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The gospel according to jazz. Chapter IV by Whalum, Kirk, performer.

The gospel according to jazz. Chapter IV

May 1, 2015
The last orangutan Eden by

The last orangutan Eden

Scientists in the jungles of Northern Sumatra study and document a unique social band of wild orangutans, and provide an intimate, clear picture of how these apes spend their days and nights and interact with each other.

May 1, 2015
Mr. Wonderful by Action Bronson, 1983- composer, performer.

Mr. Wonderful

Former chef Action Bronson has already generated plenty of buzz with his mixtape releases and web popularity. His major label debut includes the single Actin Crazy as well as an appearance from Chance the Rapper.

May 1, 2015
Los reyes del rap by Ñengo Flow, 1981- composer, performer.

Los reyes del rap

May 1, 2015
Leave no bridge unburned by Whitehorse (Musical group : Hamilton, Ont.)), composer, performer.

Leave no bridge unburned

May 1, 2015
The nanny. Season two by

The nanny. Season two

Fran Drescher stars in her defining role as street-smart Fran Fine, a down-on-her-luck diva who finds herself hired for a job for which she never even applied. Now, she's the nanny for a rich, sophisticated family in Manhattan, and when this blue-collar girl from the block moves in with a blue blood, widowed Broadway producer and his three children, the comedy is red hot.

May 1, 2015
A state of trance 2015 by Buuren, Armin van.

A state of trance 2015

May 1, 2015
Sound & color by Alabama Shakes (Musical group), composer, performer.

Sound & color

The sophomore album from Grammy nominees Alabama Shakes demonstrates the tremendous strides made by the band since their debut. Here they take their soulful blues rock base into innovative new directions.

May 1, 2015
The gambler [Motion picture - 2014] by

The gambler [Motion picture - 2014]

Both an English professor and a high-stakes gambler, Jim Bennett bets it all when he borrows from a gangster and offers his own life as collateral. Always one step ahead, Bennett pits his creditor against the operator of a gambling ring and leaves his dysfunctional relationship with his wealthy mother in his wake. He plays both sides, immersing himself in an illicit, underground world while garnering the attention of Frank, a loan shark with an interest in Bennett's future.

May 1, 2015
Next stop Soweto. Vol. 4, Zulu rock, afro-disco and mbaqanga 1975-1985. by

Next stop Soweto. Vol. 4, Zulu rock, afro-disco and mbaqanga 1975-1985.

May 1, 2015
Fourth light by Niyaz (Musical group)

Fourth light

May 1, 2015
All American boy by Grand, Steve, 1990- composer, performer.

All American boy

May 1, 2015
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. by Mika Miko (Musical group)


May 1, 2015
El aferrado by Álvarez, Julión, 1983- performer.

El aferrado

May 1, 2015
Masters of sex. The complete second season. by

Masters of sex. The complete second season.

Following Bill's declaration in season one finale, Bill and Virginia resume their professional and personal relationship - both asserting it is to further the cause of their work. Virginia breaks the news to Ethan and Bill tries to be there for Libby and their new baby but finds it hard. Bill is struggling with getting his career back on track and Virginia is still working for Dr. DePaul but hungers for more.

May 1, 2015
Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit by Barnett, Courtney.

Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit

May 1, 2015
Ride by Motor Sister (Musical group), composer, performer.


May 1, 2015
Transcend by Wesley, Philip


May 4, 2015
Untethered Moon by Built to Spill.

Untethered Moon

One of the most influential groups in indie rock returns with their first new album since 2009. The eighth studio album from Built to Spill includes the single Living Zoo.

May 4, 2015
Zoy Zoy by Tal National.

Zoy Zoy

A distillation of Tal National's traditional roots, determination and tireless drive into pure joy and celebration.

May 4, 2015