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What's up, Chuck? by Landry, Leo, author. What's up, Chuck?

Chuck the woodchuck is a skilled sculptor in wood, and he has won the Best of the Forest art contest three years in a row, but this year he faces a serious challenge from a newcomer, Scooter Possum.

Dec 9, 2016
Tooth or dare by Ocean, Davy, author. Tooth or dare

Whoever loses the most shark teeth in Harry Hammer's class will get to go on the new ride at Dregoland before anyone else.

Dec 9, 2016
Shannon the ocean fairy by Meadows, Daisy. Shannon the ocean fairy

"What's a fairy to do? Jack Frost has stolen three enchanted pearls that control the magic of the oceans. Now the tides are all wrong, the sea creatures are confused, and even daytime and nighttime have gotten mixed up! When Shannon the Ocean Fairy asks Rachel and Kirsty for help, they set off on a magical adventure to an underwater world. But will they find the pearls in time ... or will the girls be lost at sea?"--Page 4 of cover.

Dec 9, 2016
The Princess in Black takes a vacation by Hale, Shannon, author. The Princess in Black takes a vacation

A sleepy Princess in Black takes a much-needed vacation and rides her bicycle to the seaside, where she plans to nap in a hammock, but her peace is disrupted by a roaring sea monster.

Dec 9, 2016
Not for sale by Cassidy, Sara, author. Not for sale

When ten-year-old Cyrus sees a For Sale sign plunged into his front lawn, it's a complete and utter disaster. Usually, his younger brother, Rudy, is the scaredy-cat, but for the first time in his life, Cyrus is terrified.

Dec 9, 2016
Life according to Dani by Lagercrantz, Rose, 1947- author. Life according to Dani

It's Dani's first summer vacation and she is staying on an island with Ella, her best friend in the world. Dad is still in hospital but he calls every day, and Ella and Dani stay busy building huts, fishing, exploring, and swimming. Then Dad turns up, but with his nurse too! This is not the visit anyone had imagined and Dani isn't sure her life is happy any more.

Dec 9, 2016
The great big paw print by Green, Poppy, author. The great big paw print

Sophie and her friends find a great big paw print near Forget-Me-Not Lake. They follow a trail into town, where they learn that food has gone missing from Mrs. Mouse's bakery and part of the library has been destroyed! What kind of animal could be making these huge paw prints?

Dec 9, 2016
Flight of the Moon Dragon by West, Tracey, 1965- author. Flight of the Moon Dragon

The prime Dragon Stone seems to be dying, and that means that the connection between the dragon masters and their dragons is also fading, so the six dragon masters must located the hidden stone, and learn what is causing the problem before their telepathic connection is completely gone.

Dec 9, 2016
Civil War days by Weiss, Ellen, 1949- Civil War days

Hitty is a wooden doll whose owner, Nell, lives on a plantation in North Carolina. When a slave girl named Sarina comes to work on the plantation, Nell and Sarina become friends. But then they break the unwritten rules of the plantation and trouble ensues.

Dec 9, 2016
Blackberry juice by Cassidy, Sara, author. Blackberry juice

"After moving into their new home, a keeling-over farmhouse in the country, nine-year-old Cyrus and his brother, Rudy, have trouble adjusting to all the changes. Nothing about the coastal countryside feels warm or familiar. But when Cyrus is stranded one evening by the tide, he finds help from an unlikely source."--

Dec 9, 2016
Batcat and the seven squirrels by Walters, Eric, 1957- author. Batcat and the seven squirrels

"Nathan has always loved animals and longs for a pet. So when he discovers seven orphaned baby squirrels in his backyard, Nathan is keen to help them out. He soon enlists the assistance of Batcat, a neighborhood cat who is fed by many but owned by no one. When the squirrels leave, will Nathan finally find a pet he can call his own?"--

Dec 9, 2016