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Gizmo by Miles, Ellen, author.


Welcome to the Puppy Place, where every puppy finds a home! Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home. Charles meets Gizmo, a Sheltie puppy with a lot of energy. Aunt Amanda suggests an agility class for the little doggy to burn off his extra energy. But at the class, Gizmo hardly does any of the tricks. Can Charles find a way to help this pup out?

Feb 6, 2016
The elementia chronicles. Book 3, Herobrine's message by Wolfe, Sean Fay, 1997- author.

The elementia chronicles. Book 3, Herobrine's message

President Stan and his council are joined by a mysterious adversary in their efforts to reunite and gain freedom for the server-based Republic of Elementia.

Feb 6, 2016
The Inn Between by Cohen, Marina, 1967- author.

The Inn Between

During a long car trip, best friends Quinn and Kara explore the strange and creepy goings-on at a remote Nevada inn when Kara's family stops for the night.

Feb 6, 2016
Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High carnival of horrors by Tatulli, Mark, author.

Desmond Pucket and the Cloverfield Junior High carnival of horrors

Left with an abundance of scary props after rescuing a bus filled with monsters from a defunct amusement park ride, Desmond and his posse of pranksters organize a carnival of horrors for Cloverfield Junior High.

Feb 6, 2016
Cross Fire by Kogge, Michael

Cross Fire

Feb 6, 2016
Digging for Dinos by Young, Jessica/ Burks, James (ILT)

Digging for Dinos

Feb 6, 2016
Desperate measures by Probst, Jeff, 1962- author.

Desperate measures

Although the competition known as Raku Nau has ended, Vanessa, Carter, Jane, and Buzz must still make things right by the end of the night, or be forced to call Shadow Island home for good.

Feb 6, 2016
The door by the staircase by Marsh, Katherine.

The door by the staircase

Happy to be adopted at last, twelve-year-old orphan Mary Hayes soon learns a terrifying secret about her new mother, the mysterious Madame Z.

Feb 6, 2016
Dragon games - the junior novel by Deutsch, Stacia, author.

Dragon games - the junior novel

With the return of the Dragon Games, the Evil Queen's plan to bring her daughter, Raven, to join her in being evil begins.

Feb 6, 2016
Emily Prickleback's clever idea by Meadows, Daisy, author.

Emily Prickleback's clever idea

When Grizelda sends her sand dragon to turn the Prickleback hedgehog family to stone, it's up to Jess, Lily, and Emily Prickleback to find a way to change them back.

Feb 6, 2016
Duke's den by Citra, Becky, author.

Duke's den

Feb 6, 2016
The Extincts by Cossanteli, Veronica/ Muradov, Roman (ILT)

The Extincts

Feb 6, 2016
Everyday hero by Cherry Kathleen, 1964- author.

Everyday hero

Feb 6, 2016
Emma, raining cats and dogs... and cupcakes! by Simon, Coco, author.

Emma, raining cats and dogs... and cupcakes!

When Emma's little brother Jake looks after the neighbor's dog in preparation for getting his own puppy, the pet goes missing and Emma and the rest of the girls have to find it before the owner comes home.

Feb 6, 2016
Fala by Klimo, Kate.


Fala, the Scottish terrier, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's pet, shares his story with readers, from his puppyhood spent chasing squirrels through his adulthood spent chasing dignitaries around the world with FDR.

Feb 6, 2016
Forever free by Hapka, Cathy.

Forever free

Torn between his treasure hunting ambitions and fleeing from his family's past, Charles Gates meets a young freed slave who possesses knowledge of a hidden fortune and with whom he embarks on a journey of destiny and friendship.

Feb 6, 2016
Forest of Wonders by Park, Linda Sue/ Madsen, Jim (ILT)

Forest of Wonders

Feb 6, 2016
Forensics squad unleashed by Polak, Monique, author.

Forensics squad unleashed

Feb 6, 2016
Far from fair by Arnold, Elana K, author.

Far from fair

As far as twelve-year-old Odette Zyskowski is concerned, her parents have ruined her life by selling the house she and her younger brother have grown up in, getting an RV, and giving her some little mutt instead of the Labrador Retriever she wanted--but as they travel north to see her grandmother, Odette becomes aware of an even more frightening problem: her parents may be on the verge of a divorce.

Feb 6, 2016
Free Verse by Dooley, Sarah

Free Verse

Feb 6, 2016