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Mothman's curse by Hayes, Christine, 1972- author.

Mothman's curse

"When Josie and her brother Fox discover the truth behind the legend of the Mothman, they must stop a disaster in order to break the curse that has been afflicting their town."--

Jul 6, 2015
Mal's Spell Book by Disney (COR)

Mal's Spell Book

Jul 6, 2015
Just my rotten luck by Patterson, James, 1947- author.

Just my rotten luck

Rafe Khatchadorian's new year at middle school is starting to look depressingly like the old one, except that art class is going well--and when he joins the flag-football team and demonstrates some talent as a running-back, he discovers a way of dealing with his bullying nemesis and teammate, Miller the Killer.

Jul 6, 2015
Tank & Fizz - the case of the slime stampede by O'Donnell, Liam, 1970- author.

Tank & Fizz - the case of the slime stampede

When Gravelmuck Elementary's cleaning slimes escape and destroy the schoolyard with their acidic ooze, all claws and tails point to Mr. Snag, the school's caretaker, as the culprit. Determined to clear Mr. Snag's name, Tank and Fizz dive into the case, only to discover that the goop under Rockfall Mountain runs deep. The detective duo must outwit their eight-legged principal and survive an ancient war between high-tech janitors and spell-slinging wizards. Can Tank and Fizz find the real monsters

Jul 6, 2015
The pirate pig by Funke, Cornelia Caroline, author.

The pirate pig

On Butterfly Island, sailer Stout Sam and his deckhand Pip must rescue their treasure-sniffing pig from nasty pirate Barracuda Bill.

Jul 6, 2015
Goblins on the prowl by Coville, Bruce, author.

Goblins on the prowl

When an accidental spell brings a mysterious stone toad to life, and it hops away with her human friend William between its jaws, Fauna must use her magic and her wits to save him, embarking on a journey through dangerous lands filled with fearsome giants, talking bears, and packs of rogue goblins.

Jul 6, 2015
Ranger in time. Danger in Ancient Rome by Messner, Kate, author.

Ranger in time. Danger in Ancient Rome

The mysterious box that Ranger the golden retriever found in the garden transports him back to first century Rome, where he must rescue Marcus, a young servant boy, and Quintus, a volunteer gladiator, from the brutal world of the Colosseum.

Jul 6, 2015
Dog Beach unleashed by Greenwald, Lisa, author.

Dog Beach unleashed

Seagate Island's centennial summer should be a huge celebration of beach traditions, but it is the rainiest summer on record and Remy, Micayla, Bennett, and the C Twins find that tempers are short, dogs are bored, and summer magic is hard to find.

Jul 6, 2015
Tomb of Doom by Larry, H. I.

Tomb of Doom

Jul 6, 2015
Binny in secret by McKay, Hilary.

Binny in secret

While getting bullied at school, twelve-year-old Binny investigates the disappearance of her brother's chicken and tries to save an endangered lynx.

Jul 6, 2015
Secrets of the manor. Camille's Story, 1910 by Whitby, Adele, author.

Secrets of the manor. Camille's Story, 1910

"Camille LeClerc has just moved into the grand estate Rousseau--one of the largest and most beautiful manor homes in all of Paris--with her mother, the cook. Living in the manor is a dream come true for Camille and brings her closer to the wealthy Rousseaus, with whom she has always believed she shares a special bond, despite her mother's constant urging to remember her place. Soon Camille is right at home inside the manor, and it's not long before she stumbles upon family treasures that have be

Jul 6, 2015
The stuffed bear mystery by Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The stuffed bear mystery

The Boxcar children, while participating in the "Teddy bear festival," help recover a valuable teddy bear that disappeared from the toy hospital.

Jul 6, 2015
The Secret Cookie Club by Freeman, Martha, 1956- author.

The Secret Cookie Club

Four very different girls meet at Moonlight Ranch camp and decide to remain friends all year by exchanging letters and home-made cookies, using recipes their counselor's grandfather passed along.

Jul 6, 2015
Double vision by Mowry, Tia, author.

Double vision

"Cassie and Caitlyn Waters may be identical twins, but everything else about them is completely different. The only thing they can agree on is that neither of them is happy that have to move to middle-of nowhere Aura, Texas. Caitlyn tries to put a positive spin on getting a fresh start, but Cassie's busy plotting how to convince their mom they should move back to the big city as quickly as possible. But being the new kids isn't their only challenge. As the girls' birthday nears, they start exper

Jul 6, 2015
Live each day to the dumbest by Benton, Jim, author.

Live each day to the dumbest

When Jamie inherits her grandmother's trunk, she discovers an old diary and, after reading it, realizes that everyone is the same deep down.

Jul 6, 2015
Dory and the real true friend by Hanlon, Abby, author, illustrator.

Dory and the real true friend

Dory, a highly imaginative youngest child, makes a new friend at school but her brother and sister are sure Rosabelle is imaginary, just like all of Dory's other friends.

Jul 6, 2015
Koraka the winged assassin by Blade, Adam.

Koraka the winged assassin

Koraka was a gentle shepherdess until evil Wizard Malvel transformed her into a hideous winged Beast! If Tom is to stop Malvel reaching the Eternal Flame, he must outwit this bloodthirsty creature. Can he survive?

Jul 6, 2015
Percy Jackson's Greek heroes by Riordan, Rick.

Percy Jackson's Greek heroes

Jul 6, 2015
The mummy mystery by Widmark, Martin, 1961- author.

The mummy mystery

When a night watchman claims that he saw the mummy at the art museum walking around on the same night a valuable painting was stolen, Jerry and Maya are summoned by the chief of police to get to the bottom of the spooky mystery.

Jul 6, 2015
May the best twin win by Payton, Belle, author.

May the best twin win

"It's Homecoming Week in Ashland! That means a big game, a big dance, and, most importantly, Powder Puff. But when Alex and Ava are placed on different teams for the middle school girls' flag football game, trouble brews. Ava is getting loads of extra attention because of her athletic ability, but this leaves Alex feeling majorly left out. Not one to hide from a little competition, Alex is determined to beat her sister at her own game by becoming her team's secret weapon! But Ava isn't worried a

Jul 6, 2015