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The greatest show unearthed by Creature Feature (Musical group)

The greatest show unearthed

May 3, 2015
Adventures of Sinbad - the complete first season by

Adventures of Sinbad - the complete first season

May 3, 2015
Defiance - Season One by

Defiance - Season One

It's 2046 and over 30 years have passed since aliens arrived, changing life on Earth forever. In the frontier town of Defiance, a drifter turned lawkeeper and the newly appointed mayor attempt to lead the human and alien residents through the prejudices and politics that threaten the fragile peace they've fought for.

May 3, 2015
Exhale by Plumb.


The latest album from Plumb is equal parts worship of God and exhaling grace, love, hope, and healing into the lives of others through her music. The album's concept is based on a sermon that deeply impacted the singer-songwriter.

May 3, 2015
Adventure by Madeon, 1994-


May 3, 2015
Addicted a comedy of substance by

Addicted a comedy of substance

A hilarious and unexpectedly moving view into one man's journey down the rabbit hold of bad choices, wrong places, and insurmountable obstacles and the transformation that ultimately pulled him out.

May 3, 2015
Frank Proffitt sings folk songs by Proffitt, Frank.

Frank Proffitt sings folk songs

May 3, 2015
Asi Te Quiero Yo by Banda Tierra Sagrada.

Asi Te Quiero Yo

Many of the songs on this album were composed by Arturo Valdes Ozuna who is known as one of the best musical arrangers in the Banda genre.

May 3, 2015
Aria the scarlet ammo. by

Aria the scarlet ammo.

"Aria is a volatile girl who wields two pistols and two swords and holds the highest rank in assault studies at a high school for young mercenaries. This pint-sized prodigy swoops in to save her classmate Kinji from a high-speed chase, but he ends up saving her after he switches from a boring wimp into a total hot shot! His secret? He only turns into something of a James Bond when he's turned on! Convinced Kinji's an ace, Aria strong-arms him into being her partner--but she isn't the only femme

May 3, 2015
Archaeology by Rutles (Musical group)


May 3, 2015
Edge of the Sun by Calexico.

Edge of the Sun

Calexico is no stranger to negotiating borders, having crossed many musical barriers while embracing a multitude of diverse styles. They bring a fresh perspective here while embarking on an ongoing pursuit for profound melodies.

May 3, 2015
Hands together by Spirit Family Reunion (Musical group), composer, performer.

Hands together

May 3, 2015
From Birth to Burial by 10 Years.

From Birth to Burial

There are few noises as powerful as the sound of confidence. After a decade of trials and tribulations, hit singles and music industry politics, 10 Years have emerged stronger than ever, freed by their own independence, with a hard rock sound as steadfastly resilient as the salt-of-the-Earth fans relentlessly packing clubs to see them play.

May 3, 2015
Fargo Original Mgm Television Score by Russo, Jeff.

Fargo Original Mgm Television Score

Jeff Russo, a founding member of the rock band Tonic, has created music for such series as Hostages and Crossing Jordan. Here he adds to the FX Network series that is based on the 1996 Academy Award winning film.

May 3, 2015
Back from the dead by Adler, Steven, 1965-

Back from the dead

May 3, 2015
Transcend by Wesley, Philip


May 3, 2015
Untethered Moon by Built to Spill.

Untethered Moon

One of the most influential groups in indie rock returns with their first new album since 2009. The eighth studio album from Built to Spill includes the single Living Zoo.

May 3, 2015
Zoy Zoy by Tal National.

Zoy Zoy

A distillation of Tal National's traditional roots, determination and tireless drive into pure joy and celebration.

May 3, 2015
White dog by

White dog

A German shepherd is adopted by an actress who learns that the dog has been trained to attack only African Americans. Now it's up to an animal trainer to try to change the dog.

May 3, 2015
Ringling Road by Green, William Clark.

Ringling Road

The fourth album release from William Clark Green.

May 3, 2015