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The happy Hollisters on a river trip by West, Jerry, 1910-1975.

The happy Hollisters on a river trip

The Hollisters spring into action when a child becomes separated from the group during their vacation. Along the way the family works together to solve a mystery involving a tagged Clown fish found in the river.

Nov 27, 2015
The boy who knew everything by Forester, Victoria (Victoria Lakeman), author.

The boy who knew everything

In the wake of a prophecy that says they have the power to bring about great change, genius Conrad Harrington III teams up with Piper McCloud, the girl who could fly, to try to save the world and themselves.

Nov 27, 2015
Hittite warrior by Williamson, Joanne S.

Hittite warrior

In ca. 1200 B.C., Uriah the Hittite leaves his conquered homeland and, following his father's instruction, seeks refuge with an old family friend, eventually finding himself in a great battle between the Canaanite forces of Sisera and the Hebrew forces of Barak.

Nov 27, 2015
Dream on, Amber by Shevah, Emma, author.

Dream on, Amber

Amber's Japanese father left when she was little, and her sister Bella was just a baby, so now she fills in the frustrating gap in her life with imagined conversations, and writes letters to Bella that seem to come from their father.

Nov 27, 2015
Marsha Mellow goes missing - an unofficial story for Shopkins collectors by Shay, Kenley, author.

Marsha Mellow goes missing - an unofficial story for Shopkins collectors

Nine-year-old Maggie can't wait to go camping with her friends. They're going to sit around the campfire, make s'mores, sing songs, and, of course, play with Shopkins. And Maggie has the perfect new Shopkin for the occasion--the ultra rare sparkly Marsha Mellow. The weekend would be perfect, if only Maggie's annoying little brother, Max, wasn't coming, too. But then Maggie's prized Marsha Mellow goes missing, and all the clues point to one of the club members: Ava has been eyeing Marsha Mellow a

Nov 27, 2015
The After-room by Meloy, Maile, author.

The After-room

Teenagers Janie and Benjamin continue to explore the secrets of the Pharmacopoeia while Benjamin risks everything to find a way to connect with his father.

Nov 27, 2015
5-minute Batman stories by Lemke, Donald B., adapter.

5-minute Batman stories

"Batman battles the dark forces of Gotham City night after night. With Commissioner Gordon and Robin by his side, Batman stops the slickest of tricksters and the grimiest evildoers. In this collection of 12 action-packed stories, the World's Greatest Detective takes on the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and more!"--Page 4 of cover.

Nov 27, 2015
Fast break by Lupica, Mike, author.

Fast break

Since his mother's death, Jayson, twelve, has focused on basketball and surviving but he is found out and placed with an affluent foster family of a different race, and must learn to accept many changes, including facing his former teammates in a championship game.

Nov 27, 2015
The English Roses. A rose by any other name by Madonna, 1958-

The English Roses. A rose by any other name

The English Roses want a role in the school's performance of Romeo and Juliet. Will envy and jealousy get in the way of their friendship?

Nov 27, 2015
Battle of the bots by Richards, C. J., author.

Battle of the bots

The evil Dr. Micron is in jail, but the scandal at TinkerTech has caused a lot of anti-robot feeling in Terabyte Heights, making life difficult for the ten-year-old robotics genius George Gearing and his robot buddy, Jackbot--especially since Micron is the only person who can help George restore his parents, and his price is a jail-break.

Nov 27, 2015
Destruction of the overworld - an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure by Cheverton, Mark, author.

Destruction of the overworld - an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure

Gameknight999 and his dad and friends have to defeat the Ender Dragon without releasing Herobrine.

Nov 27, 2015
Class dismissed by Woodrow, Allan, author.

Class dismissed

Class 507 is terrible, and one day, after a particularly disastrous science experiment, Ms. Bryce quits and walks out in the middle of class, and the school office never finds out--at first all the fifth graders enjoy goofing off, but after a few days that starts getting boring, and the students begin to realize that school without a teacher is not easy, cooperating is difficult, and keeping a secret is harder than they thought.

Nov 27, 2015
Everything's amazing (sort of) by Pichon, Liz, author, illustrator.

Everything's amazing (sort of)

Things are looking up for Tom Gates. The school dance is coming up, and his birthday, too! What could possibly put him in a bad mood? Well, the words math lesson, for one thing. And that annoying twit Marcus Meldrew at school. And Granny Mavis threatening to bake Tom's birthday cake (carrots!). And the fact that nobody seems to be noticing the long list of birthday presents Tom has prominently displayed. Worst of all, can it be true that Tom's dad has volunteered to deejay the school dance weari

Nov 27, 2015
How to fight a dragon's fury - the heroic misadventures of Hiccup the Viking by Cowell, Cressida, author.

How to fight a dragon's fury - the heroic misadventures of Hiccup the Viking

"The Doomsday of Yule has arrived, and the future of dragonkind lies in the hands of one boy with nothing to show, but everything to fight for. Hiccup's quest is clear... But can he end the rebellion? Can he prove himself to be king? Can he save the dragons? The stakes have never been higher, as the very fate of the Viking world hangs in the balance!" --

Nov 27, 2015
Max Helsing and the thirteenth curse by Jobling, Curtis, author.

Max Helsing and the thirteenth curse

"Max van Helsing and a group of friends try to save the world after he discovers he has been cursed by an evil warlock who intends to reclaim the earth for monsters"--

Nov 27, 2015
My diary from the edge of the world by Anderson, Jodi Lynn, author.

My diary from the edge of the world

Spirited, restless Gracie Lockwood, twelve, of Cliffden, Maine, living in a world where sasquatches, dragons, giants, and mermaids are common, keeps a diary of her family's journey in a used Winnebago as they seek The Extraordinary World in hopes of keeping her little brother, Sam, safe against all odds.

Nov 27, 2015
The Little prince - family storybook by Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, 1900-1944, author.

The Little prince - family storybook

An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

Nov 27, 2015
Julia Jones' diary by Kahler, Katrina.

Julia Jones' diary

Nov 27, 2015
Minna's patchwork coat by Mills, Lauren A., author, illustrator.

Minna's patchwork coat

In the poverty of the Appalachian coal country in 1908, eight-year-old Minna's life gets even more difficult after her father dies of black lung, and that winter she cannot go to school because she does not have a coat--until the quilting mothers make her a coat using pieces of cloth from their own lives, each with a special story behind it.

Nov 27, 2015
Mia , the way the cupcake crumbles by Simon, Coco, author.

Mia , the way the cupcake crumbles

"Mia is having a terrible day! Everything is going wrong. She woke up late and couldn't make her hair look perfect or brush her teeth, she probably failed a pop quiz, and she broke her glasses! But when her mom's cousin Laura arrives from Puerto Rico, she gives Mia a bracelet with a lucky charm. All of a sudden, Mia's luck changes for the better. Mia's thrilled--she'll never have a bad day again--or will she?"--Back cover.

Nov 27, 2015