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The robber Hotzenplotz by Preussler, Otfried, author.

The robber Hotzenplotz

When a robber steals his grandmother's musical coffee mill, Kasperl and his best friend Seppel try to catch the robber, who enlists the help of his wicked magician friend, Petrosilius Zackleman, a gluttonous villain with a weakness for fried potatoes.

Jun 30, 2016
Rise of the robot army by Venditti, Robert.

Rise of the robot army

Reluctant superhero Miles Taylor battles an army of deadly robots, but struggles to dominate eighth grade at Chapman Middle School, where bullies and unrequited love await.

Jun 30, 2016
The Oval Office escape by Leavitt, Lindsey, author.

The Oval Office escape

"When Ava and Dean are sent to bring lunch to the mice who work in the Situation Room, they discover that the president's cat, Clover, is going to be spending a lot of time in the West Wing"--

Jun 30, 2016
New and improved by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.

New and improved

For their first assignment in fourth grade Finley has to think of an invention that will help the world--but when her Supersonic Sibling Sublimator appears to work too well, and her annoying older brother vanishes, only to reappear laughing at the trick he played, Finley comes up with a new invention she is sure will be a hit.

Jun 30, 2016
My big fat zombie goldfish - any fin is possible by O'Hara, Mo, author.

My big fat zombie goldfish - any fin is possible

Another 2 adventures in the life of Tom and his pet zombie goldfish Frankie. In the first story they experience history truly coming to life in a museum and Frankie has to avoid becoming mummified pet food. In the second story, they have to stop Tom's evil mad scientist older brother and his vampire cat from cheating to win the gold medal at the school sports day.

Jun 30, 2016
LEGO Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu. Team ninja by Saunders, Catherine.

LEGO Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu. Team ninja

"Join Cole, Jay, Kai, Zane, and Nya in their latest adventure across the exciting land of Ninjago. New enemies are rising|does the team have what it takes to defeat them?"--Publisher.

Jun 30, 2016
The kidnap plot by Butler, Dave, 1973-

The kidnap plot

When young Charlie Pondicherry sets out to rescue his inventor-father from kidnappers, he uncovers a dastardly plan that he must help to foil, and discovers a great truth about himself.

Jun 30, 2016
Jonny Jakes investigates the hamburgers of doom by Judge, Malcolm, author.

Jonny Jakes investigates the hamburgers of doom

Twelve-year-old Jonny Jakes is an undercover reporter for a banned school newspaper, The Woodford Word, and right now he has the story of a lifetime--the new principal is an alien (he does not even try and hide it), Jonny is sure he is planning something nefarious, and it is up to the Word's star (really the only) reporter to find out what it is.

Jun 30, 2016
The it girl by Birchall, Katy, author.

The it girl

Shy, awkward fourteen-year-old Anna is thrust into the spotlight when her father becomes engaged to a very popular actress, leading to both popularity and problems at school.

Jun 30, 2016
Girl vs. boy band - the right track by Jones, Harmony, author.

Girl vs. boy band - the right track

When three noisy, mischievous rising stars of a British boy band come to Los Angeles to make their first album, they stay in the home of a record producer and her seventh-grade daughter, a talented but painfully shy singer-songwriter, urged by her best friend to step into the spotlight.

Jun 30, 2016
The first last day by Cirrone, Dorian, author.

The first last day

Eleven-year-old Haleigh Adams paints a picture with a mysterious set of paints found and now she is stuck in a time loop, but when she realizes her parents have been keeping a secret she and her new best friend Kevin must find the source of the magic paints and the secret of the time loop before it is too late.

Jun 30, 2016
Feathered by Kerbel, Deborah, author.


"Finch's family is falling apart, and her best friend has dropped her. She's stuck with the meanest teacher in town, and at home her brother is always with his awful friend Matt. One day, Finch lets out her frustration with a graffiti message in a school bathroom stall. When she returns the next day, she's surprised to find her message has been answered! Suddenly Finch doesn't feel so alone anymore, and a friendship begins. But her new friend is secretive in ways Finch doesn't understand. When t

Jun 30, 2016
Every single second by Springstubb, Tricia, author.

Every single second

Twelve-year-old Nella Sabatini's life is changing too soon, too fast. Her best friend, Clem, doesn't seem concerned; she's busy figuring out the best way to spend the "leap second"-- an extra second about to be added to the world's official clock. The only person who might understand how Nella feels is Angela, but the two of them have gone from being "secret sisters" to not talking at all. Then Angela's idolized big brother makes a terrible, fatal mistake, one that tears apart their tight-knit c

Jun 30, 2016
Cody Harmon, king of pets by Mills, Claudia.

Cody Harmon, king of pets

"Cody Harmon loves animals--he even has nine pets--so when the school holds a pet show fundraiser, it should be his time to shine"--

Jun 30, 2016
Captain Awesome meets Super Dude! - super special by Kirby, Stan, author.

Captain Awesome meets Super Dude! - super special

In this super special, Captain Awesome encounters his biggest villain yet! But just when all might be lost, someone lends a hand. And not just a regular hand. A super hand.

Jun 30, 2016
Campfire cookies by Freeman, Martha, 1956- author.

Campfire cookies

"Secret Cookie Club members Grace, Emma, Olivia and Lucy are thrilled to be back in Flowerpot Cabin with their beloved counselor, Hannah. But when a mysterious letter arrives, Hannah is plunged into despair. After puzzling out the contents of the letter, the campers make a plan to help Hannah--a plan that requires a daring mission to boys camp and a big batch of campfire cookies"--

Jun 30, 2016
Camp wild survival by Marcionette, Jake, author.

Camp wild survival

When his dad takes him and his sister to Camp Wild Survival during summer break, Jake Mathews and his family find themselves in some harrowing, hilarious situations.

Jun 30, 2016
The big move by Leavitt, Lindsey, author.

The big move

"Mice siblings who live in the White House prepare for a new president to move in"--

Jun 30, 2016
The ballad of a broken nose by Svingen, Arne, author.

The ballad of a broken nose

Immersing himself in his love for opera in order to cope with a difficult life, shy and bullied Bart embraces an optimistic outlook and bonds with an outgoing girl who encourages him to perform in a school talent show.

Jun 30, 2016
Art-rageous by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.


After a class field trip to the art museum, fourth-graders Finley, Henry, and Olivia are assigned a project that is supposed to define art, which is difficult, because they all liked very different paintings--but for their group project they come up with a presentation that captures their combined vision.

Jun 30, 2016