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Tarzan's savage fury by

Tarzan's savage fury

A safari headed by a relative of Tarzan comes to the jungle in search of the ape man. Actually diamond thieves, they trick Tarzan into being their guide.

Jan 30, 2015
Tarzan's peril by

Tarzan's peril

The arrival of gunrunners in the jungle can mean only one thing for Tarzan: trouble, and plenty of it! Armed with rifles acquired in exchange for gems, the warlike Yorongan people overwhelm the proud, peaceful Ashuba tribe and its beloved queen.

Jan 30, 2015
Unspeakable, the - and other subjects of discussion by Daum, Meghan.

Unspeakable, the - and other subjects of discussion

A master of the personal essay explores love, death, and the counterfeit rituals of American life. -- It's a report tempered by hard times. In Matricide, Daum unflinchingly describes a parent's death and the uncomfortable emotions it provokes; and in Diary of a Coma she relates her own journey to the twilight of the mind. With perfect precision, she reveals the absurdities of the marriage-industrial complex, of the New Age dating market, and of the peculiar habits of the young and digital.

Jan 30, 2015
McQ by


A police lieutenant resigns from the force to track down some big dope dealers involved in killing a couple of police officers.

Jan 30, 2015
Malibu's most wanted by

Malibu's most wanted

Malibu's most wanted rapper, Brad 'B-Rad' Gluckman, maintains a hip-hop lifestyle that is seriously hindering his father's bid for governor. His dad's campaign manager tries to neutralize the problem.

Jan 30, 2015
The longest week by

The longest week

Affluent and aimless, Conrad Valmont lives a life of leisure in his parent's prestigious Manhattan Hotel. In the span of one week, he finds himself evicted, disinherited, and in love.

Jan 30, 2015
Last days in vietnam by

Last days in vietnam

In the final weeks of the Vietnam War, American servicemen and others begin the difficult mission of evacuating as many friends, family members and South Vietnamese collaborators as possible before Saigon falls to the North Vietnamese.

Jan 30, 2015
Julius caesar by Shakespeare, William.

Julius caesar

The Folger Shakespeare Library, home to the world's largest Shakespeare collection, brings Julius Caesar to life with this new full-length, full-cast dramatic recording.

Jan 30, 2015
Interstellar by


With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars.

Jan 30, 2015
The imitation game score by Desplat, Alexandre.

The imitation game score

Golden Globe Award winner and Academy Award nominee Alexandre Desplat brings his contemplative style to the score for the World War II drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jan 30, 2015
Trinity twin pack by

Trinity twin pack

Jan 30, 2015
Touched by Grace by

Touched by Grace

Cara longs to be a part of the in-crowd at her new school. In an effort to impress town hottie Brandon, she befriends Grace, a girl with Down Syndrome, a friendship she tries to hide when she meets popular girls Skylar and Quinn. When Skylar loses her bid to be on the Homecoming Court, she sets it up for Grace to win Homecoming Queen, as the Senior Prank.

Jan 30, 2015
The theory of everything original motion picture score by Johannsson, Johann.

The theory of everything original motion picture score

Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson's emotional score plays an important part in the acclaimed film that tells the story of Stephen Hawking 's relationship with his first wife Jane.

Jan 30, 2015
The city of lost children by

The city of lost children

A crazed inventor gets his one eyed Cyclops to kidnap local children so that he can steal their dreams.

Jan 30, 2015
Elsa & Fred by

Elsa & Fred

The story of two people who, at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love. After losing his wife, Fred feels disturbed, confused and alone, so his daughter helps move him into a small apartment where he meets Elsa. From that moment on, everything changes. Elsa bursts into Fred's life like a whirlwind, determined to teach him that the time he has left to live, be it more or less, is precious and that he should enjoy it as he pleases.

Jan 30, 2015
Dorothea Lange - grab a hunk of lightning by

Dorothea Lange - grab a hunk of lightning

Profiles American photographer Dorothea Lange, who came to the the attention of the world with her photographs documenting the Great Depression, and achieved lasting fame in the post-War years.

Jan 30, 2015
Dope machines by Airborne Toxic Event.

Dope machines

The fourth album from Airborne Toxic Event marks a new start for the band. Their new approach to music comes across on the CD's first single, Wrong.

Jan 30, 2015
Come on, let's go! by Valens, Ritchie, 1941-1959.

Come on, let's go!

Jan 30, 2015
Cahill United States marshal by

Cahill United States marshal

A U.S. marshal must stop his sons from becoming mixed up with a gang of ruthless outlaws.

Jan 30, 2015
Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Season two by

Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Season two

Blast off to the 25th century with Buck Rogers, one of the most popular sci-fi heroes of all time! When 20th century astronaut William 'Buck' Rogers is awakened 500 years after a deep space disaster, to an Earth in recovery from nuclear war, he must join Colonel Wilma Deering to lead the crew of the starship Searcher against a galaxy of evil from the past, present, and faraway future.

Jan 30, 2015