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The doorway and the deep by Ormsbee, Katie, author. The doorway and the deep

Even after escaping from the Southerly Kingdom, Lottie Fiske has returned to the magical Albion Isle, despite the fact that she is a wanted criminal there, because she is seeking answers about her abilities, and her parents--but war is threatening Limn, and the answers she needs seem to lie in the Northerly Kingdom, along a road full of dangers.

Oct 25, 2016
Basil in Mexico by Titus, Eve, author. Basil in Mexico

Basil, mouse and master detective seeking the truth behind the theft of the Mousa Lisa, must also solve the mystery of his companion's disappearance.

Oct 25, 2016
Ashes by Anderson, Laurie Halse, author. Ashes

"As the Revolutionary War rages on, Isabel and Curzon are reported as runaways, and the awful Bellingham is determined to track them down. With purpose and faith, Isabel and Curzon march on, fiercely determined to find Isabel's little sister Ruth, who is enslaved in a Southern state"--

Oct 25, 2016
Teddy & Co. by Voigt, Cynthia. Teddy & Co.

"A group of lost toys live on an island, and their community must adapt as new toys come and go"--

Oct 27, 2016
Ratpunzel by Vernon, Ursula, author. Ratpunzel

"It is Princess Harriet Hamsterbone to the rescue when Heady the hydra's egg is stolen, but her search leads her to a castle accessible only by a rat with a very long tail"--

Oct 27, 2016
Night of the living shadows - a Speed Bump & Slingshot misadventure by Coverly, Dave, author. Night of the living shadows - a Speed Bump & Slingshot misadventure

On a quest to earn their Scavenger Hunt badge and graduate from Bird Scouts to Eagle Scouts, Speed Bump and his slacker friend Slingshot become trapped inside a shopping mall.

Oct 27, 2016
A legend of starfire by Burt, Marissa, author. A legend of starfire

"The Land of Nod used to be just a name in a nursery rhyme to Wren. But when she discovered the secret magic of stardust, she learned that some of those rhymes had secrets of their own—and the Land of Nod is real. A few months ago, the evil Magician Boggen attempted to escape his exile on Nod and return to Earth. Wren stopped him, but Boggen is still out there. To save her world, Wren will travel farther than even she could have dreamed: to the heart of Nod itself, where she must defeat Boggen o

Oct 27, 2016
Finding perfect by Swartz, Elly D., author. Finding perfect

"With some help from her siblings and friends, Molly is able to face her OCD and be strong enough to get help for it"--

Oct 27, 2016
The emerald tablet by Jolley, Dan, author. The emerald tablet

Finding an old map, Gabe and his friends follow clues to a secret chamber beneath San Francisco, where they perform what they think is a friendship ritual before strange events reveal a sinister cult from a parallel realm.

Oct 27, 2016
The dog, Ray by Coggin, Linda. The dog, Ray

"Daisy, age twelve, has died in a car accident. She finds herself in the afterworld, which resembles nothing more than a Job Center. Her soul is being returned to Earth, but not as a human bein -- she's returning as a dog. A dog who retains Daisy's thoughts and pluck and is determined to get back to her parents and to get back home. What she doesn't expect is that life as a dog named Ray would come with such worries -- and moments of jubilation -- as she grows to care for others in a whole new w

Oct 27, 2016
Diary of a wimpy kid. 11, Double down by Kinney, Jeff, author. Diary of a wimpy kid. 11, Double down

The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. His mom thinks video games are turning his brain to mush, so she wants her son to put down the controller and explore his creative side. As if that s not scary enough, Halloween's just around the corner and the frights are coming at Greg from every angle. When Greg discovers a bag of gummy worms, it sparks an idea. Can he get his mom off his back by making a movie . . . and will he become rich and famous in the process? Or will doubling down on th

Oct 27, 2016
The Bone Sparrow by Fraillon, Zana, author. The Bone Sparrow

"Subhi's contained world as a refugee in an Australian permanent detention center rapidly expands when Jimmie arrives on the other side of the fence and asks him to read her late mother's stories to her"--

Oct 27, 2016
Atticus Claw goes ashore by Gray, Jennifer (Children's story writer), author. Atticus Claw goes ashore

"Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw, the world's greatest cat burglar detective is back! Inspector Cheddar has been cursed by pirates. There's only one thing that can save him: the legendary pirate treasure known as the Casket of Desires. Atticus and his friends set sail to find it. But the journey is fraught with danger. Atticus must learn to be a first-class ship's cat if they want to stay afloat!"

Oct 27, 2016