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Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man by

Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man

Watch a reigned supreme county singer on the country charts, scoring twenty number one hits on her way to becoming the First Lady Of Country Music. With rarely-seen versions of Stand By Your Man, Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad and D-I-V-O-R-C-E. The film traces the rise of one of country music's finest performers.

Jul 1, 2015
Tales From the Royal Bedchamber by

Tales From the Royal Bedchamber

Lucy Worsley gets into bed with the past monarchs to uncover the Tales from the Royal Bedchamber. She reveals that the obsession with royal bedrooms, births and succession is nothing new. In fact, the rise and fall of their magnificent beds reflects the changing fortunes of the monarchy itself.

Jun 29, 2015
Sylva by Metropole Orchestra, composer, performer.


Jun 25, 2015
Sword art online. Extra edition by

Sword art online. Extra edition

"The Sequel and Spin-off of the Hit Anime 'Sword Art Online' and the Prequel to the New Chapter 'Sword Art Online II'. One hot day during their summer break Kazuto (Kirito) and his younger sister Suguha visit their school's swimming pool, where they meet up with Asuna, Keiko (Silica) and Rika (Lisbeth). The girls were asked by Kazuto to give an intensive swimming lesson to Suguha who cannot swim. After leaving Suguha with them, Kazuto visits the counseling room on campus where he meets Seijirou

Jul 1, 2015
Sweet and Low-Down by

Sweet and Low-Down

When a young trombonist is given the opportunity of a lifetime to play with Benny Goodman's Orchestra, his growing ego threatens to sabotage him.

Jul 1, 2015
Structure and Design of Knitted Hats by

Structure and Design of Knitted Hats

Jun 30, 2015
Strings of passion - a 10 year mosaic by Benise

Strings of passion - a 10 year mosaic

Jul 1, 2015
Still by Thompson, Richard, 1949-


Jul 1, 2015
Sticky fingers by Rolling Stones, composer, performer.

Sticky fingers

The 1971 album from the Rolling Stones, which is the first to feature guitarist Mick Taylor, has become legendary for both its Andy Warhol cover and classic tracks like Brown Sugar; Wild Horses; and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. The bonus album features previously unreleased alternate takes and live performances.

Jul 1, 2015
Sriracha by


Sriracha has earned a cult following, but the story of this spicy sauce is a mystery to most fans. Dedicated to Sriracha lovers, this fast-paced documentary travels around the globe to reveal its origin and the man behind the iconic 'rooster sauce'.

Jun 30, 2015
Spring 1990- So Glad You Made It by Grateful Dead.

Spring 1990- So Glad You Made It

Features 20 live Grateful Dead performances hand-picked by the band's archivist David Lemieux. Features performances from five shows: March 16, 1990 at the Capital Center; March 19, 1990 at the Civic Center in Hartford, CT; March 22, 1990 at the Copps Coliseum; March 24, 1990 at the Knickerbocker Arena; March 26, 1990 at the Knickerbocker Arena; and March 30, 1990 at the Nassau Coliseum.

Jul 1, 2015
Space Dandy - Season 1 by

Space Dandy - Season 1

Rocket into the outer limits with the one and only Dandy! This dreamy space case and his to-die-for pompadour jet across the galaxy in search of aliens no one has ever laid eyes on. Capturing rare species may pay the bills, baby, but Dandy would rather kick back and enjoy the scenery at the nearest Boobies. Joined by his misfit sidekicks - a rundown vacuum cleaner robot called QT and Meow the alien space cat - Dandy boldly goes where no daper don has ever gone before.

Jun 26, 2015
Southernality by Thousand Horses.


A Thousand Horses were listed as an Artist to Watch 2015 by USA Today, and Rolling Stone has called them an Artist You Need to Know. The band continues the keep the buzz going with Smoke, the first single from this, their debut album. .

Jun 26, 2015
Southernality by Thousand Horses (Musical group)


Jul 1, 2015
Songs of Aloha - original motion picture soundtrack by

Songs of Aloha - original motion picture soundtrack

Jun 29, 2015
Something More Than Free by Isbell, Jason.

Something More Than Free

Jason Isbell returns with the follow-up to his acclaimed 2013 album Southeastern. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that this release will be less dark. It also includes the track 24 Frames.

Jun 29, 2015
Sol Lewitt by

Sol Lewitt

Notoriously camera-shy, Lewitt refused awards and rarely granted interviews, yet in this cinematic portrait, the pioneering conceptual American artist comes alive. Using extensive interviews and documentation of artwork installed around the world, director Chris Teerink explores the artist's work and philosophy.

Jul 1, 2015
Soaked in Bleach by

Soaked in Bleach

It reveals the events behind Kurt Cobain's death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track down her missing husband only days before his deceased body was found at their Seattle home. Cobain's death was ruled a suicide by the police (a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound), but doubts have circulated for twenty years as to the legitimacy of this ruling, especially due to the work of Mr. Grant.

Jul 1, 2015
Smoky Mountain Bluegrass Collection by

Smoky Mountain Bluegrass Collection

Containing all original recordings by the original artists of 72 classic songs by many Bluegrass legends and pioneers.

Jul 1, 2015
Smokin' aces 2. Assassins' ball by

Smokin' aces 2. Assassins' ball

Packed with insane mercenaries, sexy assassins, and more of the fan-favorite Tremor family, this all-new explosive film brings together a cast of grizzled veterans and sizzling newcomers to tell the story of a low-level FBI agent with a high-price on his head. May the best hit man survive.

Jun 29, 2015