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Star Trek Beyond Score by Giacchino, Michael.

Star Trek Beyond Score

One of the most beloved film franchises returns with a new score from acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino, whose previous score was for the box office smash Jurassic World.

Jun 30, 2016
Stained class by Judas Priest (Musical group)

Stained class

Jun 28, 2016
Spleen and Ideal by Dead Can Dance.

Spleen and Ideal

Dead Can Dance proved that the band's sound went far beyond the Gothic labels that many applied to the band. Here they create a unique marriage of vocals, lyrics, and music.

Jun 30, 2016
Spaced. The complete series by

Spaced. The complete series

British comedy television series based on two very different twenty-something people, Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley, who pretend to be a professional couple to secure tenancy of a North London flat. The two along with their assortment of co-conspirators, tortured artist Brian, would-be soldier Mike, fashion fascist Twist, rock casualty landlady Marsha and Colin the dog, tackle the big questions of the 21st century.

Jun 30, 2016
Spaced- the complete series by

Spaced- the complete series

Jun 28, 2016
Space is Still the Place by Bright Light Social Hour.

Space is Still the Place

Tracks include: Sweet Madelene; Dreamlove; and The Moon.

Jun 30, 2016
Sorceress by


The evil wizard Traigon makes a pact with dark forces to sacrifice his first born to his god, Caligara, to gain the highest degree of power, but things get complicated when his wife gives birth to twins. Having knowledge of her husband's plan, she runs away, and her two daughters grow up to be beautiful warriors. After the death of their mother and adopted families at the hands of Traigon and his army, the twins join forces with Valdar the Viking and Erlick the Barbarian to take down Traigon.

Jun 30, 2016
Songs from before by Richter, Max.

Songs from before

Jun 28, 2016
Son of a pimp. Part 2 by Mistah F. A. B.

Son of a pimp. Part 2

Jun 30, 2016
Something to Talk About by Kipping, Deon.

Something to Talk About

Celebrated singer-songwriter Deon Kipping aims to increase the faith in those who listen to his fusion of pop, alternative, contemporary and gospel music. His new release includes the single Place Called Victory.

Jun 30, 2016
Skin by Flume (Musician), composer, producer, performer.


Jun 27, 2016
Skeleton Tree by Cave, Nick.

Skeleton Tree

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release the follow-up to their Push The Sky Away album.

Jun 30, 2016
Sing the sorrow by AFI (Musical group)

Sing the sorrow

Enhanced CD with link to secret site with exclusive content. System requirements not given.

Jun 28, 2016
Silver Skies Blue by Collins, Judy.

Silver Skies Blue

Fresh from the success of her hugely popular duets album, last year's Strangers Again, folk icon Judy Collins presents an all new full-length collaboration with Bronx-born singer-songwriter Ari Hest.

Jun 30, 2016
Signature synchronicity by Hawkins, Fiona Joy, 1964-

Signature synchronicity

Jun 30, 2016
She Loves Me by Bock, Jerry.

She Loves Me

Based on the same story that inspired the hit movie You Got Mail, the revival of the hit musical features Tony Award-nominated performances from Jane Krakowski, Laura Benanti, and Zachary Levi.

Jun 30, 2016
Shamanic Visioning Music - Taiko Drum Journeys by Ingerman, Sandra.

Shamanic Visioning Music - Taiko Drum Journeys

Jun 30, 2016
Sept 5th by Dvsn.

Sept 5th

The debut album from the Toronto duo.

Jun 30, 2016
Secrets of the Dead - Teotihuacan's Lost Kings by

Secrets of the Dead - Teotihuacan's Lost Kings

Follow a team of international scientists documenting an archeological sensation: the exploration of royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuaca´n. Not much is known about this long-lost society. When archeologists discover evidence of a sacrificial chamber beneath the famous Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, they find the clues that may finally tell us who these mysterious people were.

Jun 30, 2016
Secrets of the Dead - Cleopatra's Lost Tomb by

Secrets of the Dead - Cleopatra's Lost Tomb

Dr. Kathleen Martinez, criminal lawyer turned maverick archaeologist, searches for Cleopatra's lost tomb. Very little evidence remains of Egypt's last queen, but Kathleen's radical new theory about the real Cleopatra has led her to look where no one else has dared-and her hunch is paying off. Could Kathleen be closing in on Cleopatra's final resting place?

Jun 30, 2016