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Abraham and Mary Lincoln- A House Divided by Abraham and Mary Lincoln- A House Divided

The miniseries weaves together the troubled lives of a dirt-farmer's son and a wealthy Southern slave-owner's daughter. Together, Abraham and Mary Lincoln ascended to the pinnacle of power at the most difficult time in the nation's history, the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln's legacy as the Great Emancipator reshaped the nation while his tragic death left Mary reclusive and forgotten.

Oct 21, 2016
A.I. - Artificial Intelligence by A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

In a future world of runaway global warming and scientific advances, humans share every aspect of their lives with sophisticated companion robots called Mechas. But when an advanced prototype robot child named David is programmed to show unconditional love, his human family isn't prepared for the consequences. David is then on his own in a strange and dangerous world. Befriended by a streetwise Mecha, David embarks on a spectacular quest to discover the startling secret of his own identity.

Oct 21, 2016
A place for us to dream by Placebo (Musical group) A place for us to dream

Oct 22, 2016
A new creation by Cardall, Paul composer. A new creation

Oct 21, 2016
A farmer's road by A farmer's road

"Two PhD soil scientists trade the security of academic tenure at a world-renowned research instutution for the relentless challenges and economic uncertainty of operating a Grade A goat dairy and farmstead creamery in central Illinois. Using milk from their herd of Nubian and LaMancha goats, Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell, proprietors of Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, produce artisan goat milk cheese, gelato, and cajeta, which are showcased during bi-weekly slow food dinners on the farm.

Oct 20, 2016
A Christmas Melody by A Christmas Melody

A gift of music transports people back to another time and place where they find their truest feelings.

Oct 21, 2016
88 by 88

Oct 20, 2016
24 Hour Party People by 24 Hour Party People

The story of the rise, fall and rise again of promoter Tony Wilson and the wild rave culture he brought to Manchester, England, and then to the world.

Oct 21, 2016
15 Years of Terror by 15 Years of Terror

NOVA investigates the psychology of a terrorist and examines how radical organizations have grown to make use of modern propaganda and social media tools in order to cultivate an army of self-radicalized killers. Can one understand what happens in the mind of a terrorist and intercede to stop the next attack, or at least stay one step ahead to thwart their destructive plans?

Oct 21, 2016
1 of 1 by Shinee 1 of 1

Oct 20, 2016