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Gabriel Finley & the raven's riddle by Hagen, George, 1958- author.

Gabriel Finley & the raven's riddle

Eleven-year-old Gabriel, with the help of the young raven Paladin, which whom he has a magical bond, travels to the foreboding land of Aviopolis, where he must face challenges and unanswerable riddles to rescue his long-missing father.

Oct 20, 2014
A Christmas carol by Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870, author.

A Christmas carol

A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future.

Oct 20, 2014
Andi unexpected - an Andi Boggs novel by Flower, Amanda.

Andi unexpected - an Andi Boggs novel

Twelve-year-old Andi Boggs discovers evidence of her forgotten namesake, a missing relative, which leads her into a family mystery rooted in the Great Depression.

Oct 20, 2014
Andi under pressure - an Andi Boggs novel by Flower, Amanda.

Andi under pressure - an Andi Boggs novel

While attending a prestigious Science Camp, twelve-year-old Andi and her new best friend, Colin Carter, investigate a series of practical jokes being blamed on the mysterious janitor, Polk, which result in a lab explosion that injures a professor.

Oct 20, 2014
The junkyard bot by Richards, C. J. author.

The junkyard bot

When George Gearing's personal robot Jackbot gets hit by a car, George rebuilds him into something amazing, only to have him disappear just as darkness threatens the town, leaving George and his new friend Anne Droid to find out what happened.

Oct 20, 2014
Go! Fight! Twin! by Payton, Belle

Go! Fight! Twin!

Oct 20, 2014
The girls of Gettysburg by Miller, Bobbi.

The girls of Gettysburg

"Pickett's Charge, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, is the climax of this Civil War adventure, told from the perspective of three girls: a Union loyalist, a free Black, and a girl from Virginia who disguised herself as a boy to fight in the Confederate Army"--

Oct 20, 2014
The Annotated Treasure Island by Stevenson, Robert Louis/ Barker-benfield, Simon (INT)/ Rhead, Louis (ILT)

The Annotated Treasure Island

Oct 20, 2014
The badger knight by Erskine, Kathryn, author.

The badger knight

In England in 1346 Adrian has three problems: he is small for his twelve years, he is an albino, so people are suspicious of him, and his father wants him to be a scribe, while he wants to be an archer--but when he runs away to join his friend in the fight against the invading Scots, he learns that war can be a lot more complicated then he imagined.

Oct 20, 2014
Jim's lion by Hoban, Russell, author.

Jim's lion

A young boy who is afraid of the operation that can help him get well learns to overcome his fear with the help of a caring nurse.

Oct 20, 2014
Jack Templar, monster hunter - a novel by Gunhus, Jeff, 1972- author.

Jack Templar, monster hunter - a novel

Orphan Jack Templar has no memory of his parents and only the smallest details from his Aunt Sophie about how they died. The day before Jack's fourteenth birthday, things start to change for him. At first it's great: A sudden new strength helps him defend his nose-picking friend "T-Rex" from the school bully, and even his crush, Cindy Adams, takes notice. But then a mysterious girl named Eva arrives and tells him two facts that will change his life forever. First, that he's the descendent of a l

Oct 20, 2014
Fashion frightmare! by Mercer, Sienna, author.

Fashion frightmare!

The Cafe´ Creative fashion show is coming up, and everyone who's anyone is ready to strike a pose. Everyone except Ivy, that is. Modelling is her worst nightmare! Luckily Olivia's there to lend a hand. But soon strutting down the catwalk is the least of the twins' worries, when a priceless accessory goes missing. Is there a couture crook in town"--P. [4] cover.

Oct 20, 2014
Cooper by Miles, Ellen, author.


Charles meets Cooper, a spunky corgi, while rehearsing for a play, and needs the little dog in order to stay comfortable while onstage.

Oct 20, 2014
Blizzard - Colorado, 1886 by Duey, Kathleen/ Bale, Karen A.

Blizzard - Colorado, 1886

Oct 20, 2014
I, Q. Book six, Alcatraz by Smith, Roland, 1951-

I, Q. Book six, Alcatraz

"After thwarting the ghost cell's chemical attack in Chicago, Q and his stepsister Angela arrive in San Francisco to continue their parents' concert tour. They find themselves helping Boone and the S.O.S. team in the final showdown with the ghost cell and its leader, Number One"--

Oct 20, 2014
Big Hero 6 Hiro to the rescue! by Saxon, Victoria, author.

Big Hero 6 Hiro to the rescue!

Hiro upgrades his robot, Baymax, to battle the evil Yokai when he threatens the city of San Fransokyo.

Oct 20, 2014
Black Beauty by Sewell, Anna, 1820-1878, author.

Black Beauty

A horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his experience with both good and bad masters.

Oct 20, 2014
Arcady's goal by Yelchin, Eugene, author, illustrator.

Arcady's goal

When twelve-year-old Arcady is sent to a children's home after his parents are declared enemies of the state in Soviet Russia, soccer becomes a way to secure extra rations, respect, and protection but it may also be his way out if he can believe in and love another person--and himself.

Oct 20, 2014
Dory Fantasmagory by Hanlon, Abby, author.

Dory Fantasmagory

Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.

Oct 20, 2014
Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898, author.

Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Alice falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.

Oct 20, 2014