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Rookie of the year by Bildner, Phil.

Rookie of the year

"Rip and Red find that fifth grade continues to challenge them in brand-new ways and discover that sometimes radical change is nothing to be afraid of"--

Jul 30, 2016
My gym teacher is an alien overlord by Solomons, David, author.

My gym teacher is an alien overlord

Luke, disgruntled that his brother and friend have become superheroes, fails at solving crimes alone but when he discovers an alien plot to overthrow the world, only his sworn enemy will listen.

Jul 30, 2016
Penny Dreadful and the horrible hoo-hah by Nadin, Joanna, author.

Penny Dreadful and the horrible hoo-hah

Jul 30, 2016
The day the mustache came back by Katz, Alan, author.

The day the mustache came back

"When Martin 'Murray Poopins' Healey left the Wohlfardt household, all the responsible habits, good manners, and study skills that twins David and Nathan had developed under his less-than-watchful eye went out the window, until Myron, who claims to be Martin's twin, arrives"--

Jul 30, 2016
The Left-Handed Fate by Milford, Kate, author.

The Left-Handed Fate

"A quest story to find the three pieces of a magical engine which can either win the War of 1812...or stop it altogether"--

Jul 30, 2016
The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon by Duddle, Jonny

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon

Jul 30, 2016
The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom by Duddle, Jonny

The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom

Jul 30, 2016
The Iron Tomb by Vegas, Peter, 1968- author.

The Iron Tomb

"Following the various clues his uncle left behind, using the same knowledge of Ancient Egyptian history, culture, and religion he once hated, Sam makes his way across Egypt, trying to solve the mystery of his uncle's disappearance and, eventually, the secret of the Iron Tomb"--

Jul 30, 2016
The sea pony by Potter, Ellen, 1963-

The sea pony

On an island off the coast of Maine, where children ride lobster boats to school, Piper wants a horse but finds, instead, another object hidden in the red maple tree.

Jul 30, 2016
The Scruffy Puppy by Webb, Holly/ Williams, Sophy (ILT)

The Scruffy Puppy

Jul 30, 2016
Sam the man and the chicken plan by Dowell, Frances O'Roark, author.

Sam the man and the chicken plan

When seven-year-old Sam Graham, eager for some spending money, volunteers to look after a neighbor's chickens, the experience inspires him to get his own chicken--a special bird named Helga.

Jul 30, 2016
Nature calls by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.

Nature calls

Finley and her friends are all heading to overnight camp, and Finley plans to prove to herself and her older brother that she is tough enough to get back to nature--but unfortunately her bunk mate is fussy Olivia.

Jul 30, 2016
The Silky Seal pup by Cobb, Amelia (Children's author), author.

The Silky Seal pup

The Rescue Zoo is Zoe's home. When she finds out it might have to close, she is determined to come up with a plan to save ilt. If she doesn't, friendly seal pup, Star, might end up homeless.

Jul 30, 2016
John Hancock - Independent boy by Sisson, Kathryn Cleven, 1904-

John Hancock - Independent boy


Jul 30, 2016
Wandmaker by Masessa, Ed, author.


Henry Leach the Eighth is descended from a long line of wandmakers, but he still has not managed to make his very first wand do anything--and while he keeps trying he is also having to deal with a bully at school, and even worse, his eight-year-old little sister Brianna who has a positive genius for getting in his way.

Jul 30, 2016
The thing about leftovers by Payne, C. C., author.

The thing about leftovers

"Fizzy struggles to find her place in her blended family after her parents' divorce, hoping her entry in the Southern Living Cook-Off will show them she is more than just a leftover kid"--

Jul 30, 2016
Soar by Wymer, Tracy Edward, author.


Seventh grader Eddie is determined honor his father°

Jul 30, 2016
Live and Let Swim - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish by O'hara, Mo/ Jagucki, Marek (ILT)

Live and Let Swim - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

Jul 30, 2016
Echo's lucky charm by Hapka, Cathy, author.

Echo's lucky charm

Echo is helping her friends, Pearl, Splash, and Flip study for their first test in Magic class at dolphin school, but when Echo loses her lucky shell necklace she is barely able to do any magic until the friends finally find the shell--and a big surprise.

Jul 30, 2016
Things too huge to fix by saying sorry by Vaught, Susan, 1965- author.

Things too huge to fix by saying sorry

"A family mystery leads Dani Beans to investigate the secrets of Ole Miss and the dark history of race relations in Oxford, Mississippi"--

Jul 30, 2016