and family, the program has it covered. Make the most of a home with simple, straight forward advice and ideas. Extras include: Simple how-to solutions and around the yard advice.

Jul 8, 2014
Remodeling today- bathroom transformation by

Remodeling today- bathroom transformation

Learn to expand a modest master bathroom to add a walk-in closet and large custom shower. Make the most of a home with simple, straight forward advice and ideas. Extras include: Simple how-to solutions and around the yard advice.

Jul 8, 2014
Remodeling today- add value to your home by

Remodeling today- add value to your home

Take a look at the home improvement projects that return the most value to the biggest asset, from window replacement to deck additions. Make the most of a home with simple, straight forward advice and ideas. Extras include: Simple how-to solutions and around the yard advice.

Jul 8, 2014
Remodeling today- 10 best kitchen upgrades by

Remodeling today- 10 best kitchen upgrades

Improving the kitchen is money well spent when it comes to increasing the value of a home. Danny shows how to update the kitchen without breaking the bank. Make the most of a home with simple, straight forward advice and ideas. Extras include: Simple how-to solutions and around the yard advice.

Jul 8, 2014
Perfect shark by

Perfect shark

Sharks have been evolving for 400 million years; surely today these formidable creatures must be at the pinnacle of perfection? Eminent underwater wildlife cameraman and shark aficionado Mike deGruy comes face-to-face with some of the greatest sharks that ever lived, past and present. On his search for perfection, Mike encounters ancient sharks the length of a city bus, a shark that actually walks and various others with amazing qualities for survival.

Jul 8, 2014
Pandora's promise by

Pandora's promise

A feature length documentary about the history and future of nuclear power.

Jul 8, 2014
United states of secrets by

United states of secrets

Frontline investigates the secret history of the unprecedented surveillance program that began in the wake of September 11th and continues today. As big technology companies encouraged users to share more and more information about their lives, they created a trove of data that could be useful not simply to advertisers, but also to the government. The revelations of NSA contractor Edward Snowden would push Silicon Valley into the center of a debate over privacy and government surveillance.

Jul 8, 2014
Labyrinth by


Heart pounding adventure, shadowy intrigues and dangerous passions ignite this epic story about two women, separated by centuries; who share a destiny to protect the secrets of the legendary Holy Grail.

Jul 8, 2014
Fredrick law olmsted- designing america by

Fredrick law olmsted- designing america

A biography of the man who made public parks an essential part of American life. He made enormous contributions to the American landscape; a park was both a work of art and a necessity for urban life. Olmsted's efforts to preserve nature created an 'environmental ethic' decades before the environmental movement became a force in American politics.

Jul 8, 2014
Shattered silence by

Shattered silence

Told from each character bringing real and raw emotions, viewers travel into the world of mental health. Through pain and suffering people must fight to survive, taking responsibility for themselves and their actions so that out of the darkness they will rise to their true potential.

Jul 8, 2014
Small time by

Small time

Al Klein and his longtime friend, Ash Martini own a used car lot. These two know every trick in the book when it comes to selling cars. Klein still pines for his ex-wife Barbara, who left him years ago. After their son Freddy graduates high school, he decides to forego college in favor of selling cars with his old man. As Freddy quickly transforms from innocent young man into a jaded car salesman, Al is left with a tough decision to make.

Jul 8, 2014
Wallander series 3 by

Wallander series 3

Wallander is Ystad's veteran detective who's finally learned to find respite from the job in the moments of grace that come from living on the beach with his dog, Jussi, or spending time with his granddaughter. He's still on the outs at work, however: offbeat methods make him an irritant for management and his colleague, Martinsson, is angling for his position. But no one in the department has the uncanny sense of the criminal mind that he does.

Jul 8, 2014
Crusaders, the- gold by Crusaders.

Crusaders, the- gold

Thirty tracks serve as a retrospective for the career of The Crusaders, covering their years at various labels including Motown, MCA, and Blue Thumb.

Jul 8, 2014
Union j by Union J.

Union j

Includes the songs Loving You Is Easy; Head In The Clouds; Where Are You Now, and more.

Jul 8, 2014
Men in war by

Men in war

Lieutenant Benson and Sergeant Montana are two soldiers trying to deal with the shock and devastation of war. Montana has been ordered to escort a colonel suffering from extreme battle fatigue to a field hospital for treatment. Meanwhile Benson's loyalty lies with his platoon and his mission to overtake a hill occupied by the enemy.

Jul 8, 2014
Last tango in halifax - season two by

Last tango in halifax - season two

Award-winning comedy drama and PBS favorite returns for a second season as the two childhood sweethearts work to finally make a life together. After Alan's near fatal heart attack, he and Celia decide to marry secretly, but how will their daughters react? Uptight Caroline and rebellious Gillian discover they actually quite like each other, but will the fact Gillian spent a night with Caroline's ex-husband John jeopardize the stepsisters' fledgling friendship?

Jul 8, 2014
Blandings - series 2 by

Blandings - series 2

Find the dysfunctional inhabitants of Blandings Castle caught up in more uproarious adventures, from dodging an insane asylum to thwarting a most unseemly memoir.

Jul 8, 2014
Breaking through by

Breaking through

Openly elected officials at all levels including the first gay US Senator Tammy Baldwin, share their stories of self doubt and triumph over multiple barriers ranging from race and poverty to gender and sexual orientation, revealing a deeply personal, rarely seen side of politicians and gay people. Includes: exclusive music video, theatrical trailer, filmmakers' journey.

Jul 8, 2014
Broker's man, the - series 2 by

Broker's man, the -  series 2

An ex-detective uses his skills while working for insurance companies.

Jul 8, 2014
Lullaby and...the ceaseless roar by Plant, Robert.

Lullaby and...the ceaseless roar

The sixty-five year old former Led Zeppelin singer continues to keep his music vital and interesting. The singer has a new album and a new band, Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters. The new album features eleven new recordings, which nine are written by Plant with his band.

Jul 8, 2014