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Bird & Squirrel on the edge by Burks, James (James R.)

Bird & Squirrel on the edge

"Bird and Squirrel are almost home. All that's left for them to do is cross the Great Mountains. But before they can, the duo stops to chase off wolves hunting a baby bear and in the process Bird gets a knock on the noggin that gives him amnesia. Now Squirrel has to set aside his fears and keep both Bird and the bear cub safe as they journey on foot over the mountains. But with a pack of hungry wolves on their tail, can Squirrel step up and be the leader they need to keep them all alive?" --

Nov 22, 2015
Avengers. No more bullying by

Avengers. No more bullying

"The Avengers have always stood up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, but this time they're in for a bombastic adventure of the highest order! Plus: Swing along with Spidey and a gathering of his amazing friends as they take on this important social issue in the inimitable Mighty Marvel Manner! Featuring guest stars from across the Marvel Universe, including Thor, Hercules, Daredevil and the Guardians of the Galaxy!" --

Nov 22, 2015
Star wars. Episode VI, Return of the Jedi by

Star wars. Episode VI, Return of the Jedi

"These are grim times for the Rebel Alliance. Han Solo is in the hands of the vile Jabba the Hutt. The Jedi Master Yoda grows weak. Emperor Palpatine is determined to turn Luke to the dark side. And Darth Vader nears completion of a new dreaded Death Star even more powerful than the first. To avert certain doom, the rebels head to the forest moon of Endor-- but will the native Ewoks be friends or foes? Before the Battle of Endor begins, Princess Leia faces dramatic revelations. And when Luke sur

Nov 29, 2015
Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon by Yomtov, Nelson.

Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon

"Exciting illustrations follow the events of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. The combination of brightly colored panels and leveled text is intended for students in grades 3 through 7"--

Nov 29, 2015
Scooby-Doo team-up. Volume 2 by Fisch, Sholly. author.

Scooby-Doo team-up. Volume 2

"Is Titans Tower haunted?! Robin calls in some experts--but when will Scooby, Shaggy, Cyborg, and Beast Boy stop chowing down on pizza and start looking for clues?"--

Nov 29, 2015
The complete Peanuts - 1997 to 1998 by Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.

The complete Peanuts - 1997 to 1998

Collects all the "Peanuts" comic strips published in newspapers from 1997 to 1998, including both daily and Sunday strips.

Nov 29, 2015
Legends of Chima. 5, Wings for a lion by Grotholt, Yannick, author.

Legends of Chima. 5, Wings for a lion

Laval, Cragger, and Eris confront an all-new enemy who proves to be stronger than any they have encountered before.

Nov 29, 2015
My little pony - friends forever. by Whitley, Jeremy/ Garbowska, Agnes (ILT)/ Curnow, Bobby/ Hickey, Brenda (ILT)

My little pony - friends forever.

Follows Luna and Spike as they work to fix a dragon problem, Applejack gets caught up in Mayor Mare's bureaucracy, Rarity visits Babs Seed, and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon go head-to-head with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Nov 29, 2015
Minions - 2. Evil Panic by Titan Comics (COR)

Minions - 2. Evil Panic

Nov 29, 2015
LEGO friends. Adventures in Heartlake City by

LEGO friends. Adventures in Heartlake City

"In Heartlake City, five friends are determined to have fun in everything they do--whether they're riding horses, babysitting, snowboarding, helping animals, or flying up to the sky in a hot-air balloon! Join Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, and Emma as they discover the powers of friendship and making the world a better place" --

Nov 29, 2015
Superman adventures. Volume 1 [#1-10] by

Superman adventures. Volume 1 [#1-10]

"Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, Superman, has to convince the citizens of Metropolis that he is indeed a force for good when arch-villain Lex Luthor unleashes a terrifying robot-clone on the city. Superman has his work cut out to keep the city safe, and his true identity a secret.

Nov 29, 2015
Star wars. Episode IV, A new hope by

Star wars. Episode IV, A new hope

The original comic adaptation of the greatest space-fantasy film of all is remastered for the modern age! Weeks before George Lucas' first Star Wars film hit theatres, Marvel gave fans their first look at Luke Skywalker, boldly asking: Will he save the galaxy, or destroy it? You may know the answer, but that doesn't spoil the fun of seeing Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope like never before...including scenes that never made the silver screen! When Princess Leia is taken prisoner, Luke, Obi-Wan

Nov 29, 2015
The Best of Archie Comics - 75 Years, 75 Stories by Goldwater, John L. (CRT)/ Montana, Bob (CON)/ Bloom, Vic (CON)/ Sahle, Harry (CON)/ Goggin, Ed (CON)

The Best of Archie Comics - 75 Years, 75 Stories

Nov 29, 2015
Archie 1000 Page Comics Gala by Archie Superstars (COR)

Archie 1000 Page Comics Gala

Nov 29, 2015
My little pony, friendship is magic. Volume 8, issues #29-33 by Anderson, Ted, author.

My little pony, friendship is magic. Volume 8, issues #29-33

"The adventures continue as Rarity helps Cheerilee and her sister mend hurt feelings over a long-simmering grudge. A massive event celebrating Ponyville's founding is nearing but an argument between friends splits the town into two argumentative factions. And something sinister is happening at Sweet Apple Acres. Bad apples have come alive and are determined to take over all of Ponyville."--Back cover.

Nov 29, 2015
Hereville - how Mirka caught a fish by Deutsch, Barry, author.

Hereville - how Mirka caught a fish

"Welcome to Hereville, home of wisecracking, adventure-loving, sword-wielding Orthodox Jewish heroine Mirka. A delightful mix of fantasy, adventure, cultural traditions, and preteen commotion, this fun, quirky graphic novel series has captivated middle-school readers with its exciting visuals and entertainingly unique heroine. In her third adventure, Mirka is still the only monster-fighting girl in town ... except for a little new competition from Layele, her six-year-old sister, who is determin

Nov 29, 2015
Dinosaurs. #4, A game of bones by Plumeri, Arnaud, 1975- author.

Dinosaurs. #4, A game of bones

"This volume of DINOSAURS explores such subjects as the colors of dinosaurs and nanotyrannus. Plus more Compso and Indino Jones, and an interactive journey into the process of a paleontologist!" --

Nov 29, 2015
Chi's sweet home. 12 by Konami, Kanata, 1958- author, artist.

Chi's sweet home. 12

Before Chi moves to a new home, the kitten will have to make a decision regarding home and family.

Nov 29, 2015
Star Wars. Episode V, The empire strikes back by Goodwin, Archie, author.

Star Wars. Episode V, The empire strikes back

"As the Imperial forces regroup from the Death Star's destruction, they target the new Rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. Will Darth Vader's troops find Luke Skywalker, or will a wampa get Luke first? Meanwhile, feelings run high in the galaxy's greatest love triangle as bounty hunters target Han Solo. Luke seeks out the great Jedi Master Yoda on swampy Dagobah, but the Emperor has designs on turning the young Rebel hero. As the battle begins for Skywalker's soul, will his fear lead to anger, ha

Nov 29, 2015
Walt Disney's Donald Duck - "trick or treat" by Barks, Carl, 1901-2000. author, illustrator.

Walt Disney's Donald Duck - "trick or treat"

In this collection of stories, originally published during the 1950s, follow the epic adventures of Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Louie, and Dewey. Facing a financial crisis, Uncle Scrooge recruits his nephews for a trip to the McDuck clan's ancient castle to locate a lost treasure... guarded by a jealous ghost!

Nov 29, 2015