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The chambermaid [Motion picture - 2014][Foreign film] by

The chambermaid [Motion picture - 2014][Foreign film]

Lynn is the most thorough chambermaid at the hotel where she works, leaving no shelf undusted, no sheet untucked. Fascinated by the lives of the guests she cleans up after and crippled by her own shyness, she rummages through their belongings and even hides under their beds, vicariously experiencing their conversations, meals and discreet interludes. When she finds herself present during a guest's S&M session with the call girl Chiara, Lynn can't help but let her curiosity get the better of her,

Jul 5, 2015
Fort Bliss [Motion picture - 2014] by

Fort Bliss [Motion picture - 2014]

Decorated U.S. Army medic and single mother Maggie Swann returns home from an extended tour of duty in Afghanistan to discover the bond with her five-year-old son has been broken. As she struggles to reclaim his affection, life after deployment is made more difficult by her persistent memories of Afghanistan. When news of another deployment threatens the fragile balance she has achieved, she must find a way to reconcile her duties as a mother and her obligations as a soldier.

Jul 5, 2015
Far away lands - the exotic music of Gene Rains by Rains, Gene.

Far away lands - the exotic music of Gene Rains

Jul 5, 2015
Exile [Motion picture - 2015] by

Exile [Motion picture - 2015]

Raised in isolation, the children of Sunderland face an all consuming choice. They can attend school to learn the teachings of the angel, an extraterrestrial being that arrived in Sunderland 10 years ago, and evolve like their parents who were turned into mindless zombies, or they can fall; living their lives in the wasteland at the edge of the community where their smal rebellions are tolerated as long as they remain within the confines of Sunderland. Like some of the other children David has a

Jul 5, 2015
Babylon 5- The Movies by

Babylon 5- The Movies

Includes five Babylon 5 movie adventures surrounding key events in the Babylon 5 chronology. Features the films: The Gathering, which launched the TV series; In The Beginning, a prequel to the TV series; Thirdspace, where the gang explores whether a realm beyond hyperspace exists; River of Souls, which explores what happens after death when the group encounters a harvester of souls; and A Call to Arms, where the Babylon 5 torch is passed.

Jul 5, 2015
Babylon 5- The Lost Tales by

Babylon 5- The Lost Tales

Times change. Dangers remain. Ten years after he became President of the Interstellar Alliance, Sheridan prepares for a fateful Babylon 5 reunion that could prevent Earth's impending doom...if he will also compromise his core principles.

Jul 5, 2015
Countdown to extinction by Megadeth (Musical group)

Countdown to extinction

Countdown to Extinction, Megadeth's fifth studio album, was recorded in Los Angeles in 1992 as rioting raged across the city in response to the Rodney King trial verdicts. Also pairs the re-mastered original album with a 1992 concert, recorded live at San Francisco's Cow Palace, which has never before been released in its entirety.

Jul 5, 2015
Chopin - Études. by Lisiecki, Jan, 1995-

Chopin - Études.

Jul 5, 2015
Brooklyn Farmer by

Brooklyn Farmer

"... Explores the unique challenges facing Brooklyn Grange, a group of urban farmers who endeavor to run a commercially viable farm within the landscape of New York City. As their growing operation expands to a second roof, the team confronts the realities inherent in operating the largest rooftop farm in one of the world's biggest cities." -- Container.

Jul 5, 2015
Briefcase full of blues by Blues Brothers.

Briefcase full of blues

Jul 5, 2015
Boredom [Documentary - 2013] by

Boredom [Documentary - 2013]

The first serious documentary on boredom. Director Albert Nerenberg asks why the subject of boredom has been so religiously avoided and shows that boredom isn't what one think it is. The film's breakthrough research suggests boredom is likely a state of stress. It may also be killing people. Perhaps the powers that be would rather people not know that, especially if one is inside some kind of educational institution or dead end job.

Jul 5, 2015
The black album by Jay-Z, 1969-

The black album

Jul 5, 2015
Beyond the edge [Documentary - 2014] by

Beyond the edge [Documentary - 2014]

In 1953, the ascent of Everest remained the last of Earth's great challenges. Standing at over 29,000ft, the world's highest mountain posed a fearsome challenge and had already claimed thirteen lives in previous expeditions. When Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay finally achieved the impossible and became the first men to stand atop Everest, it was an event that stunned the world and defined an era.

Jul 5, 2015
April Wine by April Wine (Musical group)

April Wine

Jul 5, 2015
The anonymous people [Documentary - 2013] by

The anonymous people [Documentary - 2013]

Documentary film about the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Against a background of social stigma, addiction recovery advocates are organizing to end discrimination and move toward recovery-based solutions.

Jul 5, 2015
Almost famous - music from the motion picture. by

Almost famous - music from the motion picture.

Jul 5, 2015
Above the rim - the soundtrack. by

Above the rim - the soundtrack.

Jul 5, 2015
'71 by


A British soldier is caught behind enemy lines in Belfast 1971. Unable to tell friend from foe, and increasingly wary of his own comrades, he must survive the night alone and find his way to safety through a disorienting, alien, and deadly landscape.

Jul 5, 2015
From the Mars Hotel by Grateful Dead.

From the Mars Hotel

'From The Mars Hotel' featured the Dead classics 'U.S. Blues,' and 'China Doll.' This expanded edition also includes live performances along with studio demos.

Jul 5, 2015
The fool by Weaver, Ryn.

The fool

Jul 5, 2015