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The mystery of the griefer's mark by Morgan, Winter.

The mystery of the griefer's mark

"Steve is back and ready for more adventures! But this time the excitement lands closer to home. While walking home from the village, Steve is surprised to hear a loud BOOM! When he arrives, he finds his wheat farm destroyed and a huge crater where the wheat once grew. And his diamond sword is missing! Steve believes its the act of a griefer with a lot of TNT. Devastated, Steve wants to rebuild and find his sword, but with his wheat destroyed, he must call on old friends to help him. Who

May 30, 2015
The orphan army by Maberry, Jonathan, author.

The orphan army

In the future, bug-like aliens are taking over Earth and young Milo Silk learns through dreams and strange encounters that there are other, ancient monsters on the planet that are also threatened by the aliens, and that he may be the hero destined to lead his friends in saving the universe.

May 30, 2015
The pirate's curse / The Pirate's Curse by Blade, Adam.

The pirate's curse / The Pirate's Curse

Be the hero in this exciting adventure! Join Tom and his companions on a brand new Beast Quest, where your decisions determine the outcome. Sanpao the Pirate King has returned to terrorize Avantia, bringing with him two fearsome Beasts: Polkai the Shark Man and Dredda the Tunneling Menace!

May 30, 2015
The polar bear express by Dadey, Debbie, author.

The polar bear express

Wanting to help a lost baby polar bear return home, Kiki Coral and her mermaid friends worry that the cost of the bear's transportation will prevent them from seeing a concert performance of their favorite boy band.

May 27, 2015
The privateer's apprentice by Verrico, Susan.

The privateer's apprentice

From Charles Towne, Carolina Territory, in 1712, thirteen-year-old Jameson Cooper, orphaned and indigent, is abducted by privateers working for Queen Anne but proves himself worthy to be called a royal sailor through his writing and drawing skills, as well as his hard work and courage.

May 30, 2015
The Rat with the Human Face by Angleberger, Tom, author, photographer.

The Rat with the Human Face

While searching for the Rat with the Human Face, friendships fray as club members Dave and Lyle compete for Marilla.

May 27, 2015
The runaway's gold by Burack, Emilie Christie, author.

The runaway's gold

"The protagonist of this historical novel, which is set in the Shetland Islands and also New York City around 1840, is Christian Robertson, a crofter and son of a crofter (small, struggling tenant farmer). When Christian's brother frames him for the theft of a bag of coins, Christian must leave home and embark on a journey to return the coins and clear his name"--

May 30, 2015
The search for Baby Ruby by Shreve, Susan, author.

The search for Baby Ruby

Twelve-year-old Jess O'Fines is resentful that she is expected to watch her baby niece in a Los Angeles hotel room while the rest of her dysfunctional family go off to a wedding rehearsal party -- but when Baby Ruby disappears, Jess is convinced she knows who kidnapped her and determined to get her back on her own, whatever the danger.

May 30, 2015
The secret treasure by Morgan, Winter.

The secret treasure

"In this first installment in a new series for Minecrafters, Noah and Violet have to battle the league of griefers, including the tricky and powerful rainbow griefers"--

May 30, 2015
The secrets of the storm vortex by Cameron, Anne.

The secrets of the storm vortex

"Now-twelve-year-old Angus McFangus and his friends encounter a storm vortex and a stranger from the crypts"--

May 30, 2015
The shark rider by Prager, Ellen J., author.

The shark rider

"Tristan Hunt is having trouble keeping his newfound underwater talents a secret. And if undercover spies and a mysterious illness threatening to expose his special summer camp in the Florida Keys weren't enough, reports of dying fish and disappearing sponge in the Caribbean call Tristan and his friends back into action"--Provided by publisher.

May 30, 2015
The skeletons strike back - an unofficial gamer's adventure by Morgan, Winter.

The skeletons strike back - an unofficial gamer's adventure

Steve and his friends are back at the wheat farm trying to find a way to secure their crops from hostile mobs when their old friend Georgia comes to them for help. Georgia's village is in the middle of a serious skeleton attack. The skeletons appear at dawn, and nobody can go to bed without risking death. Steve and the gang agree to help, but the journey to Georgia's village isn't easy, especially with a new batch of rainbow griefers on their trail.After Steve and the gang get to the village and

May 30, 2015
The Snow Queen - a tale in seven stories by Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875.

The Snow Queen - a tale in seven stories

Hans Christian Andersen's beloved tale The Snow Queen is an enchanting story of the bond of love and friendship between young playmates Kai and Gerda. When a small shard of a wicked troll's broken mirror lodges in Kai's eye and heart, he loses his joyfulness and sees only the world's imperfections. With his heart turned to ice, the Snow Queen kidnaps him and returns to her castle in the far northern reaches of Lapland. Gerda, heartbroken but innocent and full of love, sets out to find her dear f

May 30, 2015
The sound of life and everything by Van Dolzer, Krista.

The sound of life and everything

In 1950s California, grieving Mildred Clausen tries to have her son, who was killed in World War II, cloned but instead, a Japanese man emerges and her niece, Ella Mae, befriends him, in spite of the town's intense prejudice and her aunt's conviction that he is her son's killer.

May 30, 2015
The stars of summer by Dairman, Tara.

The stars of summer

Dragged to summer camp by her friend Charissa, twelve-year-old Gladys Gatsby, an undercover restaurant reviewer for a big New York City newspaper, finds a way to practice her cooking and restaurant reviewing skills.

May 30, 2015
The telling stone by McQuerry, Maureen, 1955- author.

The telling stone

Timothy James, his sister Sarah, and their friend Jessica race against time and an ancient Evil to save their mother and restore peace and harmony to the Traveler's Market. Includes glossary and a map with a code for readers to decipher.

May 30, 2015
The Tiger troubles by Kelly, David A. (David Andrew), 1964-

The Tiger troubles

"When Mike and Kate visit Detroit, someone is blackmailing the Tigers' famous slugger, Tony Maloney"--

May 27, 2015
The treasure of Easter Island by Stilton, Geronimo, author.

The treasure of Easter Island

When Geronimo's sister Thea gets into trouble while searching for treasure on Easter Island, he and his friends come to help.

May 30, 2015
The trouble with half a moon by Vigilante, Danette.

The trouble with half a moon

Overwhelmed by grief and guilt over her brother's death and its impact on her mother, and at odds with her best friend, thirteen-year-old Dellie reaches out to a neglected boy in her building in the projects and learns from a new neighbor to have faith in herself and others.

May 30, 2015
The two-dollar dirt shirt by Rex, Michael, author, illustrator.

The two-dollar dirt shirt

"Ricky makes a shirt out of dirt and gets into plenty of trouble--and mess"--

May 30, 2015