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Eres única by Harper, Fiona

Eres única

"Junto al altar, Damien contemplaba sin aliento aproximarse a la mujer que amaba… para casarse con otro. Y saber que la dama de honor, Zoe, le estaba observando, no le facilitaba las cosas. A diferencia de la novia, Zoe era demasiado enérgica, demasiado vehemente… ¡demasiado todo! Zoe no pudo resistirse a provocarle. Deseaba conseguir que, por una vez, Don Perfecto perdiera la compostura. Sabía que sus seductores ojos azules escondían una rabia contenida. Y, antes de que acabara la velada nupcia

Sep 3, 2015
Eso eso eso by Fonseca, Joseph, composer, performer.

Eso eso eso

Sep 3, 2015
Eso Eso Eso by Fonseca, Joseph.

Eso Eso Eso

Riding the success of El Caballito De Palo, Joseph Fonseca returns with a brand new album, his first studio release since 2011. It includes the hit single El Queso.

Aug 30, 2015
Espectacular by Emanuel, Aaron.


Aaron Emanuel, the winner of the first season of Telemundo's Yo Soy El Artista in 2014, releases an album whose tracks range from ballads to tropical and urban sounds. There is also a collaboration with Joey Montana.

Sep 3, 2015
Familia saludable. by

Familia saludable.

Sep 3, 2015
Fernando Corona by Corona, Fernando.

Fernando Corona

Fernando Corona is one of the most talented singers to emerge from the hit show Va Por Ti. His debut album takes regional Mexican music to new heights while showcasing a strong mix of powerful vocals and plenty of charisma.

Sep 3, 2015
Flamenco, Flamenco by

Flamenco, Flamenco

An evolutional musical journey through the light, song and dance of a dynamic and alive art form.

Aug 31, 2015
Flamenco, flamenco by

Flamenco, flamenco

An evolutional musical journey through the light, song and dance of a dynamic and alive art form.

Sep 3, 2015
God's Slave by

God's Slave

Ahmed, trained since childhood as an Islamic terrorist, is assigned to execute a suicide bombing at a synagogue. David is a cold-blooded Israeli special agent who will stop at nothing to prevent the attack. But neither man is defined solely by their extremist views. Ahmed, posing as a doctor, lives happily with his wife and young son; though David's marriage is on the rocks, he remains devoted to his wife and daughter. With time running out before the attack, David zeros in on Ahmed.

Aug 30, 2015
Grandes Exitos by Miguel, Luis.

Grandes Exitos

Luis Miguel is one of the most popular artists in Latin music. His greatest hits have been brought together for this two-disc collection.

Sep 3, 2015
Heroes Del Norte 3 by

Heroes Del Norte 3

In season three, our heroes arrive to North Cuba after being shipwrecked. They are rescued by fishermen and brought back to Mexico. Upon their return, they face a number of problems, as their popularity and fame have declined. They must find a way to catch up.

Sep 3, 2015
Hidden Away by

Hidden Away

Ibrahim, a fourteen-year-old Moroccan boy crosses paths with Spanish teen Rafa and they exchange a fleeting glance and go their separate ways. While Rafa's friends are trying to set him up with a local girl, Ibrahim finds himself isolated in the big city with the threat of deportation hanging over his head. When the two boys meet again, they form a close bond and decide to work together to find a way for Ibrahim to escape his fate and live the life he wants.

Sep 3, 2015
Kukai mari by Medina de la Rosa, Daniel.

Kukai mari

Sep 3, 2015
La Cima Del Cielo by Mariachi Divas De Cindy Shea.

La Cima Del Cielo

The Grammy-winning group is still going strong after a decade and a half. They have become well known for their eclectic twist on a classic live musical performance art form. This new album will keep the flow of great music going.

Aug 30, 2015
La cima del cielo by Mariachi Divas, performer.

La cima del cielo

Sep 3, 2015
Latin Club Hits 2015 by

Latin Club Hits 2015

All the Latin club hits from the top artists of 2015. Includes songs from Pit Bull, Daddy Yankee, Joel Santos, Yanfourd and more.

Aug 30, 2015
Latin hits 2015 - club edition. by

Latin hits 2015 - club edition.

Sep 3, 2015
Los Animales by Mister G.

Los Animales

Latin Grammy nominee Mister G is joined by some of the biggest names in Latin jazz, including pianist Arturo O'Farrill, for a unique fusion of salsa, jazz, Tejano, bolero, folk, and rock for all ages.

Sep 3, 2015
Luna Escondida by

Luna Escondida

The son (Wes Bentley) of a wealthy man whose funeral is disrupted by the presence of a mysterious Latin American woman (Ana Serradilla), sets out to salvage his family's reputation by figuring out the exact nature of the woman's relationship with his deceased father.

Sep 3, 2015
Más + Corazón profundo tour en vivo desde la Bahía de Santa Marta by Vives, Carlos.

Más + Corazón profundo tour en vivo desde la Bahía de Santa Marta

Sep 3, 2015