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The Haunted Library by Butler, Dori Hillestad/ Damant, Aurore (ILT)

The Haunted Library

Aug 18, 2014
The slither sisters by Gilman, Charles.

The slither sisters

Twins Sarah and Sylvia Price, two monsters in disguise at Lovecraft Middle School, are campaigning for student council with a secret plan to abduct the entire seventh grade, and Robert Arthur and his strange friends must stop their evil plot.

Aug 18, 2014
The howling ghost by Pike, Christopher, 1955- author.

The howling ghost

Playing with her little brother by the ocean, Cindy is stunned when Neil is kidnapped by a ghost and everyone thinks that he really drowned, but a newspaper report about local spook activity compels Cindy to get her brother back.

Aug 18, 2014
Herbie Jones and the class gift by Kline, Suzy.

Herbie Jones and the class gift

Disaster strikes when Annabelle trusts Herbie Jones and Raymond with the job of picking up the class's gift to their teacher.

Aug 18, 2014
Sherman's awesome adventures by McGuire Woods, Molly, author.

Sherman's awesome adventures

When Sherman takes his friend Penny back in time, they accidentally set the past on a collision course with the future, and only Mr. Peabody can set things straight before the whole universe implodes.

Aug 18, 2014
Rock & roll! by Enderle, Dotti, 1954- author.

Rock & roll!

When the ghost of a rock star interferes with a music concert that Dandy, Malcolm, and his sister Cocoa are attending, the ghost detectors are on the job--but this time the key to victory may be a video game.

Aug 18, 2014
Substitute creature by Gilman, Charles.

Substitute creature

While stuck in the school during a blizzard, Robert Arthur and his companions face off against an evil substitute teacher and an army of beasts.

Aug 18, 2014
Teacher's pest by Gilman, Charles.

Teacher's pest

Discovering that the student council president is actually a sinister bug-monster in disguise, twelve-year-old Robert Arthur calls on his best friends to help him stop the insect from summoning roaches, wasps, and fleas to the school.

Aug 18, 2014
Yo ho no! by Enderle, Dotti, 1954- author.

Yo ho no!

When Malcolm and Dandy set out to get a picture of a ghostly pirate ship, they find themselves reeled in by the pirates--and they have to agree to dig up the captain's buried treasure or they will never be allowed to leave.

Aug 18, 2014
Lightning Rod faces the cyclops queen by Beakman, Onk, 1973- author.

Lightning Rod faces the cyclops queen

"He's the chiseled hero of the clouds... but even Storm Titans need a little help from their friends sometimes. Join Lightning Rod on his most electric adventure yet, as he travels beyond the Sea of Storms for an appointment with royalty. Cyclops royalty! Based on the characters from the smash-hit Skylanders video games, Lightning Rod faces the Cyclops Queen is the third novel in the incredible Mask of Power series."-- From back cover.

Aug 17, 2014
Dolphin tale - the junior novel by Reyes, Gabrielle.

Dolphin tale - the junior novel

When a dolphin named Winter loses her tail in a crab trap, Sawyer and the staff at Clearwater Marine Aquarium help her survive against the odds.

Aug 17, 2014
Blue ribbon summer by Hapka, Cathy.

Blue ribbon summer

"Brooke Rhodes is excited to go to sleepaway riding camp for two weeks with her Chincoteague pony, Foxy. However, camp doesn't turn out to be quite as fun as Brooke expected. The other girls all know each other already, and they don't seem interested in bringing a newbie into their group. Besides that, they're all riding tall, fancy, super well-trained show horses--not scruffy young Chincoteague ponies. Then Brooke overhears that this might be the last summer for the camp. She asks for help from

Aug 17, 2014
Leonardo Da Vinci - Renaissance master by Hood, Ann, 1956- author.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Renaissance master

Felix and Maisie try to save their Great-Uncle Thorne by travelling back in time to Renaissance Italy, where they meet Leonardo da Vinci and dine with the great Medici family.

Aug 17, 2014
Burp or treat...smell my feet! by Krulik, Nancy E, author.

Burp or treat...smell my feet!

During Halloween, George must try to discover the identity of a prankster while trying to keep his friend from moving out of town.

Aug 17, 2014
The Ghost in the Attic by Butler, Dori Hillestad/ Damant, Aurore (ILT)

The Ghost in the Attic

Aug 17, 2014
Ballet Academy by Mack, Lorrie, author.

Ballet Academy

Aug 17, 2014
Athlete vs. mathlete - time-out by Mack, W. C., 1972-

Athlete vs. mathlete - time-out

Owen wins the last spot at the local basketball camp, leaving his twin Russ to join the "Multi-Sport Sampler" camp, but while Russ is inspired to study various sports and make sense of them, Owen is frustrated by not being the star.

Aug 17, 2014
Applejack and the honest-to-goodness switcheroo by Berrow, G. M.

Applejack and the honest-to-goodness switcheroo

"Applejack starts a diary to record all her hard work bucking fields at Sweet Apple Acres. As the days pass, Applejack's journal entries start to read like lists of complaints as she writes honestly about whatever is bothering her. But when the book falls into the wrong hooves, Applejack finds herself in a real pickle!"--

Aug 17, 2014
The life of Ty - non-random acts of kindness by Myracle, Lauren, 1969-

The life of Ty - non-random acts of kindness

"In the second book of the series, seven-year-old Ty Perry discovers that being kind is part of being Ty"--

Aug 17, 2014
Homeroom diaries by Patterson, James, 1947-

Homeroom diaries

Seventeen-year-old Margaret "Cuckoo" Clark keeps a journal detailing the trials and tribulations of high school life as she and her close-knit group of outcast friends try to break down the barriers between their school's "warring nations."

Aug 17, 2014