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Brave like my brother by Nobleman, Marc Tyler, author.

Brave like my brother

When Charlie's older brother Joe is called up in 1942, Charlie learns about the tedium and dangers of war through Joe's letters--and his brother's bravery in dealing with a spy as D-Day approaches, finally gives Charlie the strength to stand up to the local bully.

Jun 28, 2016
As brave as you by Reynolds, Jason.

As brave as you

"When two brothers decide to prove how brave they are, everything backfires--literally"--

Jun 28, 2016
Art-rageous by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.


After a class field trip to the art museum, fourth-graders Finley, Henry, and Olivia are assigned a project that is supposed to define art, which is difficult, because they all liked very different paintings--but for their group project they come up with a presentation that captures their combined vision.

Jun 28, 2016
Argos - the story of Odysseus as told by his loyal dog by Hardy, Ralph, 1960- author.

Argos - the story of Odysseus as told by his loyal dog

Retells the epic tale of Odysseus, the ancient Greek hero who encounters witches and other obstacles on his journey home after fighting in the Trojan War, told from the point of view of the steadfast companion who never gives up hope of his master's safe return.

Jun 28, 2016
Amy's journal by Brooke, Lauren.

Amy's journal

Jun 28, 2016
Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot by Parish, Herman/ Avril, Lynne (ILT)

Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot

Jun 28, 2016
Adora finds a friend by Zappa, Shana Muldoon, author.

Adora finds a friend

Energy stores have dropped to dangerous levels and day to day life has been affected for Starlings all over Starland. The Star Darlings are working furiously to discover the source of the crisis and find a solution before their world goes dark. Adora is set to head for Wishworld. Even though things seem out of control on Starland, it's becoming clear that the energy obtained by helping grant wishes is more important than ever.

Jun 28, 2016
A kingdom beneath the waves. by Bowles, David (David A.)

A kingdom beneath the waves.

"The Garza family's Christmas vacation in Mexico is cut short by the appearance of Pingo, one of the elfish tzapame. The news is grim: a rogue prince from an ancient undersea kingdom is seeking the Shadow Stone, a device he will use to flood the world and wipe out humanity. Now Carol and Johnny must join a group of merfolk and travel into the deepest chasms of the Pacific Ocean to stop the prince's monstrous army with their savage magic."--from back cover.

Jun 22, 2016
A crown of dragons by D'Lacey, Chris, author.

A crown of dragons

When the UNICORNE agency asks him to use his paranormal abilities to investigate a dragon's scale, the same artifact his father was researching before he disappeared, Michael Malone believes he will finally be able to find out what happened to his father--but as he delves into his father's past it becomes harder to tell who he can trust, and which of the alternate realities he is discovering is the true reality.

Jun 28, 2016
5 times revenge by Eland, Lindsay, author.

5 times revenge

"Adam is the prank mastermind. Perk is his best friend and the computer genius. Pearl is the prettiest girl in school|and a violin prodigy. Ray looks like a big dumb jock, but he secretly wants to be an engineer. And Dutch is the often-bullied dork who is in tune with everyone|s feelings. The five of them couldn|t be more different. But there|s one thing they have in common: they are fed up with Hill Parmar, the school bully|and his dad, their school principal who|s always turning a blind eye"--

Jun 28, 2016