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Mischief season - a twins story by Marciano, John Bemelmans, author.

Mischief season - a twins story

Welcome to Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches! The children of Benevento have to be careful and clever to evade the clutches of such witches as the Manalonga, the Janara, and the Clopper, who hide in wells and under bridges, fly at midnight, and play tricks during Mischief Season. Five cousins – Primo, Emilio, Rosa, Maria Beppina, and Sergio – share adventures and narrow escapes, and discover astonishing secrets as they outwit the witches in each exciting story.

May 4, 2016
Mayday by Harrington, Karen, 1967-


"Twelve-year-old Wayne Kovok loses his uncle to war and his voice to a plane crash in the same year and must learn to speak up as he navigates relationships with his father, grandfather, and new friend, Denny Rosenblatt"--

May 4, 2016
The palace of glass by Wexler, Django, author.

The palace of glass

"After learning the truth about her uncle Geryon, 13-year-old Alice--with the encouragement of the magical giant feline, Ending--ventures into a dangerous land searching for a mysterious book that will allow her to exact her revenge on Geryon, and unwittingly sets off a far larger and more dangerous battle than she ever imagined"-- Provided by publisher.

May 4, 2016
Spider-man and his amazing friends by Sazaklis, John, author.

Spider-man and his amazing friends

FreezeFrame books are packed with still frames from the TV show to dynamically engage reluctant readers. Bursting with frames from an episode of "Justice League Unlimited," fascinating facts about favorite super heroes and villains, and lively storytelling!

May 4, 2016
Left behind by Anderson, Laurie Halse, author.

Left behind

"When Sunita joins Dr. Gabe and another Vet Volunteer on a house call at a local horse farm, she is concerned to discover a lone lamb housed in one of the stalls. She knows that sheep are flock animals, and that without other sheep and lambs around, this little lamb will not thrive. Can she and her fellow Vet Volunteers help educate the owner, and find a new home for it with others of its kind?" --

May 4, 2016
EllRay Jakes stands tall! by Warner, Sally, 1946- author.

EllRay Jakes stands tall!

Eight-year-old EllRay Jakes, the shortest kid in class and still chosen last at recess, hones his basketball skills with Mr. Havens and earns the respect of his third-grade classmates.

May 4, 2016
The Angry Birds movie - the junior novel by Cerasi, Christopher, adapter.

The Angry Birds movie - the junior novel

A ship of pigs lands on Bird Island, and the more keep arriving, which makes Red suspicious.

May 4, 2016
Mage of Trelian by Knudsen, Michelle.

Mage of Trelian

Apprentice Mage Calen shocked everyone when he disappeared--apparently willingly--with Krelig, the incredibly powerful and evil mage intent on forcing the world to submit to his rule. Krelig believes Calen will be the key to his victory and is training him to unlock his untapped magical power. Calen is desperate to escape but knows he must first learn as much as he can if there is to be any hope of defeating Krelig. In Trelian the war is going badly. As the mages prepare for their own deadly

May 4, 2016
The hidden oracle by Riordan, Rick, author.

The hidden oracle

"After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. He must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus's favor"--

May 4, 2016
Danger! Tiger crossing by Oliver, Lin, author.

Danger! Tiger crossing

Ten-year-old Tiger and his new friend, Luna, are drawn into a copy of Henri Rousseau's painting, Surprised!, through a magical golden frame by which their neighbor's son disappeared fifty years earlier.

May 4, 2016
Nothing up my sleeve by López, Diana, author.

Nothing up my sleeve

When best friends Dominic, Loop, and Z stumble upon the new magic shop in town, they know just how they will spend their summer vacation--mastering cool tricks so they can gain further access into the secret world of magic.

May 4, 2016
Julius Zebra - Rumble with the Romans! by Northfield, Gary, 1969- author, illustrator.

Julius Zebra - Rumble with the Romans!

From a smelly watering hole deep in the heart of the Serengeti to the ferocious clamor of the Colosseum, join Julius Zebra and his motley menagerie of friends as they gear up to be gladiators! Only if they win the love of the Roman crowds will they win back their freedom. But do Julius and his pals have what it takes to succeed in a world where only the meanest and toughest survive?

May 4, 2016
The hidden beast by Pike, Christopher, 1955-, author

The hidden beast

A dragon appears in Spooksville and intends to destroy the entire town unless its jewels and gold are returned.

May 4, 2016
The legend of Sam Miracle by Wilson, Nathan D., author.

The legend of Sam Miracle

"Misfit twelve-year-old Sam Miracle’s life is made up of dreams, dreams where he’s a courageous, legendary hero instead of a foster kid with two bad arms that can barely move. Sometimes these dreams feel so real, they seem like forgotten memories. And sometimes they make him believe that his arms might come alive again. But Sam is about to discover that the world he knows and the world he imagines are separated by only one thing: time. And that separation is only an illusion. The l

May 4, 2016
The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary by Shovan, Laura, author.

The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary

"A story told in verse from multiple perspectives of the graduating fifth grade class of Emerson Elementary. The kids join together to try to save their school from being torn down to make way for a supermarket"--

May 4, 2016
Trapped in the Overworld - an unofficial Minetrapped adventure #1. by Morgan, Winter.

Trapped in the Overworld - an unofficial Minetrapped adventure #1.

May 4, 2016
Shadow Squadron - steel hammer by Bowen, Carl, author.

Shadow Squadron - steel hammer

Shadow Squadron has had lots of dangerous missions, but parachuting onto a moving train in ISIS territory to secure a load of weapons guarded by elite troops may well prove to be fatal for Lieutenant Commander Ryan Cross and his entire team.

May 4, 2016
The last monster by Garrett, Ginger, 1968- author.

The last monster

"Thirteen-year-old cancer survivor Sofia has been chosen as the next Guardian of a book called The Bestiary, an ancient text. Drawn into violent and unpredictable mysteries, Sofia learns that these misunderstood monsters from the book are in danger and she is the only one who can save them"

May 4, 2016
The mechanical mind of John Coggin by Teele, Elinor.

The mechanical mind of John Coggin

"When Great Aunt Beauregard announces her intentions to bring budding engineer John into the family business of coffin manufacturing for the rest of his natural life--and, worse, to teach his sister Page to embalm--John decides enough is enough, and the two of them head out on the lam, maybe joining the circus"--

May 4, 2016
The harp and the ravenvine by Sanders, Ted, 1969- author.

The harp and the ravenvine

Horace F. Andrews and his friend Chloe are Keepers of magical objects of extraordinary power. But as the presence of a new Keeper is made known, they are drawn into a struggle to find out who she is and where her loyalties lie. This is a gripping sequel to The Box and the Dragonfly, the first book in Ted Sanders' Keepers series, hailed by the New York Times Book Review as a "satisfying and original quest tale." As Horace and Chloe adjust to their newfound talents-Horace can see the future and Ch

May 4, 2016