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FoxTrot, beyond a doubt by Amend, Bill.

FoxTrot, beyond a doubt

Follows Peter, Paige, and Jason through homework, Star Trek movies, comic books, computer games, sibling rivalry, and final exams, as they compete to see who will drive the others over the edge first.

May 6, 2016
Rutabaga the adventure chef. 2 - feasts of fury by Colossal, Eric.

Rutabaga the adventure chef. 2 - feasts of fury

Rutabaga and his pet cooking pot, Pot, stumble into adventure as they continue to search for the most exotic ingredients for new dishes.

May 6, 2016
Alamo all-stars by Hale, Nathan, 1976- author, illustrator.

Alamo all-stars

Shares the Lone Star State's bloody fight for independence from the Mexican government and features the exploits of historical legends, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett.

May 6, 2016
Munchkin. Volume one by

Munchkin. Volume one

"Kick open the door. Kill the monster. Steal the treasure. Screw over everybody you come in contact with. Munchkin Volume one, based on the popular game series, collects stories from the world of the fantasy roleplaying satire. What do Munchkins do? They play for the win. They are rules lawyers. They backstab. They gloat. They whine when someone else backstabs or gloats."--page [4] of cover.

May 6, 2016
Sonic the hedgehog archives. Volume 7 by

Sonic the hedgehog archives. Volume 7

Collects issues no. 25-28 of "Sonic the Hedgehog" comics, in which True Blue faces Metal Sonic--his robotic double sent by Robotnik--Sonic's biggest fan, Amy Rose, is kidnapped by Robotnik, Sonic betrays the Freedom Fighters and joins the Arctic Freedom Fighters, and Tails goes off on a solo mission.

May 6, 2016
There's no creature like snow creature by Howard, Lee, author.

There's no creature like snow creature

One super serious snow creature is strutting his stuff at the snowboarding open and wreaking havoc with the snowboarders. Will Shaggy and the gang uncover the frostiest mystery ever?

May 6, 2016
Peanuts. Volume seven by Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000, author, artist.

Peanuts. Volume seven

A latest collection of new adventures and classic strips is comprised of storylines featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the entire Peanuts gang.

May 6, 2016
The unnatural by Howard, Lee, author.

The unnatural

When Fred wins the "Meet Luis Domingo" contest, he and the gang head for the baseball stadium where a far out phantom is haunting the game! Will Shaggy and Scooby uncover the mystery behind this baseball boogeyman?

May 6, 2016