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15 capital cities to check out before you check out by

15 capital cities to check out before you check out

A thirteen-hour travelogue that is a passport to truly cosmopolitan adventures. Presenting the most dazzling destinations on the globe, it provides in-depth exploration of all the sights on the civilized traveler's bucket list. Featuring stunning footage and valuable insights into each capital's distinctive customs, cuisine, architecture and landscape. It pairs friendly, knowledgeable narration with the folkloric music that captures the heartbeat of each region.

Oct 25, 2014
2 broke girls. The complete third season. by

2 broke girls. The complete third season.

Max and Caroline, continue to dish up sarcasm and smarts. They've got a new cupcake business at the diner2s back walk-up window, and Caroline and Max negotiate a work-study program at the Manhattan School of Pastry: Caroline works in the office so Max can study professional baking. Plus, love and the aroma of freshly cooked tarts, is in the air! Caroline has the hots for the school2s hunky master chef and Max falls head over sticky buns for the outrageous class clown.

Oct 20, 2014
33 great cities of europe by

33 great cities of europe

Travel with acclaimed filmmaker Marlin Darrah, as he visits Europe's most beloved cities and regions. Darrah captures the cultures, histories, and architectures of the world's most traveled continent.

Oct 25, 2014
40 years later- our people by

40 years later- our people

In the 40 years since the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., how far have African Americans advanced in American society? This film touches on the socioeconomic status of blacks in America, the election of Barack Obama, and explores the question 'does racism still exist?'

Oct 25, 2014
401 by


Few people can build a fortune overnight, but everyone can build a fortune over time. Whether you are still in school or approaching retirement, the tips in this program from finance guru Steve Mazda will show viewers how to take charge of their financial future and build wealth throughout their lifetime. The program is designed to give viewers simple yet powerful financial information that will inspire them to take control of their money and show them how to retire in style!

Oct 25, 2014
50 children - the rescue mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus by

50 children - the rescue mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus

Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus never intended to become heroes. But in early 1939, as conditions were worsening for Jews living inside Nazi Germany, the Philadelphia couple embarked on a risky and improbable mission - an effort to rescue 50 Jewish children and bring them to safety in the United States.

Oct 22, 2014
54 - Volume 1, Music from the Miramax motion picture. by

54 - Volume 1, Music from the Miramax motion picture.

Oct 22, 2014
A 2nd chance by

A 2nd chance

Maddy Cornell wants to be a top gymnast but lacks the self-confidence she needs to reach her goal. Rival gymnast Chelsea Smith is 'Miss Perfect,' and always seems to win the competitions. But with the help of new coach Kate, Maddy and her teammates try to overcome adversity for a chance to win a place on the National Gymnastics Team. As the competition heats up, the jealousy between Maddy and Chelsea becomes intense. Who will tumble their way to the top?

Oct 25, 2014
A christmas carol by

A christmas carol

The classic Dickens story about a bitter old man who's given a chance for redemption when three ghosts come to visit him on Christmas Eve. Bonus features include: Introduction by Leonard Maltin, Dead to Begin With documentary, Scrooge By Another Name featurette, The Human Blarney Stone documentary, A Scholar's View video narrative, collection of early silent Dickens films, commentary tracks, and more!

Oct 25, 2014
A christmas proposal by

A christmas proposal

Small-town lawyer Lisa is fighting to keep her town from being turned into a ski resort. Rick, an attorney from the city, is her nemesis, and also a sweetheart from her past. When Rick has to stay around town due to an accident, he begins to have second thoughts about fighting to destroy the small town.

Oct 25, 2014
A christmas tree miracle by

A christmas tree miracle

When their dad loses his job just before the holidays, the materialistic George family ignores the severity of the situation and continues to live above their means. When the consequences catch up with them, they are left with nothing and nowhere to run. Taken in by an eccentric Christmas tree farmer, the family learns that miracles can come true.

Oct 25, 2014
A christmas without snow by

A christmas without snow

Zoe Jensen has recently divorced and moved to San Francisco to start her life over again. She joins a church choir, but has a personality conflict with the choirmaster, who expects nothing less than perfection. The choir continues to practice for a performance of Handel's Messiah, but Zoe considers quitting when she is pushed by the choirmaster to her limits.

Oct 25, 2014
A haunting. House of fear by

A haunting. House of fear

A chills-filled series, telling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal, told by the people who experienced real-life horror tales.

Oct 21, 2014
A haunting. Spirits from the past by

A haunting. Spirits from the past

Appearing from behind the veil of the afterlife, these tortured spirits show no mercy, ravaging man, woman and child alike.

Oct 21, 2014
A merry friggin' christmas by

A merry friggin' christmas

Boyd and his family are forced to spend Christmas at his parents' house. When he realizes that he left his son's gifts at home, Boyd and his father must hit the road to retrieve the gifts before sunrise and save Christmas.

Oct 25, 2014
A people uncounted - the untold story of the Roma by

A people uncounted - the untold story of the Roma

Story of the Roma, commonly referred to as Gypsies, a people who have been both romanticized and vilified in popular culture. The Roma have endured centuries of intolerance and persecution in Europe, most notably the Holocaust genocide where an estimated 500,000 were murdered. A People Uncounted documents their culturally rich yet often difficult lives, and demonstrates how their present state has been deeply shaped by the tragedies of the past. Filmed in 11 countries and featuring dozens of Rom

Oct 20, 2014
A sudden light by Stein, Garth.

A sudden light

In the summer of 1990, fourteen-year-old Trevor Riddell gets his first glimpse of Riddell House. Built from the spoils of a massive timber fortune, the legendary family mansion is constructed of giant, whole trees, and is set on a huge estate overlooking Puget Sound. Trevor's bankrupt parents have begun a trial separation, and his father, Jones Riddell, has brought Trevor to Riddell House with a goal: sell off the house and property for development into "tract housing for millionaires,".

Oct 25, 2014
Alarms in the heart by Dry the River (Musical group)

Alarms in the heart

Oct 23, 2014
Alcina by Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759.


Oct 21, 2014
All is bright by

All is bright

Lie, cheat, steal. It's all part of the holiday spirit for ex-con Dennis and fast talker Rene when they try to make a quick buck selling Christmas trees in New York. For Dennis it's a chance to go straight, and for his best friend and former partner-in-crime, Rene, it's a chance to make some easy cash so he can marry Dennis's ex-wife. But for two not-very-bright guys now stuck together on the cold streets of Brooklyn, this holiday season may bring some of the most unexpected miracles of all.

Oct 25, 2014