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Cinderella by Disney Press.


In 1950, Walt Disney Studios released the classic film about a kind and wishful servant girl who is swept away from the harsh lifestyle of a bleak home to a life of royalty and true love. This junior novelization of the live-action re-imagining of this timeless tale is sure to delight fans both old and new.

Apr 20, 2015
Graceful by Mass, Wendy.


Angelina D'Angelo has left town to see the world. It's now Grace's turn to use her magic to protect the people of Willow Falls, and she is up to the challenge. This is her destiny, after all. But destiny is a funny thing - it doesn't always behave the way you'd expect it to.

Apr 20, 2015
If you find this by Baker, Matthew, 1985- author.

If you find this

Nicholas is a math and music genius with no friends and a huge problem: his father has lost his job and they'll have to sell their house, which holds the only memory Nicholas has of his younger brother. Just in time, Nicholas' senile grandfather arrives, filled with tales of priceless treasure he has hidden somewhere in town--but where? With the help of misfit classmates, two grandfathers, a ghost house, hidden messages, se´ances, and an uncanny mind for numbers, Nicholas stages a nursing home b

Apr 20, 2015
If you were a panda bear by Minor, Florence Friedmann, author.

If you were a panda bear

Pictures and rhyming text present some of the many extraordinary things bears can do. Includes facts about bears as well as related websites.

Apr 20, 2015
Marvel's the Avengers - Age of Ultron by Marvel Press.

Marvel's the Avengers - Age of Ultron

Things go very wrong when Tony Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner begin work on a global peacekeeping system, putting Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye - to the ultimate test. The evil Ultron threatens the fate of humankind, and it is up to the Avengers to stop his terrible plans. Uneasy friendships and unexpected action make for one exciting, epic adventure.

Apr 20, 2015
Mean Margaret by Seidler, Tor.

Mean Margaret

Margaret is a mean, cranky human toddler from a family of nine. She is such a pain that her parents chuck her out, and she's on her own, grousing and grumping until two caring woodchucks, Phoebe and Fred, take Margaret in as their own. But despite their love, Margaret continues to wreak havoc. Soon the woodchucks are as beleaguered as Margaret's human parents were, but because love is more powerful than temper tantrums, they are determined to make it work.

Apr 20, 2015
Middle School Just My Rotten Luck by Patterson, James.

Middle School Just My Rotten Luck

Rafe heads back to the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, where he's now being forced to take 'special' classes. He also finds himself joining the school's football team, alongside his main tormenter, Miller the Killer! But Rafe has grand plans for a better year. First, he decides to start a super-secret art project that's sure to rock the school. Then, if Rafe manages to make a play to save his team, he might have to deal with something completely new: popularity.

Apr 20, 2015
The Only Game by Lupica, Mike.

The Only Game

Jack is the star of his baseball team and sixth grade is supposed to be his year. Undefeated. Records shattered. Little League World Series. That is, until he up and quits. Jack's best friend Gus can't understand how Jack could leave a game that means more to them than anything else. But Jack is done. It's a year of change. Jack's brother has passed away, and though his family and friends and the whole town of Walton thinks baseball is just the thing he needs to move on, Jack feels it's not.

Apr 20, 2015
Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures by Stiefvater, Maggie.

Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures

Pip is spending the summer with her aunt. At first it's all fun, games, and chatting until Fuzzles appear and start bursting into flames.

Apr 20, 2015
Woof by Quinn, Spencer.


There is trouble brewing in the Louisiana swamp - Bowser can smell it. Bowser is a very handsome and only slightly slobbery dog, and he can smell lots of things. Like bacon. And rawhide chews! And the sweat on humans when they're lying.

Apr 20, 2015
First stories to last a lifetime by Weiss, Jim, author, narrator.

First stories to last a lifetime

A lush bouquet of stories for young listeners.

Apr 20, 2015
Under the freedom tree by VanHecke, Susan

Under the freedom tree

Apr 20, 2015
Starring Jules (as herself) by Ain, Beth Levine, author.

Starring Jules (as herself)

Jules doesn't want to ruin the opportunity of a lifetime, and she's willing to turn to anyone for help--even her know-it-all ex-best friend! If only that lovely new girl in class would turn out to be the new best friend of her dreams, maybe, just maybe, Jules will be ready for her close-up.

Apr 20, 2015
Tales From a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen by Russell, Rachel Renee.

Tales From a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen

Nikki's diary is up to the month of April, and springtime is sure to bring more wacky adventures with Nikki and her friends Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon.

Apr 20, 2015
Sammy Keyes and the night of skulls by Van Draanen, Wendelin.

Sammy Keyes and the night of skulls

Sammy is hoping for a fun Halloween for a change. But dressing up as zombies and cutting through the cemetery assures that the teenage sleuth and her pals are soon immersed in a satisfyingly suspenseful adventure full of secrets and surprises, not the least of which is a trick-or-treat bag with human skulls!

Apr 20, 2015
Fairytale favorites in story and song by Weiss, Jim.

Fairytale favorites in story and song

A collection of traditional fairy tales told by acclaimed storyteller Jim Weiss.

Apr 20, 2015
The case of the three rings by Erickson, John R., 1943- author.

The case of the three rings

Slim must complete Uncle Johnny's "little job"--Which has become more complicated than Slim signed up for--and race home in time to patch things up with Miss Viola, or their engagement may be over.

Apr 20, 2015
Bugs in my hair! by Shannon, David, 1959- author. illustrator.

Bugs in my hair!

A horrified boy discovers he has head lice and tries some wild remedies to get rid of them.

Apr 20, 2015
I'm brave! by McMullan, Kate, author.

I'm brave!

He's a big red engine with a siren, a horn, a tank full of water, and whole lotta hose! He's a good-looking' fire truck, and he's brave too. When the alarm sounds, he's gotta drive through smoke and heat straight to a blazing fire!

Apr 20, 2015
The Worst Class Trip Ever by Barry, Dave.

The Worst Class Trip Ever

Wyatt, his best friend, Matt, and a few kids from Culver Middle School find themselves in a heap of trouble-not just with their teachers, who have long lost patience with them-but from several mysterious men they first meet on their flight to the nation's capital. In a fast-paced adventure with the monuments as a backdrop, the kids try to stay out of danger and out of the doghouse while trying to save the president from attack-or maybe not.

Apr 20, 2015