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Zombie in the library by Dahl, Michael.

Zombie in the library

Welcome to the Library of Doom where strange creatures and scary books reside.

Apr 17, 2014
Wolf and dog by Heede, Sylvia Vanden.

Wolf and dog

Dog is wolf's cousin. Wolf is dog's cousin. That's strange because: Wolf is wild and Dog is tame. Wolf lives in a forest on top of a hill. Dog doesn't. Dog has a basket. And a boss. These laugh-out-loud stories are about the important things in life-like food, family, and fleas.

Apr 19, 2014
Winter holiday by Ransome, Arthur, 1884-1967.

Winter holiday

Apr 22, 2014
When Audrey met Alice by Behrens, Rebecca, author.

When Audrey met Alice

When the Secret Service squashes yet another chance for the president's daughter, Audrey, to make any new friends, Audrey discovers former first daughter Alice Roosevelt's hidden diary, which gives Audrey endless ideas for having fun--and more problems than she can handle.

Apr 22, 2014
West of the moon by Preus, Margi, author.

West of the moon

In nineteenth-century Norway, fourteen-year-old Astri, whose aunt has sold her to a mean goatherder, dreams of joining her father in America.

Apr 22, 2014
Welcome to Dog Beach by Greenwald, Lisa.

Welcome to Dog Beach

Twelve-year-old Remy loves the traditions of Sea Gate, the island where her family spends every summer vacation, but after her grandmother and a special dog die, and her relationship with best friends Bennett and Micayla changes, Remy takes comfort in the company of the island's Dog Beach--where she hatches a plan to bring her friends closer and recapture the Sea Gate magic.

Apr 22, 2014
Upside down in the middle of nowhere by Lamana, Julie T., author.

Upside down in the middle of nowhere

At the end of August 2005, ten-year-old Armani is looking forward to her birthday party in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, where she and her extended family live, but Hurricane Katrina is on the way, bringing destruction and tragedy in its wake.

Apr 22, 2014
Ultimate showdown by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Ultimate showdown

Opinionated siblings Rafe and Georgia Khatchadorian debate a variety of topics relating to the ups and downs of middle school life and encourage readers to add their own contributions through write-in games and activities.

Apr 22, 2014
Twister - a terrifying tale of superstorms by Bos, Samone, author.

Twister - a terrifying tale of superstorms

Visiting his cousins in Oklahoma, Jeremy joins them on a storm chasing adventure encountering giant hailstones, ground lightning and funnel clouds, but suddenly a tornado touches down and they must now escape it.

Apr 22, 2014
True enough by Brooke, Lauren.

True enough

When Ashley Grant appears at Heartland unannounced, Amy is immediately suspicious. Ashley has never been friendly -- she hasn't even been close to nice. Considering their history, Amy is intrigued when Ashley begs her to help train an expensive jumper purchased by Ashley's mom. Amy had noticed Ashley and Bright Magic at the last show. The horse exhibited amazing talent - despite its obvious agitation with its overbearing tack and Ashley's aggressive riding. Always thinking of the horse first, Am

Apr 22, 2014
Titanic - April 1912 by Duey, Kathleen.

Titanic - April 1912

"Gavin Reilly is working in the Titanic's galley to earn his passage from Ireland to America. He knows when he finally joins his brother in New York they'll live their big dreams together. Karolina Green is devastated after the loss of her parents. She's returning home to the United States from England with her Aunt Rose, and desperately dreams of fixing her shattered life in New York. But on a calm, clear night in April, those dreams turn into a nightmare. Rich and poor, famous and unknown, the

Apr 22, 2014
Three Bird Summer by St. Antoine, Sara

Three Bird Summer

Apr 22, 2014
Thicker than water by Hale, Bruce.

Thicker than water

"Max Segrado and the S.P.I.E.S. are on a mission to steal a powerful mind control device and to keep the Merry Sunshine Orphanage from closing"--

Apr 22, 2014
The vampire chapter by Dahl, Michael.

The vampire chapter

Someone, or something, is draining all the books of their ink.

Apr 17, 2014
The unfairest of them all by Hale, Shannon.

The unfairest of them all

In the aftermath of Legacy Day, Raven Queen, reluctant leader of the Rebels, and Apple White, head of the Royals, work together when an Ever After High student, Maddie, gets in trouble, threatening all of their Happily Ever Afters.

Apr 22, 2014
The thing about Georgie - a novel by Graff, Lisa (Lisa Colleen), 1981-

The thing about Georgie - a novel

Georgie's dwarfism causes problems, but he could always rely on his parents, his best friend, and classmate Jeanie the Meanie's teasing, until a surprising announcement, a new boy in school, and a class project shake things up.

Apr 22, 2014
The Swift Boys & Me by Keplinger, Kody

The Swift Boys & Me

Apr 22, 2014
The summer I saved the world ... in 65 days by Hurwitz, Michele Weber.

The summer I saved the world ... in 65 days

Inspired by her late grandmother, 13-year-old Nina spends a summer secretly doing good deeds for her neighbors and enjoying the changes she brings about, even as she's dealing with changing friendships and family issues.

Apr 22, 2014
The stowaways by Marentette, Meghan, 1974- author.

The stowaways

The Stowaways aren't like the other Weedle mice. They are inventive and curious, they go on adventures, and they are much too clever for their own good. In fact, everyone knows that Grampa Stowaway was killed in a trap on one of his adventures. So who would want to associate with a family like that? There's something else about the Stowaways. They keep secrets. Rory has made friends with a bird their natural enemy and his twin brother, Morgan, dreams of sailing away. But Gran has the biggest sec

Apr 22, 2014
The storm tower thief by Cameron, Anne.

The storm tower thief

When Scabious Dankhart engineers an outbreak of deadly spores called Ice Diamonds, causing chaos and illness, twelve-year-old Angus, who can predict and control catastrophic weather, and his school chums must find the legendary Lightning Heart--a stone of great power--in order to put everything right.

Apr 22, 2014