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Archie Greene and the magician's secret by Everest, D. D, author.

Archie Greene and the magician's secret

Archie Greene has lived with his grandmother since he was a baby, but when a mysterious package arrives on his twelfth birthday with instructions to take it to a strange bookshop in Oxford, he finds himself involved with a secret society of people who protect the world's magical books, and discovers that he has family he never knew about.

Apr 17, 2015
Anyone but Ivy Pocket by Krisp, Caleb.

Anyone but Ivy Pocket

"Fate intervenes when Ivy is called to the sickbed of a dying duchess and is charged with delivering a mystical (and possibly cursed) diamond necklace to the utterly revolting Matilda Butterfield for her twelfth birthday"--

Apr 17, 2015
Anna, Banana, and the friendship split by Rissi, Anica Mrose.

Anna, Banana, and the friendship split

Anna and Sadie have always been best friends so when Sadie suddenly starts being mean, Anna is very sad and seeks support from her dog Banana and classmate Isabel, as well as advice from her brother Chuck and her parents.

Apr 17, 2015
Amulet Keepers by Northrop, Michael

Amulet Keepers

Apr 17, 2015
Amelia's middle-school graduation yearbook by Moss, Marissa, author.

Amelia's middle-school graduation yearbook

Though she is excited about graduating from middle school, Amelia is sad that her best friend Carly won't be joining her in high school, so she reminisces about her earlier years and notebooks.

Apr 17, 2015
Summer's friendship games by Allen, Elise, author.

Summer's friendship games

After secretly becoming friends with Thunderbolt, one of the mischievous Weeds, Summer invites him to her beach party but his brothers tag along, ruining the party, and the two teams of magical siblings decide to settle their disagreements with a competition, judged by Mother Nature and Bluster Tempest.

Apr 17, 2015
Evil spy school by Gibbs, Stuart, 1969-

Evil spy school

After getting expelled from spy school for accidentally shooting a live mortar into the principal's office, thirteen-year-old Ben finds himself recruited by evil crime organization SPYDER.

Apr 17, 2015
The Forget-me-not Summer by Howland, Leila

The Forget-me-not Summer

Apr 17, 2015
Forget-me-not Lake by Green, Poppy/ Bell, Jennifer A. (ILT)

Forget-me-not Lake

Apr 17, 2015
Jinx's fire by Blackwood, Sage.

Jinx's fire

"Jinx travels throughout the Urwald to unite its people and creatures against encroaching threats"--

Apr 17, 2015
Anywhere but paradise by Bustard, Anne, 1951- author.

Anywhere but paradise

In 1960 twelve-year-old Peggy Sue and her family move to the island of Oahu, and she is finding it anything but paradise, because from the first day at school she is bullied and made fun of by the Hawaiian children, and she is worried sick about her beloved cat who is in mandatory quarantine--and then the tsunami hits Hilo where her parents have gone on business.

Apr 17, 2015
Izzy Barr, running star by Mills, Claudia.

Izzy Barr, running star

"The third book in the Franklin School Friends series is a fast and funny story about sports, friendship, and sibling rivalries"--

Apr 17, 2015
The curse of the king by Lerangis, Peter, author.

The curse of the king

Chronicles the adventures of Jack McKinley and his friends as they face their greatest challenge yet -- the long-lost Statue of Zeus.

Apr 17, 2015
Chelsea the congratulations fairy by Meadows, Daisy, author.

Chelsea the congratulations fairy

When Jack Frost steals Chelsea the Congratulations Fairys magic items, no one can celebrate special occasions, and it is up to Rachel and Kirsty to help retrieve them.

Apr 17, 2015
Castle Hangnail by Vernon, Ursula.

Castle Hangnail

When little, twelve-year-old Molly arrives at Castle Hangnail to fill the vacancy for a wicked witch, the minions who dwell there have no choice but to give her the job and at first it seems she will be able to keep the castle open, but Molly has quite afew secrets that could cause trouble.

Apr 17, 2015
Big News! by Siegal, Ida

Big News!

Apr 17, 2015
Dog eat dog by Marcionette, Jake, author.

Dog eat dog

Sixth-grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly settling in at his new school and has a new best friend, Michael, but a substitute teacher arrives who instructs by having her students help with a fledgling pet-grooming company, which strains his friendship and tests his growing popularity.

Apr 17, 2015
Charlie and the chocolate factory by Dahl, Roald, author.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Each of five children lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory takes advantage of the situation in his own way.

Apr 17, 2015
Wonder at the edge of the world - a novel by Helget, Nicole Lea, 1976-

Wonder at the edge of the world - a novel

Lu Wonder, a bright, curious girl who hopes to be a scientist, sets out from her Kansas home in 1855 with her best friend Eustace, a slave, on a journey to Antarctica to protect a mysterious artifact and hide it from the man responsible for her father's death.

Apr 17, 2015
The whisperer by McIntosh, Fiona, 1960- author.

The whisperer

"Two boys with a mysterious connection find a way to save each other"--

Apr 17, 2015