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Sensible arrangement by Peterson, Tracie

Sensible arrangement

Oct 31, 2014
Sgt. frog - season 1 by

Sgt. frog - season 1

Keroro is Sergeant Frog, the leader of a platoon of warriors sent to conquer planet Earth. But when the amphibious invaders discover how much humans enjoy dissecting their comrades, the troops are scattered, the mission is aborted, and Keroro is abandoned. Now this once proud soldier spends more time wielding a vacuum than he does the weapons of war.

Oct 30, 2014
Shaft in Africa by

Shaft in Africa

Oct 29, 2014
Shaft in Africa [Motion picture - 1973] by

Shaft in Africa [Motion picture - 1973]

Detective Shaft goes to Africa to track down a slave-trading operation and becomes entangled in an international scheme of corruption and murder. His pursuit of the ruthless slave traders becomes a non-stop fight to save his own skin.

Oct 31, 2014
Shored up by

Shored up

When Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, it was a wake up call to a new reality. Ben Kalina takes viewers to the heart of this climate change controversy, following communities in New Jersey and North Carolina where politics, economics and science collide.

Oct 31, 2014
Siddharth by


Mehendra is a chain-wallah, seeking out a living fixing zippers on the streets of New Delhi. To ease his financial woes, he sends his twelve-year-old Siddharth to work in a distant factory. When the boy doesn't come home for the Diwali holiday, Mehendra and his wife Suman slowly begin to suspect that he was kidnapped by child traffickers.

Oct 31, 2014
Sin city - a dame to kill for by

Sin city - a dame to kill for

A few of Sin City's most hard-nosed residents cross paths with some of its more reviled occupants.

Oct 27, 2014
Singham returns by

Singham returns

Singham, the pre-eminent example of an honest and righteous police officer who challenged Jaykant Shikre's powerful planning and force in the city of Goa, is now ready to out-roar his power in the city of Mumbai.

Oct 27, 2014
Slave to nothing by Fit for a King.

Slave to nothing

The third full length album from Fit For A King.

Oct 31, 2014
Smarter brains by

Smarter brains

In Smarter Brains, we uncover the latest research and reveal groundbreaking experiments that are redefining intelligence throughout our lifespan and especially our later years. Smarter Brains shows the amazing science behind our intelligence - how it shapes our experience and enjoyment of the world around us, and how we can change and improve it, regardless of our age.

Oct 30, 2014
Sniper - legacy by

Sniper - legacy

A rogue gunman is assassinating high-ranking military officers one by one. When Gunnery Sgt. Brandon Beckett is informed his father, legendary shooter Thomas Beckett has been killed, Brandon springs into action to take out the perpetrator. But when his father rescues him from an ambush, Brandon realizes he's a pawn being played by his superiors to draw out the killer. It's up to the two men, bound by blood, to bring an end to the carnage.

Oct 31, 2014
Snow 2 brain freeze by

Snow 2 brain freeze

It's three days before Christmas, and Nick Snowden forgets about spending Christmas with his wife, Sandy, due to pressure at work. After a fight, Nick walks through a magical mirror and ends up with amnesia. Now it's up to Sandy to recharge his memory and save Christmas once and for all, but Nick's old nemesis Buck Seger returns and uses Santa's amnesia to his advantage.

Oct 31, 2014
Some luck by Smiley, Jane.

Some luck

On their farm in Denby, Iowa, Rosanna and Walter Langdon abide by time-honored values that they pass on to their five wildly different yet equally remarkable children: Frank, the brilliant, stubborn first-born; Joe, whose love of animals makes him the natural heir to his family's land; Lillian, an angelic child who enters a fairy-tale marriage with a man only she will fully know; Henry, the bookworm who's not afraid to be different; and Claire, who earns the highest place in her father's heart.

Oct 31, 2014
Sometimes it takes a mountain by Gaither Vocal Band.

Sometimes it takes a mountain

Includes the songs Jesus Gave Me Water; Let It Start In Me; Peace In The Valley; and more.

Oct 30, 2014
Songs from an open book by Furstenfeld, Justin, 1975- composer, performer.

Songs from an open book

Oct 30, 2014
Sound of a woman by Kiesza.

Sound of a woman

Kiesza's sound is as diverse as her resume, which includes being a reservist in the Royal Canadian Navy and a Miss Universe Canada contestant. Her latest release features electronic grooves as well as the hit single Hideaway.

Oct 31, 2014
Soused by Sunn 0))).


When Sunn O))) first approached Scott Walker about appearing on their 2009 album Monoliths & Dimensions, they didn't know what it would actually lead to. Four years on, Scott returned with something even more enticing, collaborating on the album, a body of work he was writing with them in mind.

Oct 31, 2014
Southbound by Doobie Brothers.


The Doobie Brothers join forces with some of the biggest names in country music to record new versions of their most popular hits. Included are collaborations with Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton.

Oct 27, 2014
Space station 76 by

Space station 76

A character-driven, domestic drama-comedy, about a group of people living on a space station in a cheesy 1970's version of the future, where personalities and asteroids collide.

Oct 30, 2014
St petersburg by Bartoli, Cecilia.

St petersburg

For the very first time Cecilia Bartoli explores the baroque musical treasures of Tsarist Russia with music from the court of three eighteenth century Tsaristas: Anna, Elizabeth, and Catherine the Great.

Oct 30, 2014